Thief-Taker help

I’ve gone through and replayed investigating who stole the Prunellas’ goods, but I can’t seem to get the right answer. At least, I haven’t got the achievement yet. Am I just not asking the right questions, looking in the wrong places?

You need to talk with the Gardner about the horses, later talk with Mr Prunella about the horses too. Then say it was Mr Prunella who sold the “stole” stuff to pay his debts.


You don’t need to talk about the horses with him,but I guess you do need to talk to him.I talked about other things and he acted suspicious as well

BTW,anyone knows how many RO in this game?

Jack and Nia, as far as I could tell.

Jack was my closest ally, but I wasn’t attracted to him. And Nia was my worst enemy. So suffice to say, neither worked out for me.

Jack, Nia and Nancy (straight only).

Really ? Nobody else ? As the guy stole the brooch or this guy working in the grave ?

No, only those 3.

How can you romance Nancy?

You need to be a man, tell her you are the son of a Baron, ask her out at the ball, be successful on your date (if you are not the son of a Baron, you need to take her to the legal court and make get think you are part of the legal system by either having a high reputation with the judge out with high Respectable) after that you will ask her in marriage.

Is Nia the other thief taker?

20 char…

Guess I’ll stay single then…


I actually like Lady Darlington though

But I don’t want to play as a male

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Lady Darlington is not a romance.

We can’t romance Nia as a girl ?

Yes, you can romance her. But you need to be disreputable to romance her, she will not like you if you are respectable.

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Thanks you for answer !

How can I end up with Jack? When he escapes he rests up in my house but then I never see him again and I always end up sent off to Virginia. (umm a joke could be made here but I won’t haha)

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