Choice of Games on Steam

So for any Steam users out there you probably know that it often gives bundled deals on entire series or franchises and I wondered if there was something like that for CoG since I heard CoG was on Steam now. Like is there a deal where I can buy every hosted game ever made and it would be cheaper then buying them one at a time?

As far as bundles go, I’ve heard that humble bundle is popular, although the games are random, but I don’t think CoG has anything set up specifically.

Tin Star will be the first Hosted Game on Steam and it hasn’t been greenlit yet so there’s not much to host.

As for the Choice of Games label, not all of the games are up there yet so not much to bundle. Yet. :smiley:

Something for the powers that be to think about in the future, though.

Have fun!


Thanks guys. I was just curious because for the first time in a long time there’s actually been a CoG that’s made me want to buy it ( the movie making one ). I just thought while I was spending I might as well going on a shopping spree. xD

On a related note (i think): who is overseeing the bundles on steam and what’s in them?

This is an old thread, but I am reviving it for all general discussion about CoG games on Steam, because there is a need for one.

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I’m very glad that you guys began to release on Steam. I know that a huge amount of your customers operate via mobile devices only, but the Steam platform is really handy and I’m delighted to be able to read ChoiceScript books using Steam.

The forums have been hit-and-miss on occasion, as mainstream folk accidentally find their way there and have a go at trolling (“these aren’t games, get off my Steam store!”). That said, plenty of folk use them to ask for more info on these great stories they’ve unexpectedly found and enjoyed.

The ability to use the Steam Guides platform is also a real pleasure, as it gives us plenty of formatting options and a stable long-term host for them.

Long-term I hope that by adding your books to Steam it’ll help the brand find many more fans across the world.

What’s your question here? Which staff member is in charge of bundles for games on Steam?
As for what’s in them, are you not able to view/access bundles on Steam?

Former (spoke to Jason bout it x3)

I was mostly wondering if existing ones would be expanded about and/or if there’d be new ones.

Yeah, we’ll update them occasionally or create new ones. :woman_shrugging: AFAIK the “Everything Bundle” is the only one that gets updated with regularity, for obvious reasons.