Hero Unmasked! Love Interest Swooning Thread


We all love (hah!) our love interests, and while HeUn might only have four (technically three) they are pretty well done.

Personal fav is Firebrand (I think 7-8 out of 10 playthroughs I end up with him), and I still don’t fully know how he managed that.
He’s rash, thoughtless, arrogant and aggressive at first glance, and the first time you meet him he tries to set your working-place on fire.
But then you interact more and, despite him trying to blow you to smithereens, you find he has a very caring, good-natured, easily flustered, dorky side.
He’s not in it for personal gain, but to help those that need it the most. Granted, he cares little about the collateral damage on the way there, but he’s honest about it.
And he’s nice too look at too. (and he can cook. always a plus in a guy)

Only time romancing him is really hard to do is when the reporter turned out to be the M/Patriarch, as it breaks my heart each time seeing the mayor heartbroken like that ;_;

The only thing I’d wish for regarding the RomanceOptions in HeUn would be that there’d be more interaction with them in total.