As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently working on a CoG story called Elementals.
What I’m aiming to create with my story is 4 completely separate beginnings that shows each characters individuality.
Examples. Choose fire: Life as a store clerk. Choose Ice: Animal tamer. Choose Earth: Royal Asshole. Choose lightning: Master beast Hunter. No Elemental will have the same upbringing and none of them will experience thing in the same way as the others.
I’ve perfected (Or at least I think I have) my prologue of the story and am currently focusing on the writing how the life of Fire begins. Ice’s Life is partially planned out and Lightning has a lot of gaps.

If anyone is interested I will post my Prologue in this discussion for all to see and comment on. Then later I will post updates on my progress.


It sounds interesting, one question do each Elemental start with their power or is it caused by an event?

I ask because if they have it and know about it, or if there were born with the potential to use their element. I think it would be able to affect them even in a small way.

For example say your character was born with an affinty with the element Earth, they are not aware of it but it does have an affect. Subconciously they can move with little sound, they can hear disturbances in the earth and are able to track things through forests. In this example the Earth elemental could actually by the master hunter as there element would help them even if its just subtle things.

I’d be very interested in seeing how you’ve approached this as I went for something similar (completely different story setting though), with no fewer than nine different starting ‘Background’ choices. It’s made for a lot of extra work, both in the early narrative and in overall game balance (each one has very different attributes at the start), but overall I think the extra effort was worthwhile . . . Only time will tell. :slight_smile:

To answer your question “Nocturnal_Stillness”, I’m going for a point in an Elemental’s life between the ages of 13 and 22 years when their power first manifests through unexpected/natural discovery or by an event such as being attacked or protecting a number of people. As I mentioned earlier; “4 completely separate beginnings that shows each characters individuality.” Meaning that when and how their powers awaken be completely random, based on the choices that are made.

One thing I am setting in concrete is that each and every person has only their 1 respective element. Like an Elemental was born in Fire’s territory and moved to and grew up in Earth’s or Lightnings territories, their element would still be Fire.

I would also like to comment on how Impressed i am with your example, the reason for that is that I am going exactly for what you’ve described. Each Elemental will have their own little gimmicks and be able to use them in their own unique ways.

Here are a couple examples I may use: Earth, you’ve already described a couple good ones. Fire, able to increase their body temps and be undeterred by fire itself. Ice, Immunity to ailments induced by the cold and breathing underwater. Lightning, being able to move and think faster, sensing approaching storms and paralyzing with touch.

Still, I’m not going to be making Elementals to be a bunch of super beings, with all of their strengths, there will be weaknesses. Having said enough already, saying too much more will ruin the story before it’s begun.

Well it does certainly sound interesting, I was able to come up with a good example as I’d written a story about elementals before and had them use their powers in their daily lives, in the story a fire elemental could help a blacksmith by controlling the flames to create higher quality metal.

I shall be looking forward to your prologue :slight_smile:

I have an idea for ice like if their touch is so cold it can make someone kinda stop thinking straight like thier thoughts become random

But lightning or fire could counteract that like as u said fire heating their body temp or lightning kinda shocking themselves to bring them back to thier original thought

OK, here it is.
My Prologue, I’m pretty sure its ready but I may make a few small changes every now and then in the future. Feel free to comment, anything said would be helpful and just as a heads up, I will be adding the prologue to the game when it is ready :wink:

That is the name of the largest continent on the Earth, it also home to the strongest element wielders on Earth. During the time of the Ancients, use of the elements was recognized as magic. Of all the different magical uses, four were most recognized amongst magic: The four Elements; Fire, Water, Earth and Air. This was due to four large crystals that served as massive magical generators.

In those days only a select few were able to perform magic and were feared because of their capabilities, where as others were often sought because of the power they controlled so easily. Due to greed and the lust for the power of magic users and for the four crystals, many wars broke out resulting in the deaths of thousands, untill one day when all four of the crystals simply disappeared. It was believed that four beast gods were responsible, but no-one could find them nor could they ever prove it.

Shortly after the disappearance of the crystals, all forms of magic seemed to be dying. Air type magic was the first to fade away completely. Chanting magic spells became pointless gibberish and using special circles for spells turned into nothing but fancy drawings. In the many years that followed magic’s dissipation, it became nothing but a memory about times of war and death, then centuries later magic became nothing more than a fantasy. Then for some odd reason, the elements were beginning to react to the will of the people through sheer thought.

Ordinary people began manipulating fire, moving it through the air and walking into it emerging unharmed. Others were capable of walking on water or manipulating its temperature to boiling or freezing instantly. Some controled nature, shifting the earth beneath them from one point to another, controlling fields of crops allowing for good harvests and even moving the trees around the land. And there were some who commanded to power of lightning granting themselves superior speed capabilities and the power to erupt lightning from their fingertips.

