Choice of Robots: Your robots will change the world, but at what cost?

We’re proud to announce that Choice of Robots, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

The robots you design will change the world! Will you show them the true meaning of love, or conquer Alaska with your robot army?

Choice of Robots is an epic 300,000-word interactive sci-fi novel by Kevin Gold, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Play out thirty years of your life as a brilliant robot maker, from graduate school near the present day to a future in which your robots have changed everything. Depending on your choices, your robots may be independent or obedient, clumsy or graceful, empathic or cold … and you yourself may live to an old age happily married or alone with only robots to comfort you.

Play as male or female, gay or straight, with nine characters to romance, four alternate climax chapters, and over seventy achievements to unlock.

  • Build a unique robot character–you choose everything from its shape to what it calls you
  • Instigate or prevent a robotic uprising
  • Teach your robots to love humanity, or disdain it
  • Build an artificial intelligence suitable to take control of the world’s governments
  • Start a war against the United States, and win
  • Marry a human or an advanced robot, and start a family

We need your support to continue delivering our games on Steam. Our goal is to release our entire catalog of interactive novels on Steam. Based on the performance of Choice of the Deathless, Thieves’ Gambit: Curse of the Black Cat, and Mecha Ace, Valve has allowed us to ship Choice of Robots plus one additional game TBD. We’ll need to continue to deliver outstanding results to prove that interactive fiction can be successful on Steam.

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Recommends clicked. Steam download commencing. I think I will buy all my COG games from steam from now on. It’s nice that you can get all the achievements because they aren’t wiped out when you close the game. Especially when there are 72…


This game sounds fun, and I’m rooting for you guys to reach your goal. I love getting these games on Steam.

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Is it going to be released on the google chrome store?

Just bought the game on steam based on the free trial. I highly recommend everyone to do likewise!

The writing is immersive and great. I had to find how it ended as I got attached to my robot companion.

At this point, we generally prefer desktop PC buyers to buy the game on Steam, but the game is available on the Google Chrome Web Store as well.

@Dfabulich That’s weird that it wasn’t coming up on my searches, nor was it showing up on the choice of games page.

Firstly, I can’t read the code on Steam, which is part of the fun of the games for me.

Also Steam works out as significantly more expensive to purchase the game. The game’s £1.89 on the Google Chrome store. It’s £1.92 on the google play store (as well as Choice of Games webstore). It’s £2.35 on Steam. That’s a 46p difference. Which I know is a tiny amount to some people, but it’s not for me.

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I sometimes can’t find the games on Chrome store without changing my location to USA.

This is another one I beta tested, and I barely got through one run because it is huuuuge. It has amazing replay value and it branches sharply pretty early on. Highly recommended, it’s tons of fun and written with great expertise on the subject material.

It’s a good game, nice idea, nicely written and I like how it touches on the sort of sci-fi elements I find fascinating.

It left me feeling melancholy though, just about everybody I knew ended up dead.

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Is there going to be a board to report errors? The beta one was closed, but I have found a fair few continuity problems that might warrant a look.

EDIT: Spoilers below the jump. As per my review, it’s a good game, but also has the potential to be very sad. Still recommend it though.

Pretty good. Also incredibly depressing. I was half expecting a suicide option for my MC by the end. She dedicated her life and love to her robot, promoted peace and ultimately failed with China invading, went bankrupt and lost everything to the point where she couldn’t even repair her precious robots when they got jumped in the park. She ultimately had everyone leave her in the end or betray her trust. And when she finally opened her heart to her companion bot and asks him to take care of the most precious thing in the world to her (the original bot), he straight up sprints off into the alaskan wilds and abandons her. The dream she had at the beginning was completely, totally destroyed.

I mean, damn. I kind of want to give it another go but that was way too sad. Maybe after a week when it’s settled in, haha. Still a fun game.

Also curious, anyone know who the final romance option was? For relationships I had Prof. Ziegler, Eiji, Josh, Mark, Juliet, Silas, [???] and Ico (my companion bot). Who’s the ninth option if they aren’t even on the relationship list? Your original robot (provided Prof. Ziegler was a romance option lmfao)? And who was the [???]

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There seems to be a nasty bug on the iOS version: neither restarting nor finishing the game erases the stats (like Autonomy, Military, etc.). When the next game is started, the stats are set just as they were in the previous game. I can consistently reproduce this on my iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1.2.

Not sure if this is the best place to report the bug, but I am not aware of any error reporting board or something similar.

EDIT: after reinstalling the game, I can no longer reproduce the issue.

Definitely buying this on steam (first game from COG I’ve bought from steam, but eh)


Ah! I sort of just bumbled around. I failed to get into any sort of romantic relationship, which was a bit odd since it’s not like I didn’t try. My companion seemed very interested in me, and stuck around, but I was all with the “no, not interested.” My father died, Josh died, Mark ended up in prison, Eiji just vanished, and I never really interacted with anyone else that much. I actually had few issues with money, until I decided to give a huge chunk of it to charity, and then use a smaller chunk of it to upgrade my first robot. Even after doing that though I did have enough to repair one of the robots.

It’s the sort of game that’s calling out to be replayed.

Of the nine characters that can be romanced? I think you’re lacking the President on your list. Also there’s one character that doubles up, you can either meet Eiji or Elly. Does that give us 9?

Email support with screenshots.

So, many, references!

Touching tale, don’t know if I could bring myself to playing it again though, but… it felt good.

Edit @Bootsykk your play through is like a robotic Coen Brothers film or something. Wow!

Ahh, you’re right, I forgot about Elly. But still, the president? Didn’t see that one coming, I don’t think I even met him/her. I’ll have to give it another go and see if I can find them this time around.

Definitely agree on the replaying part though, looking at some of these achievements boggle my mind. Getting a robotic arm? Saving the president in the white house? Leading a rebellion in alaska??? I never saw anything even close to these things. It’s neat.

edit @Zanite yeah haha, that’s pretty accurate. I kind of like how poetically it fit together in the end but for a choiceof game I was like “oh man, I really messed up”

That’s interesting; I saw it once or twice also in my testing. Reinstalling does seem to totally fix it. I’ll see if I can fix it in a future release.

According to the Google Play Store, there are in-app purchases. Can someone confirm or deny please?

@DaveDPF I think I can safely deny, I was never greeted with one.