Steam Summer Sale 2015

Hello everyone!
Just thought I would mention that the Choice of Games library on Steam is 40% off (might go lower with a flash sale).
Tin Star is also $0.99 for another 22 hours. :poultry_leg:


Holy crap that’s a great deal.

Man, I really wish that I could purchase CoG games on steam and have them on my phone.

Unless there’s been a change of policy, if you purchase something on steam, Jason will credit your webstore account if you present him with the receipt (from here).


That feel when you buy a game for full price and later see it on a Steam sale for basically nothing.

cries deeply

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally? You don’t say?

uh, to be clear, that was not…intentional. There was supposed to be a launch discount that would transition into the Summer Sale (both being 40% off, as Tin Star was when it originally released on other platforms).

But we’re going to run with it and see if we can spike some sales in the next 21 hours. Cross your fingers. A fuckup of this magnitude could turn out to be really good for everyone.