The Chaotic Element (WIP) (Short demo)


Hello there, The Chaotic Element is my first Choicescript game. I started working on it 5 days ago, also, this is going to be a 100% free game!

This is a story where 3 adventurers go on an epic quest to find the Cataclysm Rapier, a Legendary Sword that has the power to kill anyone while protecting the user. Using that artifact, they must defeat Oforath, the evil emperor of Emain.

But this is also a story about a chaotic being, created by a Dark Wizard, who mixed the soul of a human with the soul of a mythical creature, the last of its kind.

Warning: Some branches (Chaotic Evil) may become dark and mildly violent.

Not recommended for kids under the age of 13.

I won’t say anything else, don’t want to spoil the story, go on, take a look at the demo.

This demo is the character creation mini chapter, so feel free to mess around with it.

There are 3 main “endings” here, they are basically a way of choosing who the MC grew up with.

Planned features:

-12 different endings
-The choice to help the good guys, the bad guys, or just go rogue and take over the world!
-Achievements! Many, many achievements.
-Secret “Combo options” that use more than one ability branch.
-Side Quests!
-Bounty System! (Kinda like Skyrim)
-Side Story with 3 adventurers trying to find the Cataclysm Rapier, a legendary sword with the power to kill anyone while protecting the user, to the save the kingdom from Oforath, the big bad emperor!
-The choice to mess with these adventurers, you could even take the Cataclysm Rapier for yourself!
-6 Chapters of pure chaos!
->Chapter 1: The beggining of the end? - This is the first chapter, the introducton. Don’t worry, you just need to survive.
->Chapter 2: Meeting the adventurers! - This is the chapter where you meet the 3 adventurers who are trying to find the Cataclysm Rapier.
->Chapter 3: Trouble in the village! - This is the chapter where you start spreading chaos and confusion through the villages of Emain. Also, more adventures!
->Chapter 4: Hero, Villain or Kitsune? - This is the chapter where you and/or the adventurers find the sword.
->Chapter 5: The Final Showdown! - This is the last chapter, will you help the adventurers? Will you side with the forces of evil? Or maybe none of them?
->Chapter 6: Is this the end? Nope! - Bonus chapter! You will unlock the power to travel to the future and spread chaos in a modern setting!

Known bugs:

-Sometimes, you end up having no abilities, and sometimes you end up having 2 of them, still trying to fix it.

The Chaotic Element - 8656 Words

Feel free to write suggestions about the intro or the story itself, I am probably going to rewrite this whole thing before releasing the final version, so why not change/add some features?

Edit: Here is some information about ability levels.

Each “branch” has 4 power levels (Basic, Advanced, Master and Overload), each chapter from 1 to 4 will give you 2 AP (ability points)

You will be able to max out 1 ability (There is a level cap at chapter 2 to stop people from getting a level 4 ability too soon). This level 4 ability will be really overpowered, almost godlike, so choose wisely

A level 4 ability has a much higher chance of having a good outcome than a level 1 ability. If you use a level 1 ability when it is possible to use a better one, it most likely will fail, sometimes getting you killed.

Closed Poll: Meaningful choices?

LOL, but i liked it even if it was short. Have to say, I like demons foxes and can’t wait to see more.

Question, why couldn’t I shape shift into a human child to talk to the girl?


Well, you need to be a level 2 shapeshifter to be able to do that :wink:

The next demo will give you an extra “ability point” to upgrade it.

There are 4 different branches to choose from, and each of them has 4 levels of power, so, some choices may have up to 17 options to choose from. 16 ability based options and 1 panic button


you don’t die there in option hell :smiley: I usually when write make many and then I’m to lazy to write for them all consequence.

Goood luck!


I said “up to 17 options”, not “17 options”, It would probably take forever to write all that stuff xD

But anyway, I am currently spending from 2 to 8 hours a day writing/coding, so it shouldn’t take too long.


Really good job with the demo maybe this is a part of it but when I tried again to play and I picked a new ability not the same one (last time I picked shape shifting) in my next play through I picked illusion but it didn’t give me the option to use my ability, still on my previous ability for some reason it’s a glitch I suppose keep up the good work


First of all, thanks for playing the demo.

And yes, I am aware of that bug, refreshing the page should solve it for now.

God dammit, those sneaky bugs always get in the way of progress!


I like using a kitsune it reminds me of choice of ninjas if you played it you know what I mean. And keep up the good work if you need advice on coding or “auto save system” talk to jimD or other authors


Yeah, I am probably going to need some kind of save system once this project starts getting too big, thanks for the advice!


@ballmot Hey, liking your storyline and your writing style. Quite comedic. The merging of the hunan child and the nine tales reminds me a bit of Naruto, LOVE that anime. Also, achievements! Awesome :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, can’t wait for more :ok_hand:


Love it so fair and really like the humor. Not to sure were the story is going, but will enjoy the journey. :cookie:


Don’t worry, it is very unlikely that I would give up on this project after you guys showed so much support!


Interesting game that not only break that fourth wall but knocks it down completely. :wink:

Like your humour and the game so far.

Oh, one thing, though. I am not a ‘Mr Player’, so perhaps make that a generic ‘Player’ instead (for simplicity)?


I guess that does sound better, going to change it and fix some typos in the next patch, thanks for the feedback.


i will give my support too,sound pretty good and this " -The choice to mess with these adventurers, you could even take the Cataclysm Rapier for yourself! " sounds nice :smile:

can you explain the Bounty System!



The bounty system is pretty simple actually.

If you reveal yourself or break the law in a village, the mayor will offer money for your head. And then if you walk around in your human form, traders and villagers are going to say something like this:
Wait a minute… I think I know you…
(A few choices to talk your way out of this)
You are the kitsune from that wanted poster!

After that you could use an ability to frame him (Getting rewarded for “capturing yourself!”), or you could just take some items from from his shop and run away. One of the options could be:

_#Use your shapeshifting to turn yourself into a older version of him!

I must tell you the truth, I am actually you, but I come from the future, you are not human! I came here to deliver you a dire warning, that (insert random item from his shop) is cursed! You must give it to me before the curse falls upon you!

(You would get a free item and walk away, leaving a shocked trader behind.)


ive finished the demo and is pretty good, the only thing i dont like is this

"Who are you talking to?

I am talking to the player. "

the interaction of writer,character and us player as you say is just weird, i prefer to control the mc as if i were him like any other cog game :wink:


That kind of direct interaction will only happen in this character creation mini chapter, I don’t want to overdo it.

(Actually… I might add an option in the introduction to choose if you want to break the fourth wall or not, if enough people ask for it. Just like what I did for romance :smirk:)


well, sorry to be too picky but i really will like that option xD
(it kinda remember me a bit of a vn about jinyou , youkais and kitsunes)


I enjoyed the demo and look forward to more.