Part 2


I don’t mean to be pushy, since these games are free and all, but would it be possible to have an update on this? I haven’t heard anything on it for months. If this has been answered elsewhere, then please let me know. Sorry to be a pest. Love the games.


@HeilYeah Yea, the head guys aren’t too talkative on the forums (I think most of us wish that they did come around here at least once in a while). I believe that @jasonstevanhill has said that he does frequently use his twitter account. (Personally wouldn’t know anything about it.) I hope that helps.


@HeilYeah My twitter account does exist, but I recommend that people follow it so they can see how little time I spend working on CotV.

It is worth pointing out that writing games is, at best, third priority for all four currently published COG authors. We all have day jobs. We have families to support. Because this is also a business, and we are trying to grow this business, we have COG business obligations that trump writing. For example, I do all the accounting for the company, as well as doing things like responding to support emails and monitoring this message board (to make sure you all aren’t cursing each other out). Similarly, all three of us are out actively recruiting authors, teaching them how to write in ChoiceScript, copyediting their work, and otherwise trying to get more product in the pipeline.

Lastly, we are unwilling to announce release dates in general, because working with the various mobile platforms is a generally excruciating affair. Titles can be delayed for some technical or bureaucratic reason for months–reasons that we have no control over. Similarly, we have about six Hosted Games ready to be released, but because of challenges filing certain business forms with the State of California, we can’t release them yet. I’m taking the day off of work tomorrow to personally drive to Sacramento and deliver the documents by hand, in the hopes of resolving this issue sometime in the near future. Assuming the winds at the Denver airport let my plane take off tonight, that is.

So, yes, I’m working on CotV 2.0. Work has not yet begun on the third part of AotC. Choice of Zombies may actually be the next title released, or maybe Rise of the Powereds, but don’t hold me to that.


For those following at home, I did make it to the Secretary of State today. It turns out that our application from August had finally made its way onto the desk of the relevant person. Supposedly, it will be approved on Monday, and then mailed to us.

One step closer to getting the Hosted Games program up and running again!




we as a consumer appreciate all of your work.


Can’t wait


I am very glad to hear the news about the forms! I can’t wait to see more hosted games. Less happy to hear that there isn’t much work being done on new official games but that other stuff is important too, I guess.


We received the form from the State of California.

Now we need our distributors to process that form.


@jasonstevanhill That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know and for your efforts.


Uhm. False alarm. Our distributors have moved the goalpost again.

Now we need another form, signed by all three of us and notarized. Of course, one of our members lives in Michigan now, which makes that a little more challenging.


That will be challenging.

(I live in Michigan!)


Partner in Michigan has signed and notarized the document. It’s in the mail to me.


Let us all hope there isn’t another hoop to jump through.


@ScarletGeisha It’s bureaucracy, there’s always another hoop to jump through >.<


Well, the document made it to my house today. I’ll actually go to my house and get it in the morning, take it to the notary, and then fax it to the necessary locations.

Cross your fingers.


Relevant document is notarized and subsequently faxed to bureaucracy in question.


Thanks for the updates. Good luck.


Jason: Pull the switch!
Igor: But mashter, we don’t have a licenshe for giving life to new accounts.
Jason: A…License?
Igor: Yesh mashter, you have to fill out the formsh.
Jason: Oh…Well, then, let’s see here…Maiden name?
Igor: There’sh alsho the fees, mashter.
Jason: Right. Done. Pull the switch!
Igor: Yesh, mashter!
Jason: Yes! Yes! It’s alive! It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!
Account: Mrrraaaaargh!


Relevant bureaucracy has accepted the documents and we have paid the relevant fees. As soon as the new account is live, we will be going full speed ahead.