Choice of Alexandria Achievement Help

I was wondering on how to get each achievement but I seem to have a hard time getting some. How do I save Archimedes and who are the romance options and how do i romance each one of them?

I haven’t played the game in a while but I know that Ptolemy III and I think Nefertari are able to be romanced

To romance Ptolemy III you have to make sure that Berenice and Ptolemy IV die and that Ptolemy III is not poisoned…so be sure to have a high Medicine Stat

I’ll be sure to give you a better guide once I play through the game again.

Berenice as well. Ptolemy III must die if you want to romance Berenice.

Ooh thats really helpful! I was wondering if Archimedes could be romanced too?

I don’t think so, the second male option is your rival IIRC.

That’s weird… I just assumed that Archimedes was an RO brcause he had a relationship bar unlike Sosibius…

I swear i managed to romance him in the past. If i were correct, after saving his homeland, at the end of one scene, he kisses my MC and you probably knows the rest. But even today, i struggled to replicate that playtrough and romance him, so maybe it was deleted?

Imo I dont think that was real likely though, wouldn’t someone have it announced since it would be part of the game?