If you could make a CoG/HG bundle what will it be?

Hi you Guys, recently seen a bundle of Cog titles on steam specifically the “Furries” titles (Choice of the cat, Welcome to Morey town, Werewolf - Haven Rising and Congresswolf). I found quite interesting the assortment of games put in it (with various reaction on my part from smiling in seeing Choice of the cat being put alongside the other titles (high praise for the one who come up with the idea: “put the Cat with the Werewolf and the Antropomorphic Morey” ) to the “really?” reaction in seeing the addition of Congresswolf (after playing the game I have my own reasons to doubt it fit) And a silly thought come to me:

If I had to put it together what titles I would choose and on which criteria will I pick them ? (just the theme of the game or like in the Furry case be creative with it?)

Well guys just for fun on what criteria and which ones will be YOUR choice of titles for a game bundle? And how will you call it of course :wink: (remember is not easy as it seems as CoG and HG titles are split in two different brand and can’t be add together).


Villain games. :face_with_monocle:


Yeah, we’ll probably put GAFV and Diabolical on sale together in the future.

I have a list of potential sales I’ve developed based on genre. The Furry Fun Sale went pretty well; on alternate weeks without a COG release, I think it’s likely folks can expect a sale of some kind. However, that’ll be a little while yet because I won’t have a slot for a sale. The tentative schedule for the next six weeks is Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus out this coming Thursday, two weeks from then will be Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth, followed in two weeks by Fool! as well. (Likelihood of most distant release most tentative, caveats as ever because things aren’t always in our hands.)

Btw GAFV 2 is a few chapters away from full draft. I’d like to get it out in October, but as ever, we’ll see.


I would have bundles based on both literature genre and video game genre! Sometimes after playing a game I want to play more with related themes and sometimes I want similar gameplay. :relaxed:

(A few of these I played and others are based on summary, so I might have gotten the genres wrong.)
A historical HG bundle could have Tudor Intrigue, Gladiator, Tin Star, etc.
A strategy/simulation HG bundle could have The Kepler Colony, The Aether, Swamp Castle, etc.
An adventure CoG bundle could have Choice of Magics, The Road to Canterbury, Saga of the North Wind, etc.
A scifi CoG bundle could have Choice of the Star Captain, Mecha Ace, T-Rex Time Machine, etc.

I’m not sure what name I’d call them. :thinking:

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It is really important for me to support each author individually, so i purchase each game separately - even multiple titles.

It is just important to me, I don’t expect anyone else to feel the way I do or to follow my example. lol


I am not a fan of bundles either as for me feels like I am constraint to titles maybe I am not so kewn on buy and also to supporting authors.

However, I like them because I know that for many people new is a big factor to even try for first time a cog and for teens fans is a economic factor to could afford titles that can’t buy separate. So in my opinion that the options of bundles are there is a win win


Aside from the obvious ones by genre or by author in the case of prolific folks like Sam or Lucid, I think a good idea might be a deeply discounted bundle (like 50%) solely consisting of first games in a series (meaning at least one sequel has already been released). Try to hook some people on the chance that they like it and pay full price for the continuation(s).


I can dig it.


Hands up for a “Villains” themed bundle :slight_smile: just hope to see more variety on the titles in it.

Expectedoperator I really share your sentiment on wanting to find games that have the same theme but I think each should have a unique game play / style (I love the assortment you put together expecially I like the “Historical” and the “Strategy/Simulation” idea). Personally I would like to see one day a “kid friendly” bundle: “The Dryad’s Riddle” and “NE by NW Oz” should be right for it. Or a “Entreprenaur/Old Times” themed bundle with Cog titles like “Gilded Rails”, “Broadway - 1849”, “Hollywood Visionary” or similar flavor

But aside suggestions I found it isn’t easy to pin point the genre or the theme of the games for example the HG titles: “Vampire House”, “The Haze under Windbrooke” and “So, You’re Possessed!” all have teen protagonists, all have to suddenly deal with a dark force of sort and end up investigating a hidden world but just seeing the Covers or reading the summary don’t help to put them together and the genre are totally different: Teen Romance/Vampire, Fantasy/Anime, Comedy/Satire. So I guess a bundle will always have a game it doesn’t fit :smiley:

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The lost heir trilogy. Convince me otherwise.


I am the same way here, the most supported game I have bought is 5 times( 5 different platforms, well when chrome apps was a thing). To me it is worth it, I just basically spent the amount of money on a hard back edition of a book, that still has replay-ability.

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