Choice Of Alexandria romance guide

Hi it’s me again. I wanted to figure out if there was any way to romance the Queen (or King or the Prince) basically if you can romance anyone in the royal family.
Also, are their any characters you can romance? I finished the game without a partner twice.

The Queen, King, and Nefarti can be romanced for sure. I’m fairly certain Archemedes can as well, but the Prince cannot.

To romance each of the three I know:

[spoiler] For the Queen, ensure Ptolemy III dies, and that you have a high relationship stat with her. While she’s mourning you’ll receive this option.

For Ptolemy III, ensure he survives (You need really high medicine), and make sure Ptolemy IV thinks his mother is out to kill him (best done by letting her admit to him that she is a murderer). Ptolemy IV will kill his mother, and III will order his son’s death. At some point you receive the option to begin a romance with him.

For Nefarti, start by parlaying with her in the introduction, and forming an alliance. Later, find out from the Egyptian priest who he is smuggling books to, and agree to help him. Finally, during your trip down the Nile meet with Nefarti and you’ll receive the opportunity to begin a romance with her.[/spoiler]

This is not a game with romance as the primary focus. So it’s normal to end the game without a romantic partner. Heck, even the ‘best ending’ ends with you single. It’s a challenge to romance anyone without knowledge on how to do so, so don’t feel bad that you haven’t managed to end the game with a partner.


This is now my pet name for Nefertari. Seriously, though, the guide is much appreciated. I didn’t even know Nefertari was an RO.


Also, for the Queen, it’s advisable to make sure that Ptolemy IV can’t kill her. So either make Ptolemy a good little boy, or make sure Sosibius is killed in the process of killing Dad.

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If you are female, you can also marry Sosibius by marry and have a child with Ptolemy III, have high Egyptian Unrest. When revolt occurs, go to palace, choose to save your son, then you’ll find Sosibius hold your son as captive and you will have an option to marry him to save your son.

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Wow. Just… wow.
This is so ewww, I don’t even want to imagine what it would look like)

Im guessing Ptolemy IV has to be on the petty side to believe that his mothers out to kill him because I had him slightly on the wise side and I wanted to romance Ptolemy III so i had IV’s mother tell him what she did and saved III when became ill.

IV never ended up thinking his mother was out to kill him despite telling him of her past.