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Not sure if this is in the correct place. Sorry if not

Anyways im a big choice of fan i was wondering if we could get an app with alot of content in it similar to the delight games app. Im stuck using only my phone for the time being and it would be very easy nice and fun to have a library in one app rather than having to download or use my horrible web browser for each choice of game. Just a question kinda. Thanks

Can’t you just get the CoGs from the appstore?

There is only individual cog like romance,vampire,etc. Im looking/hoping for a large selection of stories in one app. Unless there is already one im missing

If your phone lets you do that (I know mine does), you could just put all the individual app icons into a folder.

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Unless if you’re thinking of something like the bundles they sell on Steam, there isn’t any sort of package that offers more than one CoG on the appstore to the best of my knowledge.

Maybe this will explain better

/\this is what i have on my phone its delight games app with 30+ stories i was thinking why not compress the choice of library into something the same or similar to make it more convenient.

Edit: i was meaning someone should make one. But ill check steam to see too thx

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It might get complicated with author royalties? The app would need to be coded up?


The OP here is talking about what I think we’d call an omnibus app–like Kindle or iBooks where you could store/buy/play all of our titles, maybe on a subscription basis or something. AFAIK, it isn’t in the cards right now.

However, I’m excited about our new Everything bundle on Steam, which allows you to complete and re-complete bundles as we release new games. It’s also currently discounted as part of the Steam Summer Sale right now. @dfabulich mentioned it costs $65.97 while on sale, for every COG title we’ve released on Steam. It’s a steal.


I see thanks for the fast replies. Nice to be apart of a community thats responsive

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