Heroes Rise -- Releasing Friday!


Who’s excited?


Cool. I’ll definitely be checking it out.




It’s finally getting released…


Will I be able to play it at Midnight tonight?


Finally a new game that I will play for 20-30 times and still won’t be bored.


Will we still have to play the Chapter from the Beta?


Woot, congrads.




I am! :smiley:


Sweet! I wonder if there will be any different / new content from the beta. It’s one of those games that had so much left over potential when I finished it. Not to say that it wasn’t really good anyway. Definitely up to par, and I didn’t even find any bugs in the beta test.


Finally. Must have.


What is it about?


I mean come on, the title says it all


What time (approx.) and time zone?


Hopefully in 6 minutes


What time will it be released, and which time zone are you in?


@Comma: it’s about superheroes. A world where “powered” people are, if not common, a common part of daily life. You play a young superhero coming into your powers, rising to a degree of prominence/infamy, and (inevitably) having to make some tough choices.

I’d describe it as a terrific coming-of-age story, though I think some others here have disagreed with that description.

Anyway, though I had a couple of gripes, I thought the beta was very well-written even by the high standards of CoG’s published games, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final version!


I don’t believe the final version is noticably different from the beta.

Actually, it’s already available on Kindle. iOS might be a little late in being released. But Android and the Chrome store will go live tomorrow.


Oh I just thought of something.Good luck friday for it will be friday the 13th.