Champion of the Gods


It looks like it’s released on Steam, but no where else? Might just have to wait a moment for everywhere.


It’s out on the AppStore too.


Weird, it’s not even on the CoG Steam Curator list.


it’s out for amazon kindle too now


To regards to the spoiler question. Yes, I was able to accomplish this task. I am unsure of the exact criteria thought.


I asked about why the link sent it to Steam on the main thread here instead of the CoG site:
Champion of the Gods: Will you serve the gods or overthrow them?,

And this was the answer:


That’s intentional this time. We’re asking people to buy the Steam version rather than buying on our website. Increasing our Steam sales will help us ship more games on Steam.

If you’re unable/unwilling to buy the game on Steam, you can also buy on the Chrome Web Store, or email us at and we’ll figure something out!<


Remember, if you buy it on any other platform and email me the receipt, I’ll credit your webstore account with the purchase.

So if you want it on the webstore, just buy it on Steam and send me the receipt.


I found a bug.

At the end, when choosing to be with Kiana, I got the following paragraph:

The next day, you find the S!{reign} in the throne room. They are awaiting the moment when Ligelus’s sun rises to its highest point, and the ritual of matrimony can begin anew.


I thought that was fixed in 1.0.1.

It is fixed on the other platforms, just not on iOS I guess.

It’ll be in the next patch.


So I played this annnnd I sucked! gods kept having to step in to save my sorry ass so I’m going to redo and play a bit more tactically. It’s a well made game though it’s making me think a bit!


I think there’s certain interventions you can’t avoid.


I’m playing through it. I don’t know why two separate games came out. Yet this one was selected to go on steam store and the other one was not. The other story was written well. I haven’t played that one out in detail. It looks interesting.

I haven’t played this story out. I’m on my first play through so far this game promises choices based on that different outcomes of the story. I’m not a hundred percent certain this is true. I selected to have super speed. I ended up getting caught in one situation, because I didn’t have the speed.

I selected the speed after doing a quick restart and the text said the same thing. I’m not sure how much choices have an impact. I’ll have re-play the story and pick different outcomes. So far I like it. It’s well written. It has romance, a well written story. Not really any flaws with this game.

I been playing it for a few hours so its great on length. I like being able to mold my own personality, selecting my choices. In the other game, my stats went up based on what I decided. In this one, there were no stats. So good game so far.


The other game released today, Samurai of Hyuga, is a Hosted Game. It’ lack of a Steam release isn’t anything to do with quality, it’s just because it’s a Hosted Game. Choice of Games are really limited in the number of games they can upload to Steam, as such they’re prioritising the official games first (and not even all of the official games get a release).


I’ve had the same problem at points where I feel like I pick the “right” option for my build and then end up failing. It seems like making wrong choices (which give stat boosts) gave me the best stat set by the end but also gave me “too many” divine intervention points.


I see. I was just curious about it. The other game provided stats. (Something I really like when playing a game) for example strength or dex has increased. That was something I found lacking in the current game I am playing.

I just find it a little odd both games came out nearly at the same time. One game was uploaded to steam while the other one wasn’t. I would have loved to play both games on steam for the achievements.


I personally love this game. I’ve only played through it once so far but in my opinion it definitely has to be in the top 10 best released games on here for sure.

My final stats:

You reached the end of your pathway!

Your final Victory rating is 100.

Your final Certitude rating is 135.

You accumulated 60 points of Divine Intervention.

Your final horoscope was: Sign of the Owl

You are ruled by logic, and extremely confident; having all the facts allows you to protect that which you value most, and those you hold dear.


Does that include the first pitched battle, with the thieves and their enchanted armour?


At the end how do I resist Merena’s band so that I may destroy destiny?


I enjoyed this game, particularly because of its strong mythological roots and vaguely Greco-Roman flavour. The characters weren’t especially deep but they were interesting, and a few even held some nice surprises. Some of the game-play mechanics later in the story were fun and made me think a bit, particularly when I was suddenly thrown into playing the part of a supporting character. It made sense in context, but he was so different to my MC that I really had to think.

I also liked that there was a lot of variation with the MC, not just in terms of normal base stats like strength, but also in terms of personality, and even attitude towards the universe. I gave it a go as a nice, docile, complaint little Champion, and I won, or at least successfully completed all the challenges till the very end. Then I lost spectacularly, and all my compliance fell by the wayside. Such a shame! I can definitely see it being worth a few more play-throughs. I’m very curious about some of the other roots, and the world is worth exploring a bit more.

I also quite liked that successfully meeting the challenges didn’t mean that things were all wine and roses afterwards. Particularly the scene with the MC’s da…rather terrible, and definitely a challenge for my pious character, but it made the story seem more real. My best efforts sometimes just didn’t really solve anything.

I’m also delighted that in spite of my (literally) epic failure, the ending was still intriguing and not strictly doom and gloom. That’s much more fun than a simple ‘sorry, you’ve failed, try again next time it rains’ sort of scenario.


The game is very good, I enjoyed it allot. It reminds me of Hercules.

A question regarding steam, if I buy it on steam will I be able to play it on my iphone even if I do not have an internet connection?
I have no idea since I never used it. The only thing I know is if I buy it there I can play it from any platform.