Older Releases Being Put On Sale

We’ve recently had some experiments in re-releasing older games (Champion of the Gods and Empyrean both got updates; Rent-a-Vice, The Martian Job, and The Road to Canterbury because they are finalists for the Nebula), and placing them on sale. We’re considering regularly putting older releases on sale. WDYT?

  • Finally! I’ll likely buy older releases I missed the sale for, or heard good things about after release.
  • I have the games I want already, and I’ll only buy new ones as they come out (on sale).
  • I’m only interested in higher priced games I don’t have being put on sale.
  • I’d rather see an annual/semi-annual event with the whole catalog on sale, like Steam but on all platforms.
  • I’d be interested in older releases being regularly on sale, but am not sure if I’ll buy.

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Notably: We may do both a regular rotation of sales and also do an annual event. We’ll see :wink:


I am not in any of the parameters I am not EAGER like the first that sounds i am dying for the sales and the last sound doubt. I probably have bought all i would enjoy however sales would be great for awareness and many forum goers and even i probably buying some of few i didn’t bought seriously i have more than a hundred i think


I have been into the idea of putting old offerings on sale since I first found this place, so it definitely gets my vote. Honestly, whether it is a big sale event or just a rolling discount of a few a month, it’s all good. Big event might get some attention from the gaming press, though, throw some extra eyeballs out way from TouchArcade or Pocket Tactics, all the places that like to track big sales.


I’d be interested in themed sales on a regular schedule, if that makes sense.


I’m thinking about themes, yeah: based on authors with multiple games, genre, year, etc.


genre might be ‘best’ so to speak. I know some people who wouldn’t play a demo until they know the genre(s) for certain.


More often than not, I miss out completely on the small-scale sales of older titles (that goes for most e-platforms, not just CoG), as I found out that keeping up, even remotely, with all the digital stores is just nuts. So I let all the small-ish deals fly over my head, for the sake of time if anything.

A big yearly event on the other hand? Yeah, I’d be down for that.


I really recommend do achildren’s young adults bundle near Christmas and second the theme bundle stuff like love humour svi fi and team up popular game with several less nknown to up the exposure. and present some kind extra art for gift bundles cog could be an amaze present

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I think a combination of some older COG/Hosted titles being made cheaper where viable and the occasional sale in either season or by genre sounds good.


Wow… That’s a great idea.

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With the release Psy High: High Summer looming I was looking to go play it’s predecessor to see if High Summer might be a potential purchase for me.

However with a pricetag of € 6,49 ($ 7,29) I just can’t justify paying such a price. (I play exclusively on my Android Phone) I would absolutely welcome a sale now and then to pick up some older titles I’ve missed out on. At the moment you get “punished” for not buying a game in the first week and it causes me to not even reconsider buying a game when the introduction period has passed.

Maybe a bundled release is a nice addition with games like this (games that have predecessors) or a week before the game releases putting it’s predecessor on sale!

Sales are nice and if there is annual rotation of games for sale i would buy some of the one i thought were just ok or the ones i thought i wouldn’t like

I would wager decent money the first one gets a discount right before Psy 2 comes out. But they aren’t going to do that yet, it might still be months before the sequel gets released. It would be within a week or two of the sequel coming out.

For sure the idea is not to “punish” people. On the contrary, it incentivizes people to buy when a game is released–which increases the lifetime sales of the game, creates a critical mass of reviews from which later buyers can judge, etc.

(Also: VAT, platform pricing tiers we have little control over, and currency exchange is real. Psy High costs $6.00 in the US, the price of a fast food meal, a cheap paperback book, or a fancy pour-over coffee. Our games are priced based on length, primarily, and probably do reflect the purchasing power of the dollar and US buyers. Note, this is not an invitation to argue about how much our games cost. They cost what the market currently will bear.)

If you buy on Steam, there are a number of bundle options, including the 'Everything Bundle" which is kind of a perma-discount. iOS also has a number of bundles of our older games. You could buy a bundle on Steam, have the games credited to your choiceofgames.com account (not the same as a forum account) and then restore on Android. But I think Steam prices are even worse for EU buyers, not sure if the math there would work out in your favor or not.

@hustlertwo Yes. Psy High will be on sale during Psy High 2: High Summer release week. It may or may not receive a separate sale when the savegame feature is implemented on Psy High before the release of Psy High 2.

And, yeah…I mean I posted this topic three months ago, and we’re doing it! If you subscribe to our mailing list you’ll see those sales when they pop up. So far we’ve put Werewolves, Choice of the Cat, Congresswolf, Welcome to Moreytown, The Sea Eternal, Choice of the Pirate, The Daring Mermaid Expedition, and 7th Sea: A Pirate’s Pact on sale, plus a special sale of the Nebula finalists Rent-a-Vice, The Road to Canterbury, and The Martian Job.


Oh: we’re also trying pre-orders again for certain titles, particularly sequels. So that extends the launch discount over three weeks instead of one week. You’ll likely see pre-orders for Exile of the Gods, possibly Psy High 2, and Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel.


My mail is receiving all the sales. So I was surprised when see people complaining about the lack of sails when I have seen like 4 or so lately Included the Pride month bundle.

I don’t found it expensive at all they are cheap however for many fan base in younger years They are used to Free to pkay… Where they are paying amounts of money they could buy all catalogues of Cog and hosted in 3 month. They forget that they data in those free games is used to advertise databases that the pass and currency they uses the time they are connected etc they are paying for the freemium far more than any cog .

About Sales I think if they were a way to make Android warning of sales. THAT could bring lots of public . I for instance checking all weeks the Special sales on Google play and Find a cog there could bring lots new people.

Well, soon we’ll have an omnibus app on Android and we can do phone notifications through that…

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I won’t use that but I think for mass media acasuals would be a really good move. Same for preorders. also A surprise the pride bundle that haven’t the games i was expecting for.

But I will stop with the appraise or people will think i am not real Mara. If you need a Mara recommends games or something tell me And I will do one.