Sabres of Infinity help (Possible Spoilers)


Hello everyone,
Well, I’m at a loss of what to do here, and I hope I don’t have to start over because of bad stats and other stuff My stats are… okay, so I don’t know if it’s my character or the choices I’m making at present…

I’m on chapter 11, which of course is the battle of seemingly impossible odds with all forces outnumbered–the biggest force is the friggan enemy. I’ve tried a number of things so far. The very first time I played i realised what I did, I created holes in the ground for unsuspecting, charging horse hooves, but that didn’t work for long.
After that, I created a berricate and that worked for a bit, but when the Chrchus Andari came which is basically the bane Andari, I rallyed the men I had with me to attack on all sides. But then heartless, cruel murderer Cazarosta saves me only to murder me. Just now, even though it’s suicide, I charged with Captain Elsen. He’s a better man than Cazarosta anyway. That never worked because my character was reluctent. The first group of Andari was fine and I killed two with my pistol and fled, but when they came again my men screwed me and retreated.
So, is there really any way to win this battle at all, or should I just retreat? What’s the best heroic ending? Retreating I’d think wouldn’t be it. And if one should retreat, is there a certain time one should do so? You’re given an opertunity to retreat before battle starts, probably bad because you haven’t proven yourself in this particular battle.
So, I’m wondering. I’ll settle for any ending at this point, but I’d rather be the hero. If I can’t, I want at least to reach an ending so that I can complete my first playthrough.
Then I’ll probably try for hero if I messed it up stats wise.
Edit: It appears I have found a bug as well, that I forgot to mention. I believe it is when the captain of Major Hunter’ at the time sends you on his secret mission. You’re given one opertunity to take something with you from the armory. I opted for grenades. They were used before burning the camp, and I did not get the achievement for using grenades in an attack.


Try not pissing off Cazarosta if you’re going to the castle, or else have a high Intelligence or Charisma stat to get him to be willing to share command. And then let his men do the dying for you.

For the charge, you need moderately-good Loyalty, and either very high Soldiering or Morale. The charge is a suicide mission, the narration makes that very clear.


There are many ways to survive the final battle and become a decorated hero for it, both while guarding the castle and while riding with Elson. A retreat without order at any point is considered desertion and ensures a court-martial.

A heroic ending requires you to have well balamced stats, particular none should be too low. I could say more if you posted your final stats here but here are some general hints:

-Your men should have not too low morale and loyalty stats in order to stay with you.
-you can improve your troop’s discipline by riding with Elson first and order them to form wedge but return to the castle after the first fight and fight the antari with Cazarosta then.
-if you have very high soldiering you should survive any fight with the Antari yourself, through many of your men (including the sergeant) could be killed. I’m not sure if this would help you against Cazarosta.
-Cazarosta attacks and kills you only if your relation with him is REALLY screwed up. This stat is hidden, but if you behave a bit friendly towards him and don’t offend him earlier in the game, he won’t attack you.

I hope this helped you, but if you still need help, I’ll need to know more about your stats.


Thanks for the help. In terms of stats that you think would help, unfortunately my loyalty is low, however my soldiering is at 83%. I’d say that’s very high, no? Or does it need to be somewhere around 90?
I’m not sure what I did to make my loyalty with my NCO go down the tubes. This last battle will be hard because of that, but i’m not about to start over, if I can help it, because of that stat.
Here’s my relivent stats.
Age: 23
Rank: Lieutenant–I wonder if it’s possible to actually not be a Lieutenant by this last battle. Took me a bit to get the funds to leave the squad and promote early.
Soldiering: 83%
Charisma: 5%–Ouch! I think that was a choice I made at character creation when you’re asked questions about your history. Not exactly which question determines it though.
Intellect: 30%–This could be better, but I picked choices related to fighting and physical training, so I suppose that’s why.
Reputation: 38%–Yeah, these stats are far from balanced. But if I got to the last battle like this, there’s gotta be a way.
Health: 75%
Idealism: 58%
Cynicism: 42%
Ruthlessness: 48%
Mursey: 52%
Sargent Harlech
Dis: -5%–I took his own advice for that and paid the price. Never take advice from someone who drinks beer and Ale on the side.
Morale: 30%
Loyalty: 32%

That’s all my stats thus far. I wonder if there’s a way to increase loyalty with this battle too? I could see where there might be some, but everyone’s on edge and I’m certainly not the most trusted person in the Kingdom lol.


Your soldiering is ridiculously high, 65 will pass any check in Sabres, 83 would pass anything in the sequel. I don’t think you can successfully follow Elson, that path require at least 35 morale and loyalty.

You can survive a bit longer with Cazarosta, and exclusively doing soldiering checks. Face all your opponents head on and lead by example. You can increase loyalty and morale by letting some of your men flee the battle, and Cazarosta shouldn’t have to save you if you defeat your attackers with soldiering. Your charisma isn’t good enough to rally your men. Unfortunately you would still lose, I think, because discipline is low.

Honestly, retreat may be the best option, but that won’t be a very good ending. Next time, you’ll want discipline, morale, and loyalty to be at least 35 each, and hopefully higher. Try not to focus on soldiering so much either, you don’t need any stat over 70. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but good luck on this and your next playthrough.


