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Hey my first doubt is is the princess a romance option I mean I had done with other 4 character but can’t find a way to romance her

She is only s romance for Alexandre, not for you.


Who can you romance in the game?

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Let me see if I remember:

The princess’ maid

The reporter


I think those are correct. Alex can romance you, Victoria or Eugenie, not sure about anyone else.

And how do I get a romance epilogue with Alex? I tried to keep my relationship with him high and get him to love me, but the epilogue didn’t mention us being together.


How do I romance Amalia? I tried to go for her when I discovered what she was doing, but that only lead to a fight where I killed her.

I don’t know, sorry. I only know she can be romanced.

How do you get Alex to run away with you after he becomes the successor? I get the option, but he always stays as the emperor and I get to be the mistress.


There are some mistakes, and I’ll add screenshots as soon as possible, but like, I still got the “Pacifist" achievement, after straight up killing Fraz…
Plus, does anyone know how do the backgrounds influence the MC? I know that if they’re Polish they can pass off as the daughter of one of Alexander’s mother’s ladies to Constance, and the journalist is more sympathetic if you’re from his same background, but??? What??? Do the others do???

It would be awesome if a future version allowed another stat rise…

The way I did it was to confront her after finding out what shes been doing then purpose a meeting between alex and fraz after that you can sleep with her if my memory serves me correctly

Is there a fixed way to win the airship races/battles, or does it correspond to your stats? I tried tricking the other airship into a different cause with a high mechanics stat, but it failed :’) Also, does anyone know how to get the ménage à trois achievement? Hehe

If you have bug reports, please screenshot them and email them in ASAP!

Has anyone managed to get the “threesome at the tuileries” achievement?

Romance both Alex and Eugene, match them up, keep being Alex’s lover, keep hitting on Eugene, during the ball you reach to talk to her about the marriage, she tells you to go for Alex, and you all have some fun.


So, I got to the point in Alexandre’s romance line where you could convince him to relinquish the throne to Franz. I had reconciled them and they became friends by the end of the game. However, after Alexandre firmly relinquishes the throne and supports Franz, it just continues as though Alexandre had accepted the bid to the throne, and I become his mistress.

I’m assuming this is unintentional because the continuity from that point to the end definitely do not much up. Has anyone done anything differently and gotten the correct ending for this path? Or are other people experiencing this?

I’m still early in game but is there a way for the MC to legally become Alexandre’s wife? Or is the farthest we can get is the mistress option?

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How can I romance Constance and not die? I keep dying to the needle bomb. I think this game needs a guide ASAP, because this is actually harder than the Infinity series-in a good way. It’s a lovely game. Just completely ridiculously hard.

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Can you send us a screenshot of that issue?

To add on what has been said, I think you need high charm. When I successfully did this, my character had 40 charm, plus I flirted with her each chance I got: before the first race, saving the Gryphon with the harpoon, meeting with her at the cafe when investigating the assassination attempts, and then when confronting her about the bomb.

I’m not sure if all those scenes are needed, but I think you need to have at least progressed in the romance with her before the last confrontation.

For the bomb, I think the you need to have high stats in one of the areas that will help you successfully investigate it (athletics, intrigue, stealth, and one more I can’t remember off the top of my head) and choose the route that best uses that stat. I haven’t gone the Constance path yet, so I’m not sure if going with one of those stats would preclude you from romancing her.