Choice of Alexandria - Achievements & Other Hints

Need help with the achievement “Let Them Eat…Knowledge : Greeks and Egyptians alike can get a free education at the Musaeum.”. Seems like an easy one, just wasn’t sure what I’m missing. Thanks!


How do you get that achievement

Anyone figured out how to build a fire engine and talk the brat out of offing his mother?

You can create the fire engine when you are on the ship to Syrene. Haven’t successfully talked him out of killing his mom yet though.

I’m not quite sure how I got it either. Ptolemy turned out wise as I raised him myself. When after his father’s death he asks me if the Great Library needed anything and I told him that it could use some stuff, and then I got the achievement.

If you kill Sosibius by convincing Ptolemy III to kill him after he was poisoned, Ptolemy IV won’t even try to kill his mother. Also if he is a wise ruler and if you have a good relation with him you can convince that he should kill Sosibius and not his mother.

A couple hints for “Let Them Eat … Knowledge”:

It’s the only achievement tied to the Idealist/Pragmatic and Elitist/Populist opposed stats.

The main character does not have the power to issue such a decree.

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To keep Berenice alive, you have to balance Ptolemy IV having good relations with his mother. Additionally, if he likes you, he’s more likely to go after Sosibus, so definitely try to keep him on the Wise side of things, and not petty.

As kgold hinted for the Let Them Eat…Knowledge, you will also want to try and reduce the resentment of the Egyptians low, though this may also hurt your own stats building.

Some possible ways is in the beginning you could ask Ptolemy to make laws more fair to the Egyptians, or give the Sennet gift to baby Ptolemy.

The other good thing is if you manage to keep Egyptian resentment low, then you don’t have to worry about them rebelling.

That said, I still liked getting with Berenice…and allowing my librarian a moment of darkness :wink:

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Is there any point where a high relationship with Archimedes comes in handy?

Okay, since no one understood my question I’ll explain.

I wasn’t asking to build a fire engine, I’ve done that repeatedly.

I wasn’t asking how to convince the brat not to commit matricide, I’ve done that several times.

I was asking how to build a fire engine and talk the prince out of matricide in the same playthrough, but I’ve figured it out.

It seems to require being a little more evil than I would have liked though.

I was disappointed that it didn’t earn its own ending though

Having Archimedes working with you helps if you’re trying to do something scientific and really history-changing.

There are also two different points in the game when you can convince him to leave Syracuse with a high enough relationship. The second time, it’s probably a good idea.

But as for romance, that hit the cutting room floor. I’m not exactly sure why romance with Archimedes squicks me (for either gender), but it apparently does.

Thank you for the hint! I finally got the achievement. Looks like I had a wrong way of thinking before, I had thought a good ruler should have a balanced view, neither too ideal nor pragmatic, and not lean too obviously towards elites or common people in case pissing off the other party. But apparently in the end the elites are pretty happy for a Idealist/Populist ruler.

Just can’t figure out how to do those Egyptian achievements: The Library of Thoth, Honorary Egyptian and Pharaoh.
And please tell me the third romance option. .
Thanks a lot.

The 3 Egyptian Achievements can be a little tricky, though you can get all of them on one playthrough…and one Achievement ties into the third romance option

The following is the key part. Please note that it is a bit extensive in case you didn’t go down the right path:

[spoiler]You will get an encounter where Ptolemy III tells you that the priest of the Serapeum has lost faith in Sarapis.

In the choices for that page, pick:
I will go confide in the priest that Serapis is a lie, and see whether he confides in me in turn.

From there, you get another page, and you need to pick the first choice:
I try to find out whom I could contact to begin helping Nefertari, then do so.

You will then get a page asking why you are doing it. If you want to get the Pharoah option, pick the love interest.

You won’t do much more with this until you get on your trip down the Nile. You will come across Nefertari’s pleasure barge, and you should pick this option:
I will ask to come aboard, with the pretext of introducing the prince to Nefertari.

She will recognize you as her ally, and you get a variety of choices. Pick the Love option again to advance your relationship (if you want to).

Near the end of the game, assuming you’ve allowed Egyptian unrest to grow, you will go on a separate path with her.[/spoiler]

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I think you can get all three achievements from the Nefertari path. First parley with her at the beginning, then when the high priest were having a crisis of faith, choose to confess to him that the god was fake, and he would in turn tell you about Nefertari stealing books, then you just do whatever you can to help Nefertari, and start a romance along the path, and you should be able to get all three achievement when the revolution finished and she got the throne.

Someone at Steam says he managed to romance the king, maybe this is the third one, I myself haven’t found a way to do this.


Yep, you can romance King Ptolemy III. To do so, you have to get rid of Berenice. The easiest way is to allow things to fester between Ptolemy IV and his mother.

I did like that to get the three romances in this game, you had to walk a dark path, even If you ultimately do good.


Wooo, NICE! I’ll give it a try, thank you!

@ Norealer
One other hint, to get the other love interest, you should have a good amount of Medicine.

You need to have a Medicine of 7 to cure Ptolemy III from Sosibius’ preferred method of advancement.

I hope that is enough to let you see it :slight_smile:


…Just goes to show that sometimes, the end does justify the means. :laughing:

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From my play-throughs i found that this wont be problem if you have Sosibius killed before Ptolemy IV takes the throne. This just requires high enough rhetoric, to convince Ptolemy III to kill Sosibius before he dies. then Bernice will be open to romance and not in danger of being assassinated. Just make sure your medicine stat is below 7, or else you will cure Ptolemy III.

Alternatively, you can have a good relationship and make Ptolemy IV wise. Then later when he asks for advice on Sosibius’ plot he will trust you when you tell him that it is plot. This can be done if you fail to convince Ptolemy III.

ways to raise Relationship stat:
Take care of him as a baby
buy croc from zoo
commandeer a animal and use it as a pet (no practicing speeches or using them for anatomy)
talking on his behalf about becoming an artist
supporting him at the Olympics(although you might want to spend time with Bernice if low relat. stat)
Cure him on the boat trip ( this requires medicine 5)
Successfully explain why the year needs an extra day (this requires rhetoric 4)
tell him you consider him a friend, but don’t help him.

Ways to raise wise stat:`
teach ethics
convince Nefertari to allow you to go below deck (This requires you to have parleyed in the beginning)
tell the prince not to take the crocodile (will lower relationship though)
tell the prince that he can be scholar like Archimedes
write about Berenice murdering her husband for Ptolemy IV (will also raise Rhetoric)
coach him for the Olympics by diet an excercise
Convince Ptolemy III and Bernice that the prince should study at the museaeum.
investigate Euclid’s poisoning, then warn Ptolemy IV about Sosibius.

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