Many were overjoyed at these new found powers and the four elements were once again recognized but as: Fire, Water, Earth and Lightning. At first the new powers that had emerged were celebrated throughout Remingar, but darkness reared its ugly face, the people began isolating others and themselves. Arguments over who and which of the elements were stronger, fighting broke out between friends and neighbors, hate was being spread and taught all throughout the continent of Remingar. As a result, Remingar was split into four different factions.

To the South West was the Realm Of Flames: A war ready nation with an army to be feared. To the North East were the Frozen Mountains: An influential nation with many of the best elementals known to Remingar. To the Northwest stood the Thundering Plains: A nation of trade and espionage, believed to be the nation responsible for the creation of the black market and smuggling. And in the South East lived the ReminGuardians: Protectors of Remingar’s beautiful lands and responsible for providing the majority of food and medical supplies across the four nations.

Sharing such a close connection to their opposing elements the four Realms were inches away from wreaking havoc upon each other, and so rallied in an attempt to create peace between each other by building a large castle at the centre of all the four Realms of Remingar. The land surrounding it served as a place of peace and diplomacy, sadly it was all for naught. Despite everyone’s best efforts the desire for war was to strong for man to resist. And so, fighting broke out and the castle of diplomacy was reduced to rubble, the land surrounding it used as a permanent battleground, stained with the blood of hundreds and over time, thousands.

As a result of all the bloodshed over the years the land surrounding the castle turned black symbolizing death. With every war that occurred near or on the blackened landscape, more and more of the lands surrounding it died, war after war raged on and on and the dead lands grew and grew until a large gap had been created between the four Realms. Finally separated completely from their opposing faction by land shrouded in death, the declaration of war became a rarity and things finally settled down between the four Realms.

Peace now exists throughout Remingar, but Humans are weak creatures and war, is such an easy thing to come by.

I love it! Can’t wait to play it :smiley:
Just one thing is to be careful it doesn’t turn to much out like ‘Avatar’ the animated kids programme (not the film)
But seriously love it and the way you didn’t state what each could do firmly, more subtly which is great :slight_smile:

Ok now I really want to play this game

Ok. I’m in need of help from everyone. Due to a number personal problems, progress has been severely bad. But I’m not giving up, which bring me to ask for your help with something. Naming certain characters.

I have most of the VIP character names set but still have a lot of gaps and holes, so I would like anyone to suggest some names you think would suit. creativity is appreciated.

Here are some characters in need of names.
For Fire: High Commander of the Fire Realm (Male), Fire Realm King, Demon of Fire (Male), Elemental trainer (Male), A training partner (Female), 4 Royal Family names (Related to Fire Realm King 2male/2female), And a fire related name for a city (1 needed).

For Ice: Village protectors (Male mostly, but female too), Village idiots (1 Male and Female), Master chief of the Realm (Surprise Me), Pirate captain (Again, Surprise Me), And a suitable name for a city.

For Earth: A list of various town names would be nice, A merchant, A number of various names (Boy and Girl).

And For Lightning: I need a name that fits a large winged being.

I know I’m asking a bit much, but anything to get me going again will be a big help.

Ok sorry I’m vague but I just going to give you a list of names from mythology astronomy and people I know which you might want to pick from.

.Aziza .Cadejo .Amari
.Balaur .Capa .Ameena
.Leo .Aquilae .Ebony
.Eridanus .Abraham .Eden
.Aalia .Addison .Eleanor
.Aarav .Phoenicis .Macy
.Baubas .Adelaide .Paul (sorry just thought I will give it a try)
.Scorpius .Chindi .Haaris
.Abdirahman .Ahlam .Hafsah
.Alfirk .Tauri .Hakim
.Bendigeidfran .Aleena .Cade
.Abir .Alessandro .Calvin
.Pegasi .Eachy .Carla
.Boggart .Alger .Carmen
.Crateris .Alpha .Falak

again sorry for the variety of them just didn’t know what kinda names you wanted if you want any more I’m sure I could try and come up with them.

Name for ice city could be cryo
Pirate captain could be Cicero or Cyrus
For the protectors how about calling them maybe probably not a good name but ice wraiths

random question is there any links to the start of Elementals on a different forum or are you not at the stage or have I been completely blind and its somewhere on this forum .

To answer your question “Paul”, I’m nowhere near the stage of uploading it yet. To be honest I’m still in the middle of writing one of the main paths for the Fire story. Plus I still need to put it into choicescript to which my understanding of how to use is still pretty basic. But as soon as i reach a good checkpoint I’ll post it immediately.

Oh, and “Paul”. I’ll be sure to use your name for one of the characters as a thank you for all the names you suggested.

Tartarus was the Greek version of Hell, and that’s all I can think of for a city name… :frowning: I suck.

thank you :slight_smile:

How about Incendia for the fire city?

Gaia, Terra for the earth city.

Also Raiga for lightning beast

were the link

Can’t wait ! >:D< :smiley: :smiley: :X 8-|