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So, I’ve been contemplating the concept of crowdsourcing a sequel to “Sabres of Infinity”, and I was just wondering if ChoiceofGames had a standing policy on whether it’s okay or not to do so. The last thing I’d like to do is step on any toes or brew up a shitstorm, so I figured I’d ask if crowdsourcing campaigns are allowed or not.

@Jasonstevanhill ?


Where can I play the first SoI? Is it going to be released soon? :I

I think this is an extremely interesting question.

Would you be planning on having the game hosted on your own site, or would you be having it hosted on Choice of Games site?

How much money would you be looking at and what you be using it for?

The thing that immediately strikes me is that *usually* you’d give any reasonably high contributors a free copy of the game - *you* can’t actually do that, unless you publish it yourself, CoG would have to do that, which could potentially prove a lot of hassle for them.

Or approach it another way: If I receive more than $X from the Kickstarter, the game will be published free for everyone. between $Y and $X, the game will cost just $1. Less than $Y and it will cost more.

Donate an agreed fee / percentage of the KS funds to Choice of Games and they should be happy with it - assuming they are happy with the Kickstarter idea at all.

Also: Indiegogo is another similar site instead of Kickstarter.

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@andymwhy but, as you should know, we don’t have any way of monetizing advertisements. MobClix hasn’t paid us for September’s ad revenue yet. Releasing it for free means no more money for anybody.

@jasonstevanhill very true - so it would have to be a very high Kickstarter deal for that to be an option.

The alternative would be to offer game related merchandise for donations…

@andymwhy It’s not donations if you’re trading something for them, not to mention that you’d have to make/have made that merchandise first… And since that’s generally only available in relative bulk, you’d have to anticipate a fair demand for said merchandise.

NM, 21st

On another thread, Random just suggested that one Kickstarter reward could be having a character named after you. I think that’s an intriguing line to pursue.

I’ve seen similar things done on a number of forum threads – name this character/country/dog, work in a plotline – as a way of engaging fans.

Obviously it could go badly wrong, though, if the person who paid you had a terrible, totally unacceptable idea.

Most Kickstarters with those rewards tend to have “within reason” as a standard caveat now.

Fair point, but I can see the debates on the limits of reason getting quite heated.

“Damn it, I put $100 on the table for a ninja in GoI. Why wouldn’t your world have ninjas? It’s got elves, doesn’t it?”


Who knows? Imperial Intelligence takes all sorts.

Alternatively: “If you didn’t SEE the ninja, then CLEARLY you weren’t observant enough!”

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Ninja elves

Imperial Intelligence.

What do we call Imperial Intelligence serving on a ship?

I see what you did there.

I dont…

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Far too much.

Unless I write a setting specifically for the purpose of having other people pitch in, it’s my setting, period.

@hahaha is that a rhetorical joke or something? @cataphrak how much would we have to pay to get a character named after ourselves