Can't find good ending for Werewolves or Sins of the Sires

It seems like no matter what I choose, I get pretty much the same ending for both those games. Is there anyway to get actually good endings?

Sins of the Sires doesn’t have any unequivocally “good” endings, but it certainly has some “better” ones. It also has very, very many different ones, so I’m not sure why you’d be getting basically the same ending if you made different choices.

I know it does, but I can’t seem to kill the final boss. I have gotten another ending where I ran off with the vampire girl. Is there even a way to kill him?

What “final boss” are you talking about? Kapriel?

This might have been altered after the stat rebalance but heres a reply I wrote up to an earlier question asking about that:

That’s weird, I maxed a few of those and still couldn’t beat him

Yes, Kapriel

It’s definitely possible to defeat Kapriel. Heck, you can even diablerize him (yum!). But the easiest way to not be captured by him is to have Celerity as one of your Disciplines and, when he catches up with you in Belgrade, run.

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