Champion of the Gods: Will you serve the gods or overthrow them?

We’re proud to announce that Champion of the Gods, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 40% off until July 24th.

In the battle to save your people, will you defy the gods? In an ancient world where myth is reality and fate is relentless, your destiny will lead you to secrets no mortal should ever know.

“Champion of the Gods” is a thrilling 217,000-word interactive novel by Jonathan Valuckas, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

As you fight your way through a harsh landscape inspired by Greek myth, you’ll challenge monsters, soldiers, and even gods. Win allies with your humility, your haughtiness, or your powers of deception. Enjoy gifts from the gods, or refuse them all and face the consequences.

Will you earn favor from the goddess of love, or make the god of war your protector? Can you escape a watery death without divine intervention? And when you finally learn the truth of your destiny, will you overthrow the ones who made you, or will you become the Champion of the Gods?

  • Explore a rich world inspired by the ancient myths.
  • Use divine gifts to embolden your allies, and control your enemies.
  • Peer into the future, the far distance, or the hearts of your foes with second sight.
  • Receive a horoscope tailored to your character’s unique personality.
  • Delve into romances, or play the game without them–the choice is yours.
  • Play as male or female; straight, gay, or bi.

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I think you need to do a minor fix on the link. When I try t purchase it directly from the Choice of Games site, the link instead sends me to the Steam store version.

That’s intentional this time. We’re asking people to buy the Steam version rather than buying on our website. Increasing our Steam sales will help us ship more games on Steam.

If you’re unable/unwilling to buy the game on Steam, you can also buy on the Chrome Web Store, or email us at and we’ll figure something out!

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This game was released today? I had got some money for android games and got it, I had no idea it was this new.

Still have to finish my game, I think I’m about halfway trough, and I really loved the story! The slow walk from childhood to adulthood is particularly charming.

This game is really good! I would recommend it to many gamers and new choice of games players. The story is great and the writing just teleports the reader in to the game’s atmosphere in an alluring and charming way. This game is a definite 4/5 in my book.

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Is it just me or did Nourala and Kiana switch identities? Nourala was the lieutenant who found me in the pass. Kiana introduced herself as lieutenant and Princess. After the battle Kiana is General trying to marry the Princess Nourala. That’s a bit sloppy.

Ummm… no in my playthrough the game told me that Nourala was the princess and Kiana was the lieutenant who found me in the pass. They never were mixed up like their identities never switched in my playthrough of the game at least.

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Maybe I got confused. I’ll have to wait and see after I finish my first play through.

Has anyone managed to kill the weavers?I just can’t kill the blasted things.Stupid mind controlling gods…


I was the one confused. Sorry about that.

As for killing the Weavers, maybe you can do it by making the gods believe you are loyal so they don’t feel the need to mind control you. I know I saw an achievement for fooling the gods like that.

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yeah if the gods think your a good little puppet they dont give you that mind control trinket,though i did find it kinda odd that i can go the whole game hating the gods and refusing all their gifts but i couldnt refuse or even question it when they give me that mind control crap

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also if you fall in love with the person that saves your brother the gods tell you to break it off cause they are meant for someone else,has anyone found a way to do it?(i think i found one but its pretty dark and all around kinda messed up, IMO)

Please tell me your way.

if u try to talk down pops when hes gone crazy he kill them before he snaps out of it then i brought them back to life at the end of the story, though they seem a bit tramitized by what they saw when they were dead

they die before the god tell you to brake it off,and they stay that way the rest off the story till the very end,thats the best i have managed in this regard
(if the gods stick their noses in your business again it happens off camera so to speak)

So is there no way at all to keep Chara as a love interest? I would really like to keep her as my love interest, but I can’t seem to find a way to keep her.

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Maybe you have to destroy destiny so she doesn’t have to be with that other guy

I got silken cord but didn’t give me achievement for it

How do I get the patronage of kreia if I even spelled her name right :joy:

Unfortunately, you can’t. You can only get the Goddess/God of Love, or Goddess/God of War.

Heh, though when I first met the gods, I did pick Kreia, Goddess of the Hunt as well.

Damnit. Thanks anyway :smiley: