Achievements in Choice of the Cat

Alright, I give up.
After several playthroughs of Choice of the Cat (excellent game) I still can figure out how to get Maddox adopted, learn about his eye… or p*ss off Nola.

Anyone who could help?


I remember doing all those things (or at least the first two, can’t remember if I annoyed the grandma enough to get the achievement for it) when I went through it in beta; I think I just made sure the family checked on him when he was doing things and fed him, and stood my ground against him without being confrontational to earn his respect. I think it also had to do with making sure he got help when he cuts his paws on glass? It’s been a couple months. I went the political route more than the music one, if that mattered (I assume it didn’t).

I wish I could help, but I can’t quite seem to get this either - cannot even repeat what I already did once; killed the neighbour! :scream:

Maybe I have to play in a fashion I rather not do, for all I know - be a bit mean in places? And less mean in others, especially to a stick-carrier? I have no idea. :blush:

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Breaking the inlaw:

Get Magda and Claudette to dinner.
Release Bene ONLY when all guests are present.
Hilarity ensues.

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I think that getting Maddox adopted involves going the music route. The last conversation that takes place before the Jam at the party must be between Claire and Gillaine. I think Nola needs to be around as well.

I’m not sure how one engineers this, but I believe that a signed contract between Helmut and Andre is necessary to bring out Gillaine’s feelings toward Helmut.

Oh, and if you do this, or you kill the neighbor, or you maim the neighbor, the PC will realize what happened to Maddox’s eye. It’s easy for the player to miss because honestly, it’s just something player has probably assumed since Maddox’s introduction, even if it is an epiphany for the PC.

I found that you get breaking the inlaw much earlier, at the very start when you be a very scared cat…

Really? What platform?

I’m on iOS. I played through a few times without being logged into Game Center. When I rhen logged into Game Center every achievement I had made since installing the game showed up, even though I was at that time at the start of a new game.

I wonder if I just don’t understand the achievement, or if you got credit for something you achieved in an earlier game.

Oh achievements you made always show up (there is some odd bug that might reset stuff at times though, i think if there’s an update to the game)

Oh. I get it. Gladys. Not Nola.

I was so hoping i could have nola have a breakdown…

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Do the thing I said above, you can at least get her slapped.

So, anyway. I am stumped on Top Cat, Clawed Despot, and Feline Iago. Got all the others. Thoughts?

Must be the music story line cause I’ve only done the politician so far, got any tips on how to help that good lad Andre?

Here is a walkthrough of a record contract game.
I don’t know how repeatable it is because I don’t know how randomized NPC actions are.
Jordan Reynes has some of her best writing in this path; she knows music, knows the industry, is passionate about it and it shows. I especially love the scene where Andre complains about the PC’s Mic/Monitor setup.

