The Hero Deserved - a spoof on caped comic book capers (WIP, last update 10 February 2016)

( WIP in this case might potentially stand for Weird, Idiosyncratic Project )

More than anything, this to-be-short game is a spoof on Batman, an iconic hero in the comic book world, and his origin, enemies (a select few) and his very world. It was started for the Christmas Chronicler Contest by @BenSeawalker and although I hardly finished it in time I have continued to work on it.

It will be a short and free game, most likely only three ‘acts’, each ending in a cliffhanger like those old serials in the theatres of the early 20th century.

Allow me to show you the opening scene so you may opt to take Gandalf suggestion to heart and fly, you fools, fly:

What has been

The man points the gun at your parents and speaks in a smooth yet gravelly voice, sort of like a piece of quality Teflon pulled over a gravel path early on a cool but not chilly spring morning at northerly latitude of about forty two degrees and twelve minutes.

‘Have you ever danced with a dentil in the moon-faced pail-fire?’

Your parents exchange a confused glance and pity stays your fathers hand. That is when a loud bang resounds through the night, promptly followed by another. A yelp from above turns everyone’s eye upward, moments before a piano strikes your parents with a flat chord that dies out con anima.

The man with the gun makes an inscrutable face and flees the scene as your mother and father reach towards you with their bloody hands, if you pardon the language.

‘Don’t forget us, remember we…we love you. Always…’

Then silence falls upon Garden Lane.

No sooner has it fallen before you throw your head back and cry out, inconsiderately breaking that very silence even before it had a chance to settle in. Above you a shocked face promptly ducks inside a window and leaves two snapped wires flapping in the wind.


Disclaimer: not necessarily in that order or to a magnitude of unsatisfactory levels of reasonable or not expectations

Disclaimer 2: not quite native to English so expect faulty grammar and odd sentence structure as well as a poor grasp of nomenclature and pointers are quite welcome as I do so adore languages

Disclaimer 3: no playing the part of the villainous villain in this story, only those strong in the justice need apply - however, the overuse of some force is optional if you feel the rage growing over this fact

Disclaimer 4: may not contain traces of nuts but definitely contains plenty of nutcases

Currently kicking Act Two about, not unlike a somnambulant sloth. :neutral_face:

Feedback and thoughts are welcome, of course, or I wouldn’t have posted this in the first place. Although I must admit I am strongly considering not posting this at all. In fact, let’s hit that cancel button right now. :sweat_smile:

…oops. :scream:

Dink to lemo or something close to it:

The Hero Deserved


Well, that was surprisingly enjoyable. Just crazy enough for my tastes, so do me a personal favor and keep doing this thing you’re doing. I’ll like, mail you a box of cookies or something. That’s not even a joke, I’ll do it.


Make it chocolate chip cookie and we got a deal. :wink:

Hopefully you will enjoy the (short) demo too once I get it polished enough.

Ooo this is scary. :sweat_smile:

Sounds fun. I love good satire.


The world needs to laugh more and I hope to help make that happen. The resulting earthquake from said laughter ought shake people up enough that perhaps they too will laugh a bit more. :neutral_face:

Edit: Aaaand still unpolished Act One demo up. :sweat_smile:


This was fun! I found your writing humorous, and the choices I got to make were entertaining.

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YAY! I have waited so long for this :laughing: felinewoman flying over the white van of baddies with her feline pogostick. That’s what heroes are made of.

Hopefully more people will take a look at this. It’s the kind of CoG game which takes a break from all the super duper serious games and Mega conspiracy theory plots. I can’t wait to play :grin:


Thank you kindly, I am so delighted that you enjoy what is there so far. :blush:

It is my learning of Choice Script and first ever venture, so I am bound to make mistake, but as long as I can have fun doing it and amuse my readers, well, then it will all be worth it. So thank you for playing and more so for commenting.

Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind that I am startling new to it all. :scream:

This contains the daily requirement of insanity, if you don’t feel more sane after this, 9/10 doctors recommend to replay this till you do.


I had a lot of fun playing the Act 1 demo. It was definitely funny, and the choices and references are a lot of fun.

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Will Felinewoman be caught red-handed as she stumbles, with a hand in the cookie jar? Will she spotted like a jaguar, and end up being the game instead of the hunter? Will Felinewoman trip on her own feet and take a pratfall?

I will most likely fall victim to the third option.

Thank you all for playing, so happy to hear you enjoy it. :blush:

Just what the doctor ordered, along with a cheese sandwich and diet soda for him. :grinning: Uh oh, what have you done? I have no mouth and I mmm… Mmm? Mmm! :no_mouth: [mumblings ensue]

Act Two is presently being soundly beaten up by the MC and hauled off to the funny farm, but we expect it to be released (i.e., escape) in due time. Or was it dew time? Monsoon? We shall see, shan’t we, what manner of mishap happens. But let’s not jump the shark gun, lest the piranha get jealous. :sweat_smile:


A superhero comedy, and not a mention of exterior underwear in sight! This is unheard of!


Every person that goes to see Batman vs Superman should be required to read this!

Mirkweedwoman posing like Zoolander as she flies over the van is such grace and elegance in motion.

It would be hilarious if at random times during fights, Mirkwoodwoman would have a vine shoot out and Splat! random people and things. Just saying.

Do be careful, @Nathan_Faxon will be inspired to write further fan-fiction and Chaos State will be further delayed :slightly_smiling:


I’ve been spending way too much time on character creation than actual plot stuff. I have a problem. :neutral_face:

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I cannot bring myself to describe some things. They are best left to the mind of the reader, no doubt making it far, far scarier than I could ever dream uppffhh… O boy, I almost managed that with a straight face. :neutral_face:

I, uh, it’s-- Uh. I shan’t say a thing. Not a thing. :no_mouth:

Harumph. Back to plotting and steaming, I mean scheming. :grinning:


I never realised how much I wanted a Markweedmobile before this game . 10/10

Seriously though , I feel like CoG could really use something like this ! (Also I love the writing)


It is surprising how life can tell us we need something we had no idea even existed, isn’t it?

‘HERE!’ Life shoves a rotten mango fruit in your face. ‘YOU WANT THIS!’ :angry:
‘Uh… O-okay.’ :fearful: ‘Ooo, wait… Yes! I am now complete, thank you, life, thank you!’ :grinning:
‘Aw, you’re welcome, little friend!’ :blush:

No? Not like that? :neutral_face:

(Thank you so much!)


No problem ! I honestly liked your writing and the overall concept of the game !

Also yeah I never realized before that I needed a comedic CoG game/rotten mango in order for my life to be complete ! :smiley:

Keep on keeping on , I feel like you have a real gem here !

Glad to hear it. It would utterly destroy me to think you play it over and over and cannot even stand it. :neutral_face:

Gem, you say? :blush: It shall be a small one, but small thing oft look precious, do they not? :grin:

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