An alternative superhero story. It’s 1969 and the bohemian inhabitants of Sweetwater are trapped in a war between psychedelic cult-leader Oscar Szorba and powerful business mogul Michael Freed. Until, that is, a strange new hero arises…

The player is a private detective eking out a living amongst the jumble of hippy communes and fading colonial grandeur that comprises Sweetwater, a town built centuries previously on a salt marsh by Spanish settlers intent on Christianising the local Chumash population, for whom the marsh was a sacred hunting ground. As the buildings gradually subside and crumble back into the ancient wetlands, powerful interests want to hasten the process so they can exploit the land for themselves.

The world is almost the same as ours, with the important difference that the timeline diverged slightly during World War II, when research by Japanese scientists revealed new ways of tinkering with genetic code. After the war, these scientists were brought to America and installed in secretive research facilities on the West Coast.

The story starts when you stumble across a by-product of this research and find yourself exposed to a mysterious serum labelled with the name of an animal. After this, you begin to experience strange side effects and gradually develop powers related to that animal. Using your new-found skills to protect the tight-knit community of outcasts and eccentrics around you, you’ll find yourself drawn into a conflict between a Mansonesque cult, gangs of bikers and the deep, deep pockets of the wolfish Michael Freed, head of Freed Industries.

Gradually, you become a folk hero and must cultivate your own legend, with guidance from your friends. But the problems really begin when other super-powered individuals enter the fray, this time in the employ of Freed Industries. In order to keep your community safe, you’ll need to investigate and battle your way to the root of all this evil, the shadowy Congress of Beasts.

Some “mood pics” that are currently rotating on my desktop as I write:


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Key features:

  • Let the story splice you up with the DNA of a random animal or choose your own.
  • 25 different animals (including 3 hidden ones)! See list below.
  • 8 ROs available to all players, including routes specifically tailored to ace/aro players.
  • Customise your superhero identity with help from an underground comics artist, a trained ballet dancer and an aging B-movie star. Design your costume, quips and gadgets.
  • Take a deep dive into 60s counterculture and embrace your freak self! Or don’t. Be as hip or square as you like and watch the story shift accordingly.
  • Free Love™.

Black Bear
Mountain Lion
Jumping Mouse
Horned Lizard
Snapping Turtle
Hidden Animal #1
Hidden Animal #2
Hidden Animal #3


My first impressions:


A Spiderman/woman/nb comic-book hero type of story

Looks to be set in the 1960’s counter-culture of Northern California

AmerIndian protagonist

Can’t wait to learn more.


Pretty much spot on! :wink:


Oh my! This sounds pretty good, even without a synopsis. Can’t wait! :smiley:


You mentioned Spider-Man. Shut up and take my money. :grin:

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Interest: piqued! :smile:


Too colorful to be a vampire novel, so I’m guessing mutants?


Bliss is a very colorful vampire movie. He is still very disturbing and horrific (but not scary).

But I agree, it must be about superposer and mutation.


Why do I feel like this is going to end up being similar to the origins of X-Men comics?


@derekmetaltron @HannahPS Thanks! I will try to live up to your faith in me! :slight_smile:

@Hazel @Lordlorac Do vampire bats count?

@MichaelCrank Although the superhero elements will be very different, there are definitely going to be some of those same 60s-era social issues that also informed the early X-Men comics. Especially as they seem to be increasingly relevant again.

NOTE: Full synopsis now added to original post!


No one will believe I put together my “first Impressions” just from your mood pictures. lol. …



Haha, I am hereby posting this comment with the express intent of assuring all later readers of this topic that @Eiwynn did indeed submit their aforementioned “first impressions” based on no further information than the mood pictures contained within the first post. (consults lawyer) Oh, I would furthermore like it noted that there was no element of entrapment in my decision to first post only pictures and then edit the post in a way which might make early commenters look crazy, and I take no responsibility for any loss of credibility that might be incurred as a result of my decision.



I was actually surprised you commented at all… 99% of the writers/developers I know would have just kept quiet until they wanted to make the big reveal. lol.

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I’m that oddball 1% that other writers and developers stop talking about when I come into the room. :smiley:

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I really like being bitten by vampire bat… For my character (not me).

Are you going to make a story where hiding the new identity is important or where learn to live with it is a focus (not the same thing).

I really loved the first Sam Raimy spiderman for that reason. Peter Parker learning to live with his new powers. It was fun and logic.


Yes, I’d like to make that one of the biggest areas of choice.

Firstly, you’ll have the decision to hide your powers or not. Like you, I love the secret identity trope of superhero stories and the tensions it creates but I’d also like the option to just be open about it. As a long-time Marvel reader, my favourite moment of the new movies (certainly my favourite digression from the comics) might have been at the end of the first Iron Man when Tony Stark just says “Okay, I’m Iron Man!”

Also, coming to terms with your powers will be a big thing as the animal side of your nature will compete with the human side as it grows in strength. So there’s a trade-off - the more powerful you are, the greater the risk of losing some of your humanity and control, with lots of the game’s choices tied to that dynamic.


I REALLY want to play the demo! I love the concept! (Can you get reptile based superpowers?)


I believe you, because I also witnessed it :3 (consults my imaginary lawyer) though I have no proof that I did because I didn’t comment anything when I first looked at this topic so my eye witness account is probably useless :cry:.


Heh … it is the peyote… everyone knows peyote smoking will be involved somehow in this game



I really like the concept.