Help with A Wise Use of Time(endings)

Hey, I downloaded this today, it was a great game but I have a few questions:

-First of all, how to get the hidden romance?

-Second of all is there any ending other than the fugitive ending and the one where you are captured?

Thanks for downloading it so quickly.

First, you need to convince Alisha not to leave the city. Doing so requires high charm. If you speak with her at the Ren Faire, she expresses her interest in you.

There’s a casino ending, a Professor Oden ending, and several heroic endings.

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But how do I avoid getting captured in the first place if that is so and being forced to escape?

It sounds like both times you played it, your visibility was too high. If you do things with your power that bring attention to yourself, visibility goes higher. .

How can @Daniel_Xie (and any of the rest of us) do that cool obscured-writing trick so he can avoid filling a thread with spoilers when he has questions?

Use the spoiler tag, which is the word spoiler in brackets before the phrase and again at the end of the phrase but with a slash in brackets. [/ ]

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How do I save Olivia without putting her to sleep? How much money do I need

I get casino ending! Good for me, money and power. But i feel a little sad because i didn’t romance anyone. Yeah! I want to know how to save Olivia.

Hey, I really need help with my ending, I keep dying to Barnabes at the renaissance fair, if anyone could help, that would be amazing!

As far as I can remember you’ll need high power control stat.

I have a huge question. I played it now 4 times, but somehow Barnabas still keeps killing me.
What are some things I have to make sure, that I can defeat him? (Like Time control around 75% or something like that)