Are We Titans (WIP)

Hello everyone! I’m new here (this is my first post!), and I’m super excited to share some details on my project. I’ve had this idea for awhile now and have been working with the ChoiceScript code for about a month. The premise is below, let me know what you think!

You are an AI robot with a damaged memory core, alone in the abandoned ruins of a colony on the planet Caelus Nova. You meet a human; an explorer seeking answers to the colony’s sudden and mysterious demise. She and her team have traveled from the neighboring planet Nova Gaia in the hopes that learning what happened to the colony will help save their own. They seek the terraformers, the life-giving skyscrapers that once stabilized the planet’s atmosphere. Your part in their search is yours to decide - will you aid them or lead them astray? Do you trust them, and perhaps more importantly, do they trust you?

The main focus of this game will be on your interaction with the other characters. Build their trust just to betray it, actively try to sabotage them, or genuinely try to help - those are all valid paths to pursue. Trusted or not, you may even find yourself on a journey far from home. How much of the truth will you learn, and how much do you even want to learn? That’s what I have for now. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading!


Seems like a good idea. The premise sounds cool! :ok_hand:Look forward to it! Hoping for the best!

The premise is alluringly unique, I would like to see this project comes to fruition.

Though if you ask me, an AI with a damaged memory core alone in an abandoned colony got ‘suspicious’ written all over it.

I hear you. My goal is to subvert the stereotype, although it’s left up to the player whether they want to go the suspicious robot route or try something else.

There won’t be romance in it cause the al won’t be able to

Sounds an interesting idea, though I think you want to give the robot reasons to mistrust the humans (or some of them anyway) as much as they might mistrust you. I think having a shady aside who works for ‘the company’ would be ideal.

Love the idea! Are you thinking about some of the team dying in “accidents” and the other team members blaming the robot , with or without good reason :stuck_out_tongue:, for it? I can imagine lots of tension with that type of situation haha. Looking forward to seeing the game!

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Having a robotic main character sounds like a really interesting idea for a game! There’s so much you can do with them since essential they are only programmed to feel artificial emotion, so what they feel and experience would be very different from a human. They could either become a really emotional being and almost start to see themselves as human, or they could reject all their emotions as “malfunctions” and strive to be as emotionless as possible. Romance in a game like this could be a very interesting subject to tackle. :blush:


Might as well give the player an achievement for it, “Love? Love does not compute.”

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Expanding on that will the mc have a human body that passes the uncanny valley, or at least would have done so before we were damaged, to go with those “artificial” emotions or do we have a more traditional robot (or killbot) frame as opposed to a perfect android one? Or is this one of the things we get to choose during character creation,

Also reminds me of the Myrmidon again. :cry:
Of course our “robot’s” emotions can be so perfect that they’d be indistinguishable from “real” human ones, although, like any human, the mc’s attitude towards them would be their own, particularly if the damaged memory core wiped out any programming to the contrary (sexbot, cough, cough).
As for mistrust of the humans expect my mc to fight reinstatement of predatory (killbot) and/or subservient (sexbot) programming, certainly.


Playing as an AI sounds quite fun.

I’m going with a traditional robot body for now, but still moderately capable of having the artificial emotions you speak of (if you choose to feel that way at all). Customizing appearance is possible, but maybe not to the extent of looking like an android, as I feel the other characters would react differently to a robot vs. android appearance so it wouldn’t be a simple swapping of appearance descriptions. If it looks more worthwhile I’d be open to it, but for now I’m focusing on a smaller scope.

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I think that either is good. I mean if the goal is to build trust, both being a robot that they think can be programmed to betray them or an android which as a will and can pass off as one of them of their own would explain their attitude with the mc.

Which would make me more afraid and distrusting of the android who broke their programming constraints really, just because they could pass easily. Of course how important the body of any given robot or AI is also depends upon whether AI are primarily considered to be software or hardware in this universe. If software then the body becomes an (easily) discardable tool of convenience, even if they’re primarily hardware it may still be relatively easy to change the body built around that.

Otherboard is that you?

I think this is a great idea! I especially love the planets and advanced tech. Please tell me we get to space travel a bit. Space and robots are the best.

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