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When you visit him in jail, there’s an opportunity to reflect on what he means to you. I chose that I liked him but not romantically, but I imagine that if you choose “I can see myself falling for Jack”, more romantic opportunities will follow. Obviously you’ll have to let him go that first time you chase him (“I think you and I need to have a conversation” “I don’t want to see you hang” “you’ll just owe me a favor” were what I chose when I chased him into that house). Then when I ran into him the next couple times, I did all I could to help him escape, plus help his mother escape from Nia, go along with his plan at the masquerade (he’s the one in the fox mask, you can learn that by asking the messenger as many questions as you can, I bribed him for the information). There’s probably much more to it than that but all my decisions led to me being able to pursue a romantic relationship with him, I just chose not to.


I did all that. I’ll try again anyways


I keep trying to buy the game but whenever i click on the “buy it here” button it keeps redirecting me to steam instead of letting me purchase it on Choice Of Games. Anybody else having this problem or know what to do?


The game officially becomes buyable through the website a week after its release date. Before then, you can only buy it on Steam or an app store.


Hi everyone! I am enjoying the game, but I was wondering if there is a way to romance the highwayman (i forget his name) from chapter 5. I think it should be possible as the description says: “Capture, befriend, or romance corrupt officials, escape artists, courtiers, highwaymen, smugglers and grave-robbers.” So as I understand you should be able to do all three with all those characters.


The only romances are Jack, Nia and Nancy.


Unfortunately no, there’s no romance subplot with Shaver, though depending on your choices you can meet back up with him right at the end so maybe an implied/possible post-game romance?


@jojo and @Urban thank you very much for your replies. It is a shame indeed that Shaver is the most attractive male carácter and is not romanceable! Alas!


@benholman44 In addition we’ve automated the process of restoring from Steam to the web. If you purchase on Steam you should no be able to restore that purchase to the web by clicking on “restore purchases” on the web version of the game.


Will it be included for the mobile versions?


How to romance Nancy?


You need to be a man.
Talk with her at the Gray Swan and tell her you are the son of a Baron.
At the masquerade dance with her and start to court her
When you go out on a date take her to the tribunal and have either high Respectable or high reputation with the Judge.


I can’t seem to romance Nia either despite having a high relationship with her


You need to have high Disreputable to romance her.


How do I get high disrepute?


How do I catch the highwayman?


Live in the cruddy apartments, make friends with the low-class/criminal characters, act “low-class” yourself.


The first option you need to be Mercenary, the second to be careful and the third to either be the son of a baron or to have 3 out higher Fleet-Footedness.
Having a good horse will help you too.


How to win the dice game with lady Darlington???


It’s random, there is no way to tell if you are going to win or not.