Older Releases Being Put On Sale



Quick FIND SOMETHING TO BE GRUMPY ABOUT… :wink: Nah… I am not so bad and I think with time people have get used to my manias :hugs:


Extremely public note to self: ask about possibility of getting The Parenting Simulator put back on sale in subsequent years after its release on Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day. And I have to figure the Ms. Claus WIP will get a price drop every Yuletide season.


That will be perfect however spanish days are different that English ones. So bundle won’t be so universal that for instance in Christmas

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I was lucky to realize the Pirates Sale, have been waiting for a reason to buy These. :smile:


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So just to check, is the summer sale just for steam users or on IOS too? I haven’t seen any mention of price changes on either app. :pensive:

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Seems to be Steam have not Seen a sale in google store either

Buy it on the website, restore the purchase into the omnibus.

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That’s rather complicated, but okay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EDIT: Also bear in mind people who don’t live in the USA might have concerns with games on the website marked with $ because they might end up being charged by their bank more?

Ok I am still confused. It just sends me to the app where the prices are unchanged. Is there a specific reason why the sale isn’t actually on the apps this time? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We can’t do that because that would require hand-changing prices on every standalone app from inception of the company to the advent of omnibus on iOS, hand-changing them on every app on Google Play, and then handchanging them all on the omnibus as well. Then changing them all back a week later. We don’t have the staff time for that right now.

We can push a button to do that for the website, we can’t push a button to do that on the different stores.

I’m sorry that we can’t change the prices on the various stores, that we don’t accept PayPal on the website, and that prices on the website don’t reflect local currency. If you have access to a web browser you should be able to buy the games on our website on sale (again, might be different in your local currency).

By the way, restoring purchases with the help of our support staff to credit a choiceofgames.com account is the only way you can transfer games between Android and iOS. So buying on our website in the first place and restoring to the platform of your choice allows you to restore your purchase to any device without having to seek help from us. It also benefits the authors and the company because sales on the website do not have a 30% Google/Steam/Apple cut. Just a credit card processing fee.


As always it is really interesting, to take a glimpse into your view. I normally use the website to transfer purchases from Google to the website. which is a really fast and easy process. I think it is a really good thing that it is possible to transfer purchases in either way.
Unfortunally credit cards are not that common here in germany, so that I just do not own one^^ So I have to wait for the next sale, since you have them quite often everything is ok for me. The staff makes a really good job and it is impressive, that you are always looking for concepts to improve every process for your customers.


Yeah sorry but I won’t be doing that because I find I am going to have to buy every game individually on the website and outside the US that means having to individually pay an additional fee for the translation of dollars to pounds each and every time I do that, and since the discount won’t be too significant in the translation that probably means I would end up paying a fair bit more than I normally would. I can respect it’s difficult for the staff you have of course, but I doubt as a result anyone outside the US is going to want to buy stuff when it’s wrapped in a situation like that, which is a shame.

If there had been an option to buy multiple games in bulk on the site all at once, maybe it would have been ok (since you would only have to pay the translation charges once rather than for every game) but as is I’ll have to pass. Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

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Interesting that you end up paying more, since I’m pretty sure our site doesn’t charge VAT. Shocking that those currency exchange fees are 30-40% of the transaction (which is the discount on our games.) My bank charges around a 4% surcharge when I’m abroad on transactions.


why are the games only on sale on the site not itunes?

Please see CoG’s response below:


Honestly I would love for more Sales that are more reliable because either I missed it back then or I did not bought it at the release because I had tight money that did not allowed it. With regular sales I can save on it and the case I will someday change from Android to iOs will not hurt so much.

I think the decision to couple one or more older releases with a new one with a similar theme has been a smart one myself.