Runt of the Litter Achievement Help

If anyone has some insight on how to get the following 3 Achievements. I figure two of them must happen near the end, but I can’t seem to get the right combination:

Old Wounds - Learn of Eini’s Childhood. I can figure out you need to be close to him, but even in a relationship, I don’t seem to learn anything.

Diplomat’s Apprentice - I figure this happens near the end, but as I said I can’t seem to get either the right choice made, or balance.

Future Overseer - Apprentice to Vaanret - I figure you have to have a high Thrall, but don’t know anything else.


For the future Overseer- you have to get your gryphon killed by the wyrm rider.


Thanks! I sacrificed myself with him, not the gryphon (and got the self-sacrifice achievement).

Even in a fictional game, I really have a hard time letting a pet get killed…


On the contrary, for Old Wounds you need to have a poor relationship with Eini. After you move your Gryphon ‘get to know him better’.


Thanks for that bit of information as well! I do like games that reveal a little different information if the relationship is in less than friendly territory.

For that matter, if anyone is looking for a specific Achievement, I got them other than the ones mentioned above.


I’m having some trouble getting the ‘Bridge Between Worlds’ Achievements can n e 1 help me pls?

This will be tough, but the first thing you need to do is try and balance the Thrall and Council meter. You won’t get an exact 50%, but it needs to be around that.

Then at the end when you are giving the option what you want, choose the middle one which has Thralls attempting to become Gryphon Keepers.

I don’t remember whether you need an emphasis in Charm or not.


I need help with the gryphon killer achievement

How do you get warriors and diplomats apprentice achievements? I was looking through the achievements and stumbled on a few and though “Wait, that can happen.”

Are you talking about Runt of the Litter?
For the Warrior you need at least 56 Council and 60 Ruthless and to ask to be a gryphon keeper.
For the Diplomat you need at least 56 Council, 41 Compassion and 71 Charm and to ask to be a gryphon keeper.

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Anybody know how to get high loyalty and playfulness in one play through then high loyalty and aggression in another one?
Also what do you need for the dignity thing with that one councilor’s gryphon. And about everything for the wyrm friendship one.