Hello all!

I have a question for the community.

We’re discussing going pre-sales again, as we did with Midsummer several years ago.

The issue is, pre-orders through Steam are…well, they’re complicated.

My question is, how heartbroken will you be if you have to wait for release day to buy a game on Steam, if other people are able to pre-order the game?

To be clear, these are the reasons we might do pre-orders: it helps with cash flow, and it extends the sale period. Since we very rarely put games on sale, it means more people will have the opportunity to buy at the sale price.

  • It doesn’t matter, I won’t pre-order games.
  • It doesn’t matter, I don’t buy CSGs on Steam.
  • It doesn’t matter, I’ll just buy during the release week.
  • This is TERRIBLE! The WORLD WILL END if I can’t pre-purchase these games on Steam!

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There is something on the apps in Google playstore too, a pre-register option. I guess you can use that on Google play store too. (Will we get a discount or something else if we pre-register or pre-order?)

But there are some friends who only download them on stream. Different tastes I guess?


I buy all the games I can on Steam, sometimes after buying them somewhere else I bought again on Steam if they came out later because I like to have them all organized there :rofl: I know it’s stupid, but I’m a silly person!
But I try to be cool with everything that helps CoG/HG, you guys really helped a lot when I lost faith in having games I could see a bit of me in… so you will have my support whatever you will do.
Sorry if I sounded too mawkish! :sweat_smile:


It’s seems that you’re misunderstanding me?

If you preorder the game on the website:

  1. You would get it for the release week sale price.
  2. When the game is released, you’d be able to restore your purchase into the Android app.

There would not be a discount greater than the existing release week discount.


I didn’t vote - as is usual with polls, the choices don’t fit my situation.

Since titles are not always available on Steam - what you decide to do with regards to pre-orders don’t really matter in any case to my buying habits or tendencies.

If titles are offered on Steam, I purchase them when I can, sale or no sale price. I am grateful you give a release sale price and try to purchase during those windows of opportunity and when I save enough to equal a new purchase I will purchase titles that I don’t have targeted otherwise.

I buy titles on Steam exclusively now, so what you decide to do there will ultimately influence what titles I buy overall.


I don’t buy games from Steam…
But i would love to pre-order via Google playstore, i notice there are option to pre-download some games from playstore… perhaps CoG could allow pre Order via playstore too ? :slight_smile:


When I say “restore your purchase into the Android app,” that means you can buy on the webstore and then download the Google app and restore your purchase and play there.

No, you won’t be able to pre-purchase from Google. They don’t have a pre-purchase system.

honestly…I get most of my games from either Steam or GOG . Homewhever , I won’t be butthurt because unlike some others games…I can still go get the game from the website (it would be there right?) .

Other then there…I don’t buy from amazon…google…or whatever . But others peoples will have those places if they are dying for the discount week .

and last…it isnt like these games at full prices cost 100$! (hey thats the price Origin placed Anthem! :rofl:) . So I’m fine with no week discount .

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You’d have the opportunity to play the demo during the pre-order. Basically the idea is that we’d have a longer sale period for a new game, which can be helpful for folks who might otherwise miss getting the game on sale.


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