Heroes Rise - When is it coming?

So we recently had that post asking for testers for the new official Cog game Heroes Rise. I got to test it and well, I’m not sure if they want me to talk about it or not. I didn’t get an NDA or anything, but I’ll just hold off for now.

Anyway, the thing is, I hadn’t heard anything about it until that thread so I’m kind of curious if there’s any other info on it, like when it’s supposed to be released. Anyone know anything?


@CountDon Ya know… You don’t have to post in every thread… :-\

End of May, as far I can tell :slight_smile:
What are your first impressions? You don’t have to disclose anything, just wondering if you liked it.

It rocks, could not put it down first read.

Well they never gave me an NDA so I guess I can say that I liked it alright. It really draws you in.

I was tempted to offer to beta test it as well, but the fact that I don’t have a clue what the game is about made me hold off. And a quick search came up empty. If someone could describe what the game is about without spoilering anything beyond the opening, that would be great.

It’s a superhero coming-of-age story. Significantly longer than most stuff on the site, if I’m not wrong. I enjoyed it a lot, and I look forward to seeing what the final version looks like.

That’s actually a bit deceptive. It starts out seeming like a superhero coming of age story but the tone takes a big shift later on into something I’m not quite sure how to label without spoilers.

Maybe Jason could tell us if your allowed to share small things? :-?

It’s kind of a “emerging superhero” kind of thing. Except there is very little chance (or none) that you will die. Well, actually, it’s not all “emerging” superhero. That’s as much as I’ll give away. It’s long, more of an interactive novel. I did like it, though.

Arg. This not talking bothers me because I have a lot more to say about stuff I don’t think I should share without permission.

I really don’t mind. I wonder if you could share in a private message, though.

I don’t think anyone would know if you sent private messages about it unless… they read them… :expressionless:

I imagine Jason and the gang will want us to keep shtum on the message boards until the game is formally released… but I reckon if private messages were a problem, they’d have told us so.

Just a small note to those in the beta. When someone does a closed beta, it usually presumed they don’t want those in the beta talking about it. Even if it’s not stated, it’s polite to simply not say anything.

@Reaperoa: I stand corrected. Sorry, guys.

Actually, seeing as they posted here asking for BETA testers and it seems every single person who emailed them has been granted that permission, I don’t think they’ll mind discussion of it in their own forum, the vast majority of their audience won’t even visit this site I would imagine. (iPhone/Android Stores)

Of course, that’s merely speculation but if I didn’t want people to talk about my game I’d have a more selective application process and make sure I tell them not to say anything, rather than just assume they won’t.



I was kind of hoping this would be more traditional/fantasy/magic heroes, as opposed to Superheroes - ah well, could prove interesting nonetheless.

If it’s Superheroes and not magic…
PS I know this seems sorta mean but it’s not i thought it would be better with magic

@Zed , lol, no, no. You’re right, it’s not like they’re tailoring the game specifically to me. From a business point of view Superheroes is a good direction, fantasy is something they’ve touched on quite a few times already now, so fresh material is good.