I think with the stats you have now you can’t get a better ending then escape. Next time, focus a bit more on Intelligence at the expense of soldiering. You can well win with very low charisma as long as you’re on good tems with eveyone an have a high reputation. If you have Harlech as sergeant you should try to improve discipline and loyalty at equally. If you get the promotion immediately you could improve your unit’s stats more.

I’ve tried to play an MC as close to the one you’ve described but with the improvements I’ve suggested and ended with these stats after surviving the charge with Elson:

Soldiering: 50%
Charisma: 9%
Intellect: 65%

Reputation: 82%
Health: 75%

Idealism: 76% Cynicism: 24%
Ruthlessness: 17% Mercy: 83%

Sixth Troop, Third Squadron, Royal Dragoons
Senior NCO: Staff- Sergeant Harlech
Discipline: 40%
Morale: 90%
Loyalty: 60%


You definitely have enough Soldiering to win the charge (though yes, this character is horribly unbalanced! Consider taking the books on replay, instead of the banecast sword), but your men will not follow you with that little Loyalty. Probably better to bribe your men a bit more along the way. You want at least 40% near the end, or 35% if you’re willing to tell everyone not ready to die with you to run away.

Harlech is not a bad sergeant (I use him as Gabriel d’al Sancroix) but Loyalty is absolutely not a stat you can afford to leave too low.


If @Ramidel and @WulfyK didn’t fully clear things up feel free to PM me for a more detailed walk through.


i have been wondering how many commendations you can get,most i have is 3 and im wondering if i missed anything


yup 3 is total u can get


Hello everyone,
Thanks for the help. I’ve decided to go ahead and replay, this time selecting Hernandes as my sargeant.
Unfortunately I’ve ran into the same encounter as before, I believe. My disciplin is high but suffers at the cost of loyalty being low. My intellect is high now at 56%, and my CHR was okay, until I decided to play that game with Hardican at the bar, and his CHR was better than mine. I tried to play one of those games.

When I got the new men in chapter 8 or so and it gave me the option of drilling increasing disciplin or give them the hand increasing morale, I chose disciplin this time because i chose morale the last time and disciplin is low. Now morale is in the negative, and loyalty is only at 40%.
I do wish checkpoints were better in this game and save in the middle of the chapter. I think Mecha Ace is better with this.
Speaking of Mecha Ace, it uses the same kind of stats and stuff and I didn’t have as much of a problem with that game. Rarely do I need a walkthrough for CoG games. Even Zombie Exodus I got through it and survived without looking at the walkthrough. This is the first time where I’m actually doing a second playthrough because I couldn’t get to a mature ending the first time, well without retreating of course.
So pretty much every time I try and defend the castle once Hernandes reports that men are out of ammo and we decide to fight it out with our own guts, both options to defend the castle are met with one of my enlisted men killing me. Scared, lack of morale and loyalty.
Hate to say it, but I might need a genuine walkthrough for this one if I’m to replay again. I’m making what I assume to be reasonable disisions, but the game seems to want me to favor certain people over others–Elson and Cazarosta, for instance. If you save Elson from his horse axident you would logically gain favor in Elson’s eyes but Cazarosta would rather see him dead. I was friendly to him when first introduced to him, and I wonder if this always happens but I could not lead the boarding party on the ship to the King’s army either. Probably because of low CHR, but how do I raise it to a seficiant level? How do I balance disciplining my men and manage morale or loyalty when, if you select disciplin, that will be the dominant stat raised and you may or may not get a chance to increase loyalty later, and if you do, it’s not by a huge amount that will count for these stat checks in this last, final battle. Add to that I messed up my rep when I announced myself at the reception impolitely for my rank.


I played a high intel, middle discipline with low charisma character did fine. With Elson getting into that horse falling incident saving him by yourself would not cause any hate from Caz. For the boarding action you can lead through high CHR or being best buds with Caz. To boost Charisma you have to forgo something else. Main stat boosts in the beginning are your background, gift from family and then your training where you choose your best skill, neutral(ok) and weakness. Have u tried not promoting early? Those have opportunities as well in boosting troops stat in a more obvious direct way. There are some good chances of increasing morale/loyalty it just costs out of pocket from u. Examples are forgoing rewards from bridge action(need to charge), Dragoon locks(getting the best rifles), getting them the best housing for the winter.


Unless your sergeant is Lanzerel, don’t follow every advice from him. It would get up one troop stat very high at the expense of the other two.


If you save Elson without stopping the charge, that does not anger Cazarosta.

If you want a high-soldiering character, then you need to focus on Loyalty. In other words, try either Lanzerel or Fenton, and I recommend Lanzerel for a newbie (because your men really should have fairly rounded stats if possible).

I’ll give you a walkthrough for Ch. 4 as a soldiering specialist: Go to the Officers’ Club, Talk About the War, pick your sergeant first and choose Lanzerel, and then pick Thunderer as your mount (you should be able to afford him and he helps in the bridge fight).

For a full walkthrough…I did previously joke about selling Gabriel d’al Sancroix’ tale as a $.99 walkthrough. I wonder if there’s enough demand for it…