The Heroes Rise Love Interests

So…this is a weird idea for a thread I had when I decided to try and replay the Heroes Rise Trilogy again. I’m not gonna get too into how I played the game previously, but long story short I never really played “myself” in the trilogy, I kinda RPd as Goku, the character in my avatar. But this time I wanted to play as “me”, and romance someone else to see how it went.

But the thing is…I’ve NEVER romanced anyone but Lucky, not counting the almost forced Black Magic romance in the first game. I hear a lot of people say she’s kinda boring, and I sorta get that complaint but I personally really enjoyed interacting with her, found her pretty cute, and with Black Magic’s whole ultimatum in HP, I just sorta gravitated towards the nice girl. I decided I’d try to stick with BM this time around, but it got me thinking…I wanna hear how people talk about the Love Interests throughout the series, the stories they had and their personal opinions on them. I imagine it’ll be far more interesting than the thing I’m about to type up, so it’ll be fun to read. This isn’t exclusive to the original trilogy either, so feel free to talk about Redemption Season’s LI’s if you so desire.

Lucky…well, the game immediately gets me to like her at least a little bit with your backstory with her. It’s kinda cute to learn some more about your MC’s past and it kind of made me grow a little attached to Lucky from the start since my MC had prior history. I don’t believe I flirted with her from the start, at least on my original playthrough, since I was trying to stay loyal to BM until I decided I didn’t want to be with her anymore (IE: That Ultimatum), but I immediately decided I wanted to be her friend. This turned into romance as I went through the game and…well…Lucky’s fate at the end horrified me. I felt terrible like I had somehow done something wrong, that her condition was my fault. I felt really down for a bit, at least until the ending of HP when I got hyped about the final installment.

Speaking of which, onto Herofall. Throughout the start of the game, Lucky was obviously in a coma for me, but seeing her awake later on, and being with her again after HP was absolutely satisfying, especially since that leads to the kickass fight with Rebellion and such. Lucky didn’t do much at the end of the game, but that was fine, it was your story after all, but I was really happy with Black Magic near the end, for becoming a better person. And the ending with Lucky was satisfying enough for me, so I enjoyed her romance option. I just haven’t had the courage to try anyone else.

So feel free to discuss the love interests now, however you’d like, and whomever you’d like to talk about.

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Out of all of ROs, I gotta say that Black Magic is probably the best.

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I’d say that while black magic is definetly the most interesting she is kind of a toxic relationship, personally I just go with lucky because I just generally don’t like black magic’s view of love and my charecter is a strait man so assistant friend (can’t remember her name, think it was Jenny) is out of the picture

On a slightly unrelated note when we heard of black magic did anyone else think of Blair from soul eater?

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This might say something about me but I’ve always felt that ROs that are problematic are more interesting in the grand scheme of things. Lucky is just a nice person and that’s not exactly what I feel people look for when it comes to a fantasy world. Black Magic on the other hand is cool for a while, keeping her secret and the moral questions you have to ask yourself are interesting. Prodigal though, my god let me romance my enemy in every game pls.

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I don’t usually dislike “badboy” types, but BM was just such a jerk that I was delighted that I got to trade him away for Lucky. Could Lucky have been more interesting? Sure, but I’ll take a boring nice guy over an interesting jerk any day. :blush:

Also, I found the whole “celebrity lookalike” thing so ridiculous that I couldn’t take BM seriously as a romance even without his character flaws. :roll_eyes:


I have to admit, I never romanced Lucky, not properly anyway. I think I skimmed on the playthough where I romanced them. Point, Lucky is nice, and usually, I like nice but it gets boring sometimes. I actually don’t have that much impression on Lucky while others have their own vibes.

While Black Magic was pushed towards us, my only irk, they were interesting with their whole dynamic of jaded and unhinged with questionable morals. If they’re less love interest and more of their own character, I’d probably like them more. And also the fact I resist the urge to die every time I have to enter Sean O’Pry’s or Camilla Cabello’s name into the game.

As for others, Jenny is our closest friend, it was bound to happen eventually. Though, she’s not my best favourite, about the same as Black Magic actually. Now, Prodigal was our archenemy before she became our ally, and lover, and broke our hearts, ouch. Hands down Jury is the worst, no actual romance development and suddenly they’re boning, but hey, he’s one of my main because I’m a sucker for the rivalry romance.

I’m actually not mad about the fact him and protagonist broke up in the sequel, same reason why I’m cool with Prodigal being dead and my hero swings solo, he’s healing his broken heart, see. Though, I would wish for the ability for first protagonist to have both their original MeChip and MeChip Prodigal. You know, a little closure.

I just wished Madame Vice was a potential romance option instead of falling to her death down a plot hole

I gotta be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed romancing anyone but BM in Heroes Rise.

I really, really disliked what happened with them in the second book but I also didn’t really like Lucky, so I was… kinda pleased, at least, with the redemption arc in the third. (I enjoyed the drama of it all, anyway.) And in the end that was what I liked- it was dramatic and entertaining for the most part.

