Price Increases

I’m not sure how relevant this is, but even if the quality of the game, company costs, length, artwork, etc was the same, due to inflation costs would have to increase anyway (to give writers the same amount of money.)

Judging by UK inflation, a £3 game in 2000 would cost £5 nowadays (which is only a £2 increase, but is quite a bit % wise)

And although I haven’t been here for as long as others, I think the quality and length of games have gone up (or at least, if the length of one play through is the same, there are simply more branches)

Personally I’d be alright with a subscription model for CoG games, and keep the HG the same (since CoG has pretty much guaranteed quality)

Cog hasn’t guaranteed quality. It has in edition quality but about writing…
I won’never pay for a subscription it has the effect of encourage quantity not quality. Too point certain competence has done that and quality has dropped to a level that two different series where practically the same and choice importance get diluted as main point of subscriptions is Give continuously more new content and more to people justify its permanence in the model. Cog is a small studio is not Netflix to have millions of studios doing stuff for them. There is no way to maintaining quality and rushing content beyond your capacity.

Also i only want pay for books i want play and give money to that author i don’t want give money the authors i don’t like their books.


Well if that happens I will certainly no longer be a customer. How would subscription model even work?

And I highly disagree about the guaranteed quality. In fact on average I found HGs to be more enjoyable.


Yeah I prefer the current system best (well, I’m conflicted on the Omnibus issue), I just thought I heard someone (not the staff) talk about a subscription based system, and I was on about were that employed, I think I’d only use it for CoG titles.

there is a lot of games that can have the price increase justified, like for example wayhaven chronicles, the infinity series, versus, choice of rebels, choice of robot, champion of the gods… and some others that im not mentioning are well deserved a increased in price.
What you cant do is making some games for the same price when they dont really deserve it since they are not as good or popular… I have been a customer of cog and hg since 2014 and i can say that i have been amazed how cheap some games were while other games was not really worth buying.
In the end is also a matter of taste too, some people may like what i find not worth my time / money.

I for sure understand the launch discount and I wholeheartedly encourage it. Almost all the games I’ve bought have been during launch week.

I’m sorry for digging this thread up. I went to the Psy High app and noticed the price. Then I searched the forum for discounts and came to this thread so I thought I’d respond here. I menu in no way to unfairly criticize. I’m actually very happy CoG is undertaking these steps.

(I was absent during the whole of February and March because I was travelling Africa and had no internet so I missed this thread among others.)

I know we in the EU get shafted and a lot of that is out of your control (with VAT) and everything and yes I know the apps overall are not expensive but I have to draw the line somewhere. For me that’s around € 5,- . I’ll gladly pay more for authors which I know deliver high-quality material. COG as a whole publishes quite a few stories each month and if you want to buy everything that adds up quickly. I hope you can also see that…

Price has factored into me buying less games if I miss them on sale. Like yippie, nothing that can be done about this one, but the exchange rate hadn’t been great for for my country for a while. (For example Psi High is $9 in my currency at the moment.) I’m not saying they’re too expensive, but they are getting up there in price for an app when you take into account poor exchange rates or taxes (although not as much for a book but I’m guessing people are going to be comparing them to apps on Google and apple at least.) I budget for games and I suspect I’m not the only one so the occasional sale may be worth while to pick up sales on older titles that people missed on sale when they came out. I’m guessing this would only be for official games (unless they’re a series release for hg) or would you consider including HGs in sales as well?


So I moved this to the (now four year old!) topic on Price Increases. Yep. I get it! We get it. And it’s understandable that you have a personal limit on what you’re willing to pay for one of our games. We haven’t raised prices in the last two years, I believe, and our current structure, as I said is based on word count. Hence a 150,000 word game costs less than a 400,000 word game. Our current price structure puts a long game at $6.99 USD and a shorter game at $3.99. I think that is a fair price for the product, and the product as it has evolved from the days when our games were 100k words or under, and free because we had access to more ad revenue than we do now. (See any number of comments above about that topic.)

Our games are sold basically on a “hardback book” pricing scheme. We want to develop a softcover scheme (think subscriptions) and we’re getting there.

We have to charge what the market will bear, and our pricing is fairer to people paying in U.S. dollars. And to the extent that pricing is within our control we have priced our games as low as we can. To the extent that it is not in our control, yes, non-U.S. buyers do frequently get shafted. But the whole point of the other topic is that we’re trying to put games on sale and make sure that more of the back catalogue is affordable and within reach on a sale basis.

ETA: I think you’re not criticizing unfairly and I hope I don’t come across as defensive–genuinely want to make sure we’re communicating that we recognize the tension in this issue.


I am skeptical of schemes of this nature and in general dislike them.

Will you be keeping the current Hardcover scheme for the long haul as well as developing the softback scheme?


It’s TBD. The impression we have is that people would like to pay less per game and get more.

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I understand your goal and in principle agree with it.

