Any plans on store wide sale any time soon

i want to get a bunch of hosted and other games on here but dont want to spend few hundred lol

any 1 know of any plans for any sales on choice of games site or steam ver of them

Try the gift thread. You may find people willing to donate some of the games you want.


did not even know there was such a thing lol
were can i find it ^_-

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I think it’s this one:


We don’t really do storewide sales. Putting a game on sale on all platforms requires manually changing the price on

Google Play (individual app)
Google Play (omnibus app)
Apple (omnibus app + individual app if it is an older one)
Amazon (individual app)
Amazon (omnibus app)
Our website’s backend
Our omnibus app’s backend

Then changing them all back a week later for GPS, website and Amazon. I estimate it takes me 15 minutes or so to do that for each game we need to put on sale. Multiply that by …hundreds of games across HG and COG. Then changing most of them back by hand as well.

What we do do is participate in Steam sales and we have an Every Hosted Game bundle* (I think?) which will allow you to get all the Steam HG games you don’t yet own, anytime at a discount.

  • @KaiDeleon maybe you can factcheck me on that/make sure that bundle is up to date.

That’s correct to my understanding! I would say it can take more than 15 minutes per game sometimes and Steam requires more work and planning than the other platforms alone.

The HG Bundle on Steam should have every game in the lineup, but if it doesn’t folks are welcome to reply and let me know what needs to be added :smiley:

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I don’t know if this will help, but if you buy them on Google Play, I recommend using Google Rewards. It’s a survey platform through Google that sends you surveys (usually anywhere from one question to ten at the most). They take anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes tops. That’s what I use to buy anything on Google Play, and it’s nice because I’m not actually spending my money from a credit card.


Some hosted games that I noticed are missing from the steam bundle are:

  1. The soul stone war
  2. The shadow society
  3. Tokyo Wizard
  4. Swamp Castle
  5. Life of a Mercenary
  6. The Aegis Saga
  7. War for Magincia

The DLCs missing are:

  1. The lost heir - the legacy advantage
  2. The soul stone war - behind the scenes
  3. Way walkers: university - Halloween
  4. Blood for poppies - endings guide
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Thank you so much! I will check these tomorrow and update what I can :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you!!

There’s three more missing from the bundle:

  1. The Parenting simulator
  2. Way walkers: university
  3. Way walkers: university 2

There’s 2 more missing, but I can’t immediately tell which ones.


There’s really no way you can expect to get hundreds of dollars’ worth of games without spending a few hundred. Your best bet is to keep up with new games as they come out, and then pick up what interests you from the back catalog one or two at a time. Spending $5 or $10 a week on games is probably easier to manage than spending however much it would cost to buy everything you want at once, even at sale prices. And although a store-wide sale probably isn’t going to happen, it’s worth keeping your eyes open for the sales they do have occasionally. A couple of times this year they did a sale on a particular author’s complete works. Sometimes they put a particular title on sale to tie in with a relevant holiday. It’s not unusual for a game to go on sale to celebrate a substantial update or optional bonus content release. Sometimes when a new game in a series comes out, the rest of the series will go on sale for a week. Multi-game sales tend to happen only a few times a year, but they’re definitely worth keeping your eyes open for.


wana bet lol id expect a castle for free if i thought it possible lmao

The bundle has been updated! Thank you so much for looking into those for us :slight_smile: