All of our games are 25% off or more in Steam’s 2016 Summer Sale


All of our Steam apps are 25% off or more until July 4!

We’ve also introduced a bunch of new bundles on Steam. Buy our games in a bundle and you can get them for an additional 25% off or more, on top of the discounts available in Steam’s Summer Sale!

All of these bundles are “Complete the Set” bundles, which means if you’ve purchased some of the games in the bundle, you can still complete the bundle at a discounted price.

The “Every Game” bundle is especially interesting because as we add new games on Steam, we’ll add them to the bundle, allowing you to complete and re-complete the bundle each time a new game comes out, rewarding our most loyal customers with our best possible savings.

Hosted Games has a few bundles, too, including an “Every Game” bundle:

(Note that we can’t create bundles including games from both Hosted Games and Choice of Games, so if you want all of Paul Wang’s games, you’ll need to buy both the “Paul Wang” bundle and the “Infinity Series” bundle.)


The bundles are a fabulous idea and will hopefully infuse CoG/HG with cash. I’d love to see you folks be able to expand a little and spread your tentacles across the landscape of interactive fiction (in an evil way).

And the “all HG games” bundle in particular, because of the smaller number of games, ends up at a great pricepoint even for folks with more modest budgets. That’s a lot of gameplay for just over $20.

I’ll definitely push CCH on Steam this weekend - it’s perfect timing for me.


Thank you for your efforts in making all the titles available.

Minor question: If I purchase the bundle for all CoG games, it includes Choice of Romance but does that mean the normal version or the deluxe version (with all the dlc included) - Either way is ok for me but with the titles such as Versus, Heroes and others with dlc, it might be confusing.

But thank you for getting this all set up.


Very helpful! I’ve enjoyed the new feature on Steam, so I’m glad this wonderful publisher is taking advantage.


Aaahhhh, I’d been waiting for that one!! This means that my weekend schedule is officially booked!


This would be lovely, IF I didn’t already have every CoG game on Steam already.


Mmmmmaybe I’ll just buy them all, then. :watermelon::sunglasses::watermelon:


The Everything bundle includes all DLC as well as the games.


DLC for what is basically a Book. Geez.


“Gamebooks.” :wink:

“DLC” isn’t really what we have; they’re more like IAP. Mostly they’re opportunities to pay to unlock hints, or to pay to make the game easier. They only appear in a few of our games.


Is steam still overwhelmed for people? whenever I try to purchase games it freezes.


Steam’s site was struggling to let me submit “Affairs of the Court” today. Come back tomorrow?


$73 for all of those books…man that’s a lot of reading…


I’m planning some future DLC for mine. There are five species you can play as, with different side stories, experiences, exclusive ROs, etc. - releasing a sixth or seventh later would be a massive amount of work but would be a new spin on the game.

Zombie Exodus did something similar, where there were a ton of starting character occupations, then a unique job you could pay to unlock. It depends on the project, whether it leans more towards “game” or “book”, but some work better than others with extra content.


I saw the email and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Affairs of the Court trilogy on Steam, CoG bundles, everything is on sale!

Goddammit about time already! I’ve been waiting for Choice of Romance to be on Steam since forever! After all, according to an old screencap from MetaHuman Inc., I’m overflowing with love

Welp, awesome sale, CoG. All the wish-list CoG titles are now in my library. I can finally stop torching my wallet and start 100% clear all these games.


I’m actually sad because I own too many of these from the App Store, so none of these bundles work for me. :sweat_smile: But the individual games are on sale too. Time to fill in the gaps in my catalogue.