Subscription services imply receiving a set number of games for a reduced price (eg paying 15 USD for three games) instead of a set price per game (21 USD for those same three titles) …

The stumbling block I have is that a subscription model usually means the publisher chooses the three titles offered in the subscription and my ability to pick and choose titles I want to buy and what order I purchase them is taken away with a subscription model.


Hey @Mary_Duffy. I wasn’t complaining about pricing and I hope it didn’t come across that way (which it seems it has. No tension at my end on this topic.) If I want a game I’ll budget for it and get it, but by the same token if there’s a game I’m on the fence about and I missed it on sale, I’m less likely to buy it when my exchange rate is bad unless it’s something I really want (which is totally out of your control, I don’t expect you to try and individually price based on the economy of every country in the world, especially as it’d work out to be a bad deal for you for extra work. ) I was only makeing that comment in support of occasional sales as I suspect if you’ve got someone who missed the release (or isn’t aware of an old game that’s sunk to the bottom as it’s older, that you might pick up a few more sales :slight_smile:

Anyway, is this only for official cog games? I’m guessing so unless they’re part of a series?

Edit: subscription wise, if I couldn’t choose the titles, I wouldn’t sign up for it myself. I’d rather go for a bundle of similar genre games if the price structure was exactly the same. (Not sure if that goes for everyone though as bundles are pre-existing games, not new ones.)


Subscription is less consumer friendly you pay for the chance of getting something worthwhile. Something you have zero idea of what it will be. I could like most of catalogue but imagine that i don’t like in the slightly the next six games released. i had to eat them with ketchup i suppose. Each company that change to that dropped quality like crazy. because the only point in subscriptions areQUANTITY get more games in the less time possible to people consider the subscription worthwhile. If you are a small company wel some sacrifices have yo been made to increase the releases. Because not everyone is netflix to buy subsidiaries to keep the production going.

That is also a not incentive to authors if they will be pay anything they get as is a subscription based. I want rewarding the authors that make content i like not everyone like their content or not.


The way we’re conceiving of it is access to X number of games of your choice. So a subscriber would look at our current catalog and decide on that basis that yes, they’d like to play at least 4 of our 100 games this month. Authors would still receive royalties. None of this is set in stone. Let’s drop this for now anyway.


Right now we’re experimenting with COG sales but HG sales could be happening in the future. Also…we’ve done two themed sales so far, plus The Nebulas sale, not just sales within a series. Did you miss those?


I’m sorry this spiralled a bit into a pricing discussion I didn’t mean for it to go there. The main gist of my point was that I would welcome sales on some of the older games since I can’t really justify paying that price for it.

Now price is a sensitive topic, I get that. You and the rest of the staff (and also the writers) need to be fairly compensated for the time, energy and effort that you put in your games and stories. And also the opportunity to make a good living from it (I know for the writers that isn’t the case at the moment but it’s a good goal to aim for.) While on the other side also a fair price for consumers so we don’t get shafted. (I’m also aware you can’t influence prices as much as you’d want with VAT and all that blabla).

You are completely right with your current standpoint. Buying a book is more expensive, hell I could even buy 2/3 games instead of watching a movie at the cinema where I live. However I don’t go to the cinema 2-3 times a month or buy 3-4 books a month. But I might buy 3-6 COG games a month depending on the release schedule. So the price can add up.

Now let me make 1 thing really clear. I don’t mind the pricing, it’s good and fair and I would also not balk at a price increase in the future. And the release discount is a great method!

We are in sort of a symbiotic relationship, you need us (consumers) to sustain you and we need you because you produce the best “choose your own adventure” games around. (In my humble opinion). And sales on older games would certainly make me a happy consumer. I know the Psy High sale is a instant buy for me :wink:.

I’ll also sign up for the mail, since I’ve missed those. And once more thank you for all the hard work you and the rest of the staff put into this.

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I saw the nebulas one :slight_smile:


One thing I do is to budget an amount every month for the CoG/HG that carry over if unused. I do agree though that having sales deals will help a lot since you will be able to have some money left to be use for get other titles.

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I guess (as mentioned her and in other threads) that part of the reason is word inflation in games (and I’m also pay off this problem, even when I complain about it). Average game word count is getting better, making the average game more expensive… This drives up reader expectations… And prices. But, I guess the string dollar isn’t helping either…

Maybe time to make some smaller games or release them for free? Mmmmmm I’m going with an idea along those lines myself…


So I said this a bit earlier in the thread and I’d probably make the adjustment to the average consumer is like $14 to $16 (in USA currency).

I don’t think that the price increases (for increasingly longer and more complex IFs FYI :wink:) are unfair at all! It just mean that, as a consumer, I’m more stringy with my money.

For instance, I’ll play the available demo if it’s an IF from the CoG brand and probably pour over reviews from trusted sources (i.e. what people say in the forums) before I think about buying it.

If a prospective purchase is an HG publication that I’ve played via the forums or if it’s from an author/series I trust, then I’ll undoubtedly buy it (discount or no discount) since I have a good idea of the quality.

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