Trust Issues (working title) (WIP)


Hi guys. Here’s how we’re going to do it. First part of this post will be an introduction which you don’t have to read. Second part is about the game. So if you want to get right to it, feel free.

It’s been a very long time since my last post on these forums (January 2013 :slight_smile: ). Although I haven’t been active I played every game that was released since then and occasionally stopped here and played your demos. I must say, I’m quite impressed by some.
I had some stuff to sort out in my personal life so I took a break from writing. However, in the last few months I’ve been actively working on a full 3D sci-fi RPG based on Unreal Engine 4 that is going to hit Kickstarter in the September/October. Why am I telling you this on a COG forums? Well, we want interactive ChoiceScript story as a part of our Kickstarter campaign. It’s going to be free of charge and available to everyone. Since our Kickstarter demo will probably be Multiplayer-only, this story’s part will be to show our writing capabilities.

About Game:

Short version of lore:
Humanity is currently occupying three major planets. These are: Earth, Corpentia and Preatoria.
Corporations on Earth had completely outgrown the weak World’s Senate and started to rule instead. They formed Board which consists of 13 major corporations. Most notable are Cohle Inc. (chairman) and EdenX (main focus: Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence). Corpentia and Preatoria have also been ruled by corporations in the past but their destiny is different than Earth’s. Earth’s main focus is trade.
Corpentia, while still corporate planet, resembles monarchy more and more. Major shareholders of the biggest corporations are starting to act like aristocrats of the old. Corpentia’s mainly focus is science.
Preatoria have been in a war with Corpentia in the past and lost (Earth has been selling weapons to both sides and earned billions in profit). That lead to major economical issues on Preatoria and consequently to the “People’s Revolution” where the major share-holders of the corporations have been defenestrated. Citizens afterwards formed the “Party” and renamed Preatoria and its territory to Preatorian Union (PU). Preatoria has the biggest mining facilities in the universe so the other two planets have to trade with them to survive.
As an answer to the revolution, Earth and Corpentia formed Confederation of Free Planets (CFP).
In the past few years, situation between CFP and PU have been ascalating. Their biggest flotillas are stationed close to the borders (only few thousands kilometers apart) and a little spark can trigger something that may be the most devastating war in the history.
And here starts our story.

Your character will be preset. I’m sorry for that but the same character will be the main character of our 3D game so I don’t really have an option here. Also, no stats in this game. You will have to choose the smartest options in order to have “good” ending. No intelligence stat here to save you. You have to use your own.

You are Remedy Carter. You are an employee of the Earth-based corporation EdenX and part of its elite team called RetrieverS. Who are RetrieverS? They are everything their employers want them to be. Corporate spies. Best of the best. Infiltration and combat specialists.
From time to time your corporation “lends” you for some official Earth bussiness. And that is the case in our story. Earth’s informant on Corpentia have some very disturbing news. He apparently have some documents that prove Corpentia’s plans to betray Earth and join sides with Preatorian Union. This seems highly unlikely but it needs to be investigated. You are sent to Corpentia disguised as a diplomat. But you better tread carefully, one wrong step and Earth may lost its only ally.

Demo will be posted in a week or so. I’d like to know your opinions about lore and story. Also, If you have some questions, feel free to ask.


You know this has made me wonder, what would a corporation strive for when there was no government creating and backing the currency they so desire, and promoting innovation for reasons other than quarterly earnings reports… I just watched something with Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert where the former brought up a good point. Corporations have no motivation to explore space. No one has done it before, it’s dangerous, and it’s an extremely long term investment. I think there was a fourth thing, but I can’t remember it exactly. But basically, from a purely short term economic standpoint that drives all corporate decision making, space exploration is pure madness.


It seems very unique also add romance to it and game. Looking forward to seeing it also don’t lose focus as these type of projects start up and then die.


@Shoelip - Well, there is a “government” - Board, which consists of 13 owners of major corporations. I guess we could say that Earth is governed by oligarchy. Most of the space exploration happened before their rule. And these people are motivated by different things. Yes, most of them only want to profit but some of them are “visionaries” who want to see scientific development (EdenX).

@StarWarsMaster thanks. I don’t know about romance there isn’t much place for it. It’s not going to be very big game 20-30k words max. I’d like to make it bigger but my main focus during the summer have to be the 3D game :slight_smile:


Well shallow fan service often can serve as a replacement for romance. :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds really good


How will this game be related to the “main” 3D game, will it be the prestory, a sidequest or something else?
And if I play it, will I get any codes for the main game?


@WulfyK - it´s MC’s last mission before the events of the “main” game.
No codes planned right now (but this may change - We’re open to suggestions). However, this game may serve as a window to Corpentia’s society. Main game will have different setting. So you have a chance to get to know our universe better than the players that will play the main story only.


@ViliamFiedler will we see a demo soon?


@Boman19 I’m currently finishing up finals at my Uni so I don’t have much time but it’s gonna be out sooner rather than later. During the next week most probably.


So it’s ‘Paranoia: In Space.’ Seems like it’s gonna be pretty cool. I’ll be ready for your demo when you release it.