Tainted : The Revolution [WIP, UPDATED 6/9]


Hey there folks, it’s Silhuetta; just another member that has been lurking around CoG forums- or at least did, until today. I’ll save you the long story and just cut to the chase: I’ve made(started) a new game, titled “The Tainted.”

After decades of nuclear war, many nations were wiped off the face of the Earth. Cities destroyed. Empires toppled. Yet, in the face of all of the chaos the besieges them, those that remain are still desperate to come out on top.

With their resources quickly depleting, what was the first thing they turned to?

Their citizens. Normal everyday people, trying to live normal everyday lives.

Thousands of lower class citizens were herded like sheep in a pasture and tested on. Those that made it were faster, stronger and smarter.

It’s now 2126, 100 years after the “Ashen War”. The descendants of those who were tested on now have no purpose, no meaning. And they are treated as such.

An unknown stranger is dropped in the middle of this tension and hostility. They know nothing- not their name, where they came from, or what happened to them.

Bent on a mission to discover their past, the stranger will uncover secrets hat should have never seen the light of day.

In their hands lies the fate of a torn city.


  • Detailed feedback. Things that you liked or didn’t like. I appreciate positive comments, but if I don’t know if and when I’m doing something wrong, it will take a lot longer for the story to progress.


  • Diverse range of NPC’s.
  • Detailed explanation of the world which your MC is in
  • Your pick of weapons
  • Get ready to be in the company of friendly murderers
  • Gather information about the MC’s past, and the ability to look back on the information that the MC gathers(otherwise known as a Codex)
  • Choose the fate of the city


As of 6/11 : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/243030709/Tainted-%20The%20Revolution/web/mygame/index.html


While it does seem interesting, I didn’t get to play very far.

I got this error after choosing female:

It seems like you tried to *create somewhere outside the startup.txt. I know sometimes this error can be had when you *create after you put achievements down or too close to any game text in the startup.txt.


Hrm, that’s strange. I play tested it several times, and didn’t come across that error. Anyways, I’ll get to it as soon as I can.


I chose the “punish the scientist for screwing up” option and got the following error:

Prologue line 286: bad label endofprolouge

Does that just mean I reached the end of what you’ve written, or did something go wrong?


Seems interesting. I got the same error when I tried to play as a girl.


@Giratina, yep, it’s the end of the scene. I just forgot to put *finish at the end.

@FoxalypticWorld & @Shawnheatherly, I think I found the problem: I put *create under a choice option.


I also encountered the error when playing as a girl, and several other options displayed similar errors. Off the top of my head I remember the ability to control your body heat, killing, and punishing the scientist being bugged.

That being said, this is a very interesting start to a story. While there are a few bumps in the programming, and the prologue itself is quite short, the writing is excellent and the story is engaging. I eagerly await more.


Got an error as well which was http://i.imgur.com/YJJWhzD.png

What I did was the following: he doing?">stunted>always knowing what’s wrong>The boy will be extremely clever>charmer


Yeah. I came across the same error messages as other people have done here. However, I have to say that what you have written so far is engaging and well written. I will definitely keep an eye on this.


@Durxa I’m a writer at heart, so programming is still… a work in progress. I’ve been teaching myself how to code; hopefully, my errors will wane as my skill increases.

I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoy the story so far! It probably won’t be long for me to finish Chapter one.

@addicted & @Blazerules I will make sure to fix these errors once I’m in the vicinity of my laptop, glad you liked it!


I figured it was something along those lines, and I’ve got to agree with you. While the coding is a bit wonky, your clear skill as an author shines through. After all, as you said as your skill with the coding increases the errors will become rarer and rarer.


Alright guys, new link is up. All the problems mentioned beforehand were taken care of.

Should any more issues arise, please don’t hesitate to tell me!



What an exciting prologue! I love the fact that our MC has these challenges right from the start, which I think adds quite a lot of complexity on how they will interact with the world. In the future, will the narrative be altered according to the challenge of our MC (especially blind MC)?

A blind MC with photographic memory will be quite the unusual combination. :wink:


@H2O Yes, the story will accomadate the MC’s needs. For example; if he/she is blind or mute, they will learn sign language. Choosing to be blind is quite an interesting twist; to which I’ve made a different way to “see” things.

Glad you liked it!


I’m interested in how the character possibly being deaf, blind or mute would effect the game. Since you know if they can’t see the world then it would be described in a different way. If they cant hear what people say (and other sounds ofc) then dialogue will basically be useless for them. While being mute has possible issues for dialogue options.

So yeah it will be very interesting to see how the game will be handled.


I would like to see what happens to a charismatic and mute person


Honestly, mute is the most challenging for me. I’ve thought about them “speaking” sign language, writing on a piece of paper, or having telepathy.

And, while I do think telepathy would be loads of fun, I think I might go with the sign-language one.

And as far as being deaf goes, I think I might implement “reading lips”. But that, of course, would require the MC to look at the person who is speaking while they’re talking.

Yeah…this is gonna be interesting.


I’m a dwarf with lightning fast reflexes. Fear me!


@Beezlebub That is truly a force to be reckoned with.


I also have another character who’s mute, has total recall and is a genius. He’ll be my lonely intellectual character.