Champion of the Gods ending question

First off, this post will contain spoilers.
Now, I’ve played Champion of the Gods three times, and each time Dagaaros defeats me at the end. Each time, I’ve played the same build, but tried different strategies in the end. Is there no happy ending? Or am I missing something? If it helps, I play as a champion with the major power of speed, and a minor power of being hard to injure.

You can put spoiler blockers on it or do a summery. Both are in the cog

What do you mean by a good ending, can you give an example of what you want?

So by happy ending, I mean one where Dagarros is defeated, the weavers live, and destiny stays in tact.

I have no advice besides make the choice based on speed, if nothing is working then try a strength build as that worked for me

Thanks, it was really starting to annoy me. I’ll definitely try that on my next play through!