But I still wanted to try Lucky, who seemed more like the kinda person I’d go for in real life or even just enjoy hanging around… Admittedly I kinda sorta maybe forgot about them until the epilogue of the third book… whoops. (They just never seemed fully there as a character to me. I could kinda tell that they’re existence was solely as an RO and very little else.)

I tried the Prodigal Romance and found it… a little odd. I can definitely see the appeal (granted, I can see the appeal of all of these romances, as they’ve all got their pros and cons), but it just wasn’t my kind of appeal. Felt mostly like a physical, sexual attraction than a romantic or emotional attraction up until the very end. And that just… didn’t really jive with me.

I’ve never tried the Jury or Jenny romances. Jenny is sorta set up as our best friend and I really like her as a best friend. Jury… Okay, I’ve actually never figured out how to complete his romance. I didn’t even know there was one until I saw others talking about it. I got curious and I’ve still tried to figure it out but I never have. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.


I actually romanced Black Magic because he was the type with these tags: #handsome, popular, hot and bad, nice tights, omg.
His story is actually very complex and the relationship the MC can build with him is great. We all have to remind ourselves that true love also has to have to go through conflicts. So yes, Black Magic is a cool boyfriend if you survived the conflict you have with him, I almost wanted to exchange him for someone else but seeing the other romance options, I stuck with Black Magic.


For some reason, I didn’t like Lucky, maybe too much happiness and rainbows?

I really wanted to try Prodigal, but I am loyal :heart:

Well, I know how you feel. I have almost similar feelings.

Lucky—I dislike the name but mostly, he came too late (2nd book) If Black hadn’t been very interesting, and I hadn’t romanced him, I may have tried Lucky but never did,

Jenny—Best friends forever!

Prodigal—I have to disagree that you found her odd though, because I love her!

Jury—I knew he was romanceable, but I knew that there’s probably not gonna be enough development to satisfy me. Do tell once you tried romancing him. :blush:

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Once more with feeling.


Well, I played the first trilogy 3 times, so let’s call my routes A, B and C. Route A is my canon while B and C are alternate. I also played the Redemption Season 3 times (I hope it won’t be any other ROs in the next games because 3 saved routes is too much already lol), so I connect my Heroes Rise route A to my Redemption Season route A and so on.

Route A - I went for Jenny. She got me interested from the very beginning and I love the headstrong type :yum: I have to admit tho that I was having my doubts if she was really a RO, since she only shows some interest in the third game :confused: One-sided feelings kind of hurted me.
Route A RS - Weaver. I don’t even know exactly why, but there’s something on them that makes me feel… calm? It looks like a type of person that my MC needs.

Route B - Black Magic. So sexy~ . It wasn’t easy, however. As we all know, Black Magic’s route is toxic. I’m happy it ended well.
Route B RS - Transfer. Sort of a mysterious character. And n-b lol.

Route C - I have to say that the only reason Lucky got in third place is because they didn’t appear on the first game, because I like them more than BM. Lucky is pretty sweet and down to earth. I just melted reading the childhood flashback of my MC with them. If they had appeared on the first game, it would have been a hard choice between them and Jenny. And I don’t get why people don’t like their hero name, I find it cute.
Route C RS - Miss Boss. I got pretty sad on my two previous routes of what happens to her, because I don’t think she deserves that and I really like her, it was awful… I had to replay the game about 5 times until I finally got to keep her alive (BUT HELL AGAIN WITH THIS COMA THING WTF).

I hate Jury and I want him to burn in hell, no more comments about him :kissing_smiling_eyes:

lol, why? I personally enjoyed to imagine my MC being happy with Kirsten Dunst lol


Well I made my BM a lookalike to “Dat Boi” - I couldn’t take anything she said or did serious after that :joy:

…and I’ll walk myself out…

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Well, it just took me out of the story every time it was brought up. It probably didn’t help that I just picked one of the names at random… :sweat_smile: I ended up just skipping any text that mentioned it…


I did love romancing prodigal because first she was our rival then our ally then we develop feelings for her.
I’m someone who gets intrigued in those kind of romances :slight_smile:


I dont really like jurys romance either but i am curious to see if it has any impacts in the new games since it was mentioned in RS

I went with the classics. BM was either “a velociraptor” or “a swarm of bees”. He was already a custom made box of turn offs for me, so it gave me some reason to want him around.


The Celebrity Lookalike thing was dumb, yes. For my current playthrough, since I didn’t know any celebrities I decided to just a pick a video game character. Tron Bonne.

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Is there a limit to the number of letters we can use in that scene? If not then on my next playthrough I’m just going to type “the woman from the 80s classic Howling II”


Apparently the limit for name entry is quite generous, and I’d guess they’re the same…



I probably could’ve tested that with something more creative…

EDIT: It got worse better. Grandma’s a sith now.