A study in steampunk love interests

Hey sorry if there’s already a topic for this, I couldn’t find any. Just wanted to know the love interests in this game and which ones I can romance and how to romance them

There are three love interests: Finch, Grace and Alexandra. Do you want a guide or do you want to first try yourself?


Thanks I’ll try myself

I would like the guide if someone could put it up. I’ve been trying over and over but can’t seem to do it.

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I don’t have a guide but I could make you one if you would like? Would you like one for all of them?

Edit: I just realised that the romances were really intuitive for me so I don’t think I can write a detailed guide. However, I will give you some hints:
First of, I think that it is important how you act in chapter two if you want to romance any of them.
Grace: I was nice to her, treated her as an equal and helped the other passengers on the dirigible. This should be enough to start the romance. I am not sure but you also may need a higher conventional stat.
Alexandra: She also likes it if I help the other passengers on the dirigible and later in chapter three(?) let her go and don’t shoot her. After that, I used every chance I got to work with her. You may need a higher unconventional stat?
Finch: I am not sure if I did anything special? I think I just helped him save the dirigible and after that when given the choice to date him I took it.


Well thanks for the impromptu guide. I’m a try it with the hints you gave and see if it works.


If you play your cards right you can romance two love interests in the same playthrough

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You can romance two??? Really how??

First of all, I meant separately. Sorry if I got your hopes up :confused:
In part two you can either start dating Grace or Finch. In part three, after they died, if you choose to go with Alexandra you can start a romance with her. If you choose to go with Woodward or to go to the Sun Temple and later on go to Woodward you can start (or rekindle) something with Finch.
That is what I meant when I said you can romance two. I am sorry if this was confusing >_<

Is it possible to romance Alexandra without going with Free Mercia?

No, it’s not possible. Same with Finch, that you can only romance him (again) if you go with Woodward.

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Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: