Superhero games unite!

I’m just gonna come out and say it I love superheroes I love the awesome powers they have I love the strange yet awesome costumes they wear but most of all I love the villains cuz let’s face it every story needs a villain :smiley: but you can’t have any of that without choices so that’s why when CoGs released heroes rise I was on the moon then I realized that there must be more games like that and that’s why I joined

but I only manage to find two heroes: taking up the mantle and collage hero (both I fell deeply in love with) which is why I call you guys to help me bring more games out of the superhuman closet! (Or are those to the last of they’re kind T-T)

So if you know any good superhero WIPs please tell for me and others who love the idea of people running around in tights kicking butt! B-)

(if not I shall murder a Awesome Filled Cupcake per hour can you live with fact that you could’ve save countless of helpless cupcake’s life’s but didn’t!? >:) )

Yeah I can live with it.

@Dark_Stalker (le gasp) how do you sleep at night!?

I heard cupcake and came running.

<3 @fox_vixen, may I have a cupcake if I promise to show you a few games?

@Warm_Whispers ah a fellow cupcake lover Yes you Shall! :smiley:

I burn cupcakes. And blow up bakeries.

I remember when I first had a cupcake I put all the cupcakes in a bag and blungeoned the bakers with it.

@Dark_Stalker May 2p England reek his warthe on you!

@Dark_Stalker A true assassin :slight_smile:

D-: today is a dark dark day for cupcakes

@Dark_Stalker That is a terrible first time!
your first time should be sweet and amazing :X Not painful and harsh!

It was sweet and amazing I loved their screams.

@Dark_Stalker…I did not think that posting this discussion about superheroes would lead me to defend the very thing I threatened to murder

Why is like even an option? And when I go to the shooting range I replace the targets with cupcake with their bakers holding them.

@Dark_Stalker (le gasp) y-you monster!
It’s one thing to kill innocent cupcakes but to force their bakers to assist that’s!..that’s
(Faints) X_X

@fox_vixen It seems your threat has backfired and things were completely turned around.

As for superhero stories, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a sentai style one recently. Sadly, a demo would take me a while to make since my time is limited.

@Outrageous, in my perfect world just as I finish my Community College Hero trilogy (in about 2 years), someone has developed another hero game and agrees to co-write an epic crossover gamebook entitled something like “Community College Heroes versus Team X!” where the cover implies they fight each other but in reality they spend like 10 minutes at most fighting each other and then they team up to defeat their common enemies, who have (of course) joined forces to pursue world domination.

Oh and it sells 200,000 copies and wins numerous awards. Both casual superhero fans and fangirls/boys alike sing its praises.

So get writing!

So you love them yet you threaten to kill them every hour why not kill them now and be done with it? Or was it a empty threat?

Also do they revive dead threads, I’ve seen you trying that?

@Dark_Stalker You’re scaring me, please, don’t hurt anymore cupcakes. :((