  1. Fame
    1. Contract with Music Factory
      1. Stats: Andre will like you because you will have shown every interest in music, guitars, and yowling.  Moon must be at least intrigued by you (seriously, this is basic, she's a good ally for a few reasons). Claire must not hate you, but needn't be head over heels in love with you either; proobably better if she isn't.
      2. Yowl to get out of box.
      3. Nuzzle Guitar.
      4. Sniff Moon's hand.
      5. Once you are named, be a learning aid for kids.  
      6. Gain release by a strangled sounding meow. Congratulations, Moon is now intrigues by you.  You need this to get Helmut in for whiskey
      7. Stay put.
      8. You dream of sharing a burger with Axl Rose.
      9. It's OK to be a bit feral, so you'll eat out of garbage cans.
      10. Go along with the Jam as it seems important to Andre.
      11. Yowl with showmanship.  Andre picks Pink Floyd over Yngwie Malmsteen.
      12. Yowl again to get to Joe Satriani.  There's nothing special about Joe Satriani, but you become more fun loving.
      13. When Claire scolds Andre, meow at their feet.
      14. Claire is going to bring you rotten chicken spam.  Dive for escape.
      15. Refuse because it is suspect (you don't need to be saddled with hight contempt, but you don't need to puke either.)
      16. Dodge Claire.
      17. Nap in the laundry.
      18. Sniff the bowl.
      19. Sleep in the laundry.
      20. Kitchen contains a potential friend.
      21. Darkened room of mystery contains an evil sponge that needs killing
      22. Coat closet contains shoelaces that need flicking.
      23. Kiddie gate is  a puzzle, unless your only option is leaping over it.
      24. Andre's studio.
        1. Sit on the paper.
        2. Meow loudly and shamelessly.
      25. Claire's Study
        1. Obsetrve quietly
        2. Less cool than guitars
      26. Note the bathroom.
      27. Go sleep at the foot of Moon's bed.
    2. Mystery in the Kitchen
      1. Scratch at the door.
      2. Bene is "Clearly keen to play"
      3. Hold your ground.
      4. Rub basket.
      5. Pick out the good bits
      6. Dream of barely comprehensible cat stuff.
      7. Play a game Bene might like.
      8. Analyze the radio.
      9. Dopey purr
      10. Awesome!
      11. Dustbin.
      12. Share the blame.
      13. Sunny patch.
      14. When Helmut rings the  bell, choose "He makes people famous."
      15. When Andre shows up distract Moon with cuteness, so he can give Helmut Claire's LaPhroaigh (Andre D*ck Move #1, for which Claire should kill him, but doesn't).
      16. When Claire shows up, Calm her.
        1. If this results in it taking too long to get rid of him, spray him or fart in his general direction.
      17. Side with Andre in the subsequent discussion.
      18. Need Helmut to make us famous.
      19. Stop the rhetorical questions.
    3. Being Only Cat
      1. Calmly let Andre pick you up.
      2. You can have Maddox for an ally if you want, but don't make him your mission.  Having him in your court can let you have some fun you might not otherwise, so - pick anything except "He hates me and wants me to die"
      3. Stay where you are.  Your motives don't matter.
      4. Try begriending him.
      5. Just wasn't thinking.
      6. Skype Meeting
        1. Stay with Andre.
        2. When Helmut shows up to ask for the hedge clippers, accompany Andre as Bodyguard.
        3. When Andre leaves and Helmut tries to hit Maddox, attack Helmut.
        4. When Andre returns, keep Moon quiet.  If she tells Claire that Helmut had a stick over dinner, Helmut won't appear during the earrings meeting.
      7. Chicken fat.
      8. Bat the food.
      9. Claire's other side.
      10. Chicken Chunk.
      11. Grab Food.
      12. Dad of the house. (I pick this because I'm pissed about the way Andre gaslights moon and want to usurp his place).
      13. Take the hit. (If you succeed here, you will earn achievement "Good Friend"
      14. Fitting Gesture.
      15. Softly Tap (this is best for playfulness).
      16. Fun, Joy and Adventures.
    4. Family Tension
      1. Take the warm spot.
      2. Wake Andre to help.
      3. Tough choice:  If you (as player) want to help Maddox, break stuff.  If you (as PC) want points for helping Maddox, go to the kitchen.  (If Andre does not see blood, he won't let Maddox in).
      4. Go eviscerate something.
      5. Turn your nose up at the tower.
      6. Circumstantial Evidence.
      7. Earrings meeting:
        1. Stay with Andre.
        2. Yowl along.
        3. When Helmut shows up, yowl some more.
          1. If Claire shows up at this  point, she will sic you on Helmut, and film the interaction.  Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an internet meme, but you lost the record contract.
        4. Helmut will invite himself to Dinner and Andre will agree (Andre D*ck Move #3, for which Claire should kill him, but doesn't).
        5. Join Bene as Audience
      8. Sendak - I really like the reading that Jordan Reynes offers of the story.
      9. Seems likely.
      10. Warm and fuzzy
      11. Just click your way through the whole decision thing, finishing with race up the stairs.  At this point the whole household loves you anyway.
      12. Go play memory.  It's fun listening to Claire explain Helmut to Nola..
      13.  Dinner of Discomfort
        1. Bring Andre a mouse.  You'll need to keep this skill sharp.
        2. Shit in Nola's shoes.  I enjoy the delayed payback this provides.
        3. Let Bene out.
        4. Attack Helmut's shoelaces, because, why not?
        5. Pot of gold.  Maddox is in no danger, and Claire will go off the rails if he is pointed out.
        6. Reeking gunk
        7. Make Andre cuss when Nola tries to get him to recount the story. 
        8. Talent can't be summoned.
        9. Stand idly by when Andre signs.
      14. Garbage bins.
      15. Greet Maddox.
      16. Go with it.  (You will actually avoid the collar this way).
      17. Listen to the playlist.
      18. Bathroom Lovies.
        1. If Andre's on the toilet, Helmut wants him in the studio Monday.  He will skip school to go there.  He will invite Helmut to the party (Andre D*ck Move #4, for which Claire should kill him, but doesn't),  Go preen in the mirror.
        2. If Claire's on the toilet do what  you want, you've written her career off anyway.
      19. Stay just out of Andre's reach.
      20. Trip Claire.
      21. Flee the room. 
      22. Stay where you  are.
      23. Roll on Nola's name.
      24. Make Bene bark.
    5. It's my party.  If all went well this chapter opens with you in your carrier.
      1. Emerge Gracefully.
      2. Yowl cat swear words.
      3. Feel like maiming.
      4. Loyally throw. (Let Maddox keep his bird, Helmut doesn't feed him).
      5. Sun
      6. Make sure Maddox is OK
      7. Curl up in the crook of Claire's arm.
      8. Hop down and get let into the Garden.
      9. Head butt Bene
      10. Fish rain thing is as BS as their argument.
      11. Listen Attentively.
      12. Race back and forth.
      13. As they should.
      14. Approach Claire for luxury foodstuffs.
      15. Let Gillaine pet you.
      16. Claw at Nola's bracelet.
      17. Sit on Andre's foot.
      18. Bring Nola something you've killed.
      19. Stay Here.
      20. Sidle up to  Moon.

Well you’re getting a like for that monumental effort ! :smile: Cheers lad, came in more than handy !


Bless you for this, I couldn’t figure out the Maddox achievement at all

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I’ve been able to get the record contract thread (through a slightly different course, though I tried yours too, for which many thanks!) but I still can’t manage the Clawed Despot, Feline Iago, Top Cat, Maddox’ New Home, Jaws of Death, or War Wounds achievements. It’s driving me crazy; I keep thinking I’ve tried every conceivable combination! (The weird part about not getting Maddox’ New Home is that I’ve done several times a thread which leads to Maddox actually getting a new home in the closing summary. But I guess that’s not the one it means.)

Anybody have any ideas for any of these?

This one I am interested in too.

I have gotten Jaws of Death somehow, but I be a striped flying whale with a party hat if I knew how I got there (not that I have been trying again, for science, if I had, which I haven’t, and, uh, yeah, ahem…).

What was Jaws of Death? Did you kill somebody? And do you remember more or less what stage of the game it happened at, even if you don’t remember how you got there?

Uh, more like someone met a… pointed end. Maddox need never worry again about a certain twerp-nickle. :scream_cat:

I think, perhaps, he came in the house the second time? Then, during the party, I went with Maddox, went into his garden. Beyond that, no idea. :crying_cat_face:

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