Les Trois Eléments

I’ve actually been working on this, my first CoG story, for a while.
Coding is hard to get a hang of - I’m more messing around than anything else, but I’ve got four thousand solid words up - even with constant inturruptions and school(ugh!).
It’s based around three magical ‘Masters’ that are masters of one of the base elements - fire, wind, and water, being stupidly powerful mages… You play as Zerif, the Lord of Frost(water). The Emperor of Flames is framed by the King of Skies to be a traitor to the fragile balance between the three Masters, and Zerif goes off to hunt him. After a long fight, the EoF was defeated by the LoF, when the KoS swoops in and finishes off both of them, stealing their elemental ‘cores’, which are the source of their magic.
The story is around Zerif waking as a normal person who has a core the size of a Master’s core, but this was three years after the prior events; thus, the KoS already took over the ragtag society of mages with his newfound power.
So… Can someone please help with coding? Q.Q

hmmm sounds nice.

Hmm. Id love to see a demo, but I cant code to save my life.

Have a crack at coding it yourself, I promise you it’ll be much more satisfying. We’ve just compiled a wiki focused around choicescript that should make the process of learning to code a CS game a breeze. If you come across a more specific problem that the wiki can’t answer feel free to make a thread about it. But really, I urge you to at least try coding it yourself, so many have come before you - completely clueless - and they’re now well on their way to releasing a fully featured choice game off their own back.

Through much tinkering(one hour, which is a lot considering my limited time) I managed to get the stats on. =.=
I’m thinking of it consisting of:
Core Power
Muscle Memory

those dont sound to great maybe try more classical stats.

What on earth is muscle memory?

@Rolav It is repative action that trains the muscle. So you don’t have to think about the action the muscle remembers.

You have to remember that this guy used to be at the top of the world.
Muscle memory will be lost, since he’s in another body, as well as physcial and sheer magical power. I can probably change MM with reflexes. Memory would be how much of his old life he remembers.

So, in other words, you are dividing them into the memory that the brain has and the memory that the body has. This is kinda confusing. I mean, in reality, when people lose their memories, they forget the memories that their brains store, not the memories of their bodies. Well, unless Zerif somehow reincarnated within 3 years.

Well, MM would be gained by practice, not by the memories that they regain.
And this has a bunch of soul-magic stuff that I’m working on a stupidly long explaination for =P