Hints on Broadway: 1849

Firstly, I loved this game to pieces – beautifully-written and lots of fun. Does anyone have any advice on romancing Abby, though? And is she even a romanceable character? I take every opportunity to spend time with her and we even shared a kiss after the Cary sisters’ salon, but it’s never gone any further.

I’m struggling with the romances too, for now i’ve tried to romance miller but we always ended as a friend, maybe someone can give us some hint?

Yes, she is one of the ROs.

Did you invite her to your flat? The romance should begin at that point since there will be a choice whether you are attracted to her or not.

Clap loudly when she performs, talk to her after that, ask if she is single, kiss her cheek as a goodbye. And just do the romance stuff.


Does anyone know who are ROs? How many of them are there in the game?

I think there are 3 ROs. Badger, Miller and Abby.

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i have this problem except with badger haha hints or a guide would definitely be appreciated as well!

Any helpful tips on badger RO would be much appreciated cause for the life of me I can’t seem to start it up

How do you romance Badger? I invited him to the opera house and we kissed afterwards, but it kinda got left at that and he just “disappears into the crowd,” at the end.

Now i got same problem with badger too /whyiamsobadatromance/ Anyone can help me again?

First of all, this is another wonderful and enjoyable adventure for the choice of Games series, it has lots of re-play/-re-read value and i really drown myself in this wonderful world of New York …

I realise that every different decisions with respect to “stats” will result in different outcome of the story telling where additional favourable story may be added…

Below is my personal and most favourable walkthrough for reference :slight_smile:

@shiaya , at the end of the story… my Romance with Louisa Miller is +82, so maybe my hints can help

visit the bowery

  • admire Louisa Miller for her beauty
  • i clap and applaud loudly
  • I chose to meet with Louisa
  • tell her i admire her performance in the “quiet” scene
  • i apply charm and chat with her on her problem
  • I lean in to kiss her

when Louisa Miller visit me at the office

  • approach her problem with charm, tell her a joke to lighten her mood
  • tell her her problem can’t be that serious
  • inform her that i will take extralegal action to ensure she can join my theater safely

at this point, her favour towards me is around 62 , i think the highest possible

for the secret meeting with Louisa , ask Nel to help (it will be the safest route)

  • chat lightly about her problem
  • Lean in to kiss her
  • apply patience to help her get away

when Louisa sent me letter asking for help:

  • apply an agent to negotiate the smooth transition of Louisa Miller to me

When Louisa Miller finally arrive :

  • assure her that i will tell her mother my theater is aiming for the highest class and standard
  • invite Louisa to my apartment

For the benefit day :

  • chose to give all benefit to Louisa
  • chose to perfect her acting skill

when Louisa’s mother arrive :
-chose to confront her in civilized manner
-ask Josephine Cliffon to find Badger
-mimic the whistle of police
at the end of the day, i am the hero :wink:

when visiting Asto Place Opera House
-chose to bring Louisa Miller

since my respectability is above 50, the Cary sisters will tell how lucky Louisa is to escape Hemblin to me

  • chose to kiss Louisa even in the face of fire

after the Arson incident when i visit Louisa Miller again

  • i blatantly ignore the letter from Hamblin

when Forest is in my show :

  • refuse to undermine Louisa Miller by telling Forest can break the contract if he want
  • since i have high authority and respectability ,i refuse to fire Louisa Miller and i tell Forest i should use my influence in the theater to counter him

when going to rescue Asto Place Opera House

  • chose to bring Louisa Miller along

In the end, during my dinner with Louisa Miller

  • I ask her to stay for me, and i will make our relationship official :slight_smile:

I manage to gain a seat in the Mayor’s new council of Art and i also join the Inner Elite Circle of the Cary sister …additional story will be available if you manage to gain entry to the Cary sister’s Elite circle.
The Cary sisters will tend invite me to take over as manager of the Asto Place Opera House where they are the secret investors

Yes !!! The Elites…the… the…Elites …LOL

This is a highly satisfactory story and again i hope there will be a sequel for Broadway : 1849
In season two, i am longing to continue my Romance with Louisa Miller and convince her mother that there is no shame in allowing her daughter to marry me…

and i am still pondering whether i will accept the Cary sister’s offer to be the manager of Asto Place Opera House in a quest to elevate the theater and Renaissance of New York city, in addition it will also be my fulfillment of promise to elevate Louisa Miller to be the Star among the Stars … I am ready for a showdown with “Gangs of New York”, high adventures and high-noon ahead …lol

Even if i remain in my own theater , i believe i can still form formidable Alliance with the Cary SIsters’ Elite Circle… whewwwww, such promising adventure if there is a season 2

Sincerely wish the author will come out with Season Two of Broadway 1849


Please help I’m clueless as to how to start the romance with Badger. I help Mr. Puff and agree to hide the letter with Badger and kept it safe and go to him for help with trying to get Buntline to confess about the ghost. Do I need a certain stat or character trait to get the option or what?

I am sorry to tell you all that you can’t romance Badger beyond the kiss!

The main romantic options are Miller (as a man or a woman) and Abby.

Tips on romancing Abby pls. Wont be able to focus on anything else till i get it. So gimme a hand pls, im asking politely. :upside_down_face:

I didn’t Romance Abby exactly, but i had been to the point where the option was there… so i will give you some ideas, hope it will be useful

  1. when you met Abby the first time, follow her back to her apartment … after you have a nice chat with her, there will be option on how you feel about her

  2. Ask her opinion regarding the actor/actress you want to employ for your next stage show

  3. Ask her out and discuss about the origin of the haunting spirit (that’s her friend ), i am not sure… but there seems to be an option where it will improve relationship with her (for her to trust you), i only get the romance option in step 4 after i manage to chose this option

  4. After you solve the quest with the ghost , whatever the outcome … there will be an option to visit Abby after that… you should be given an option to stay a night with her and continue your romance …

Are there any other walkthroughs? I’ve run through the game a few times, getting through the Mayor and Fine Arts plotlines, but I’m curious how to do the others and do them well. Also really keen to read the rest of the lush text for this game/novel!

I also only play through the Mayor and Carly sisters fine arts , i even took over their theater (agree to become their manager) :smile:

i didn’t play through the rest , although there are option for you to join the gangster and become a politic corrupter yourself :slight_smile:

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Have you ever managed to get the “One of the Gang” achievement on the Mayor track? I can’t figure out how to get it!

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You meant join the Gang of New York?

I notice there should be options to join them, but i never pick that route … but i manage to join the inner cabinet of the Mayor, you need to help the mayor in the final confrontation but most importantly you must gain high approval rating from the mayor … organise a party for him and invite the mayor office after the fire will help:slight_smile:

Yes, I thought it was on the Mayor track, but you’re right!

Any idea what steps you need to take to take over/buy out Hamblin’s theatre?

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I have a faint idea, i think you need to work with the Gangster, the Boss knows Hamblin’s secret ( he said he will tell you if you work for him)… so you need to take the Gangster route like sabotaging the stage for him to lose revenue :slight_smile:
perhaps you go for a try ? :slight_smile: