Also pssst, every game is on sale for this week through the website!


How pre orders work Should I pay it up front or is like Google play will remember me game is out to buy right away?

Gonna pass up on the pre-order, but it’s exciting news that this game is coming out in two weeks. Oh, also time to replay the first part to save my character.


Pre-orders extend the discount period–you buy it now for $4.99 on our site and you get the discount (and we and the author get a better percentage of the sale), when the game releases you download the app on Google Play (or get it in the iOS Omnibus App), login to your choice of games dot com account and restore your purchase.


Yes indeed.


@Mary_Duffy I’d like to pre-order but I don’t own a creditcard, is it possible through pre-order with PayPal?

I will pass then I buy when launch. However I have a question if is not okay I understand if you don’t answer it.

Is more profitable to Cog and Hosted to buy the app directly in your website and then asking company a link for the system of choice?

I am saying that because is really more money for the company could be the effort worthwhile.

Not generally, no. Our website works with credit cards and we don’t really do separate PayPal transactions. But you’ll be able to get it at the same price during release week buying your usual way.

Unfortunately no, since then I’ll have to buy it through the play store in € and we’ve had that discussion.

It’s a real shame to see people without creditcards can’t profit from the sales…

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Yes, quite a bit more profitable. Buying through our site has a lot of advantages:

  1. We are only charged a small processing fee for the credit card. There’s no store taking a 30% cut.

  2. Your purchase is tied to your account. You can then restore it yourself in the iOS Omnibus or on Google Play, and if you ever switch phones it’s a lot easier for everyone for you to once again restore your purchase on your new device. You won’t need to email us to attach it to your account first, for example.


…but it will still be on sale in the play store later ??

Yes, but I can’t profit from the pre-order.

And I can’t profit from the sales because again…no creditcards…

(Creditcards aren’t as popular here in the Netherlands as they are in America.)

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I will thinking about that I am not keen give my data after I was hacked once. If there were pay pal option I will switch for the page. Even There is this Master card money cards you can buy like where Google play cards could be that be enough.

That way people without credit card or that is not keen share the data could still given company more money.

You can play the demo today for free, whether or not you pre-order the game. If you want to buy multiple games from the sale through PayPal, please email support at choiceofgames dot com and we’ll set something up for you but we really don’t have the manpower to do this for everyone.


…it’s Stripe. It’s as reputable a company as PayPal. I don’t believe you’ll be hacked.

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I understand and thank you for giving me that option but I’ll pass, I feel it would be unfair to give me that option and not others who would be interested in that.

I hope different payment options can be given a priority so everyone has equal chance to profit from the sales :slight_smile:

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The problem is companies as PayPal that ask pages ridiculous stuff for use them. Not cog.

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I’m sorry if my question is indiscret, but how does PayPal work without credit card? Isn’t that necessary for using PayPal too?

No problem, yes you can use your creditcard to connect it to you Paypal but you can also connect your bank account. Or just deposit money into your account through your bank account (which is how I use it, to keep it separate.)

Not necessarily, from my experiences PayPal is “friendlier” then Google Playstore, I’d love to argue it but this isn’t the place

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I see. Thanks for explaining. Not sure I’d use it. It’s already unsettling enough for me how much of my data Google already has, I try to keep this number as low as possible.

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