Cheevos! What do they know? Do they know things? Let's find out!

  • I want to get every achievement in one playthrough… easily.
  • One playthrough should be possible but difficult.
  • Getting every achievement should take multiple playthroughs.
  • Achievements are dumb.

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Hey all! I’m potentially adding achievements to The Butler Did It. I was wondering how people think they should be designed, how difficult they should be, and how many people just don’t care about them. I think I covered all the options here, but I’d love to hear any other thoughts you have about them.




I never understood how peoples…not saying they all do , but there are peoples who go a bit nutty if they can’t get certain achievement . Be it games achievements (You romanced everyone , Achievement unlocked)…or from steam where you get these badges like ?

I get achievement from games from playing normal . I don’t hunt for them , and I aint gonna hunt for them . the idea is kinda mind numbing to me .

You could make normal achievements that are unlocked as you play . And make some that would be harder based on choices maybe ?


My main use for cheevos is as a playtester. They give me a heads-up on areas and scenes I haven’t seen yet.


You win the post title :slight_smile:


I was just coming in here to say the same thing. I just started watching BH a couple months ago and this was literally the most recent one I watched.

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Oof. That’s a tough one to watch all at once. Multiple seasons of BH within a few months, I mean.

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Yeah. It and Black Mirror have been most of my private watching time since Archer ended. Both have proven worthy of it, though.

As for cheevos, I love 'em! Love getting them, writing them, you name it. Wish I could just write achievements all the live-long day and skip the game/story part sometimes. I have 50 in Nuclear Powered Toaster and intend to do an equal number for The Parenting Simulator (about seven or eight of which I have already done but not yet uploaded to our very dashing friend named Donald). They are very quick; odds are it won’t take you more than a couple of hours to put them in if you know what you want. And I recommend a healthy mix: some mandatory ones you always get (I like to have an early one too, as it helps me spy on people on Steam to see when someone has started playing who had not before), some for branching story paths to encourage replay, a few failure ones as a balm for sucktitude, and a few hard-to-finds for the true completionists among us (or to mark some random thing you really like, such as the one I had in NPT for the Beastie Boys reference or will have in Parenting for another obscure pop culture tidbit that struck my egotistical self as clever). Stat milestones can be a good place for them, as are key story beats and of course the end(s). One for finishing and a couple others for specific endings would be desirable.


I Do not play a game just so i can get a achievement. I enjoy the journey. If i get some achievement good. My real achievement is what i get from the journey.

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The more achievements there are, and the more difficult they are to get, the better! Even if I never try to get those achievements, I just like that they’re there at all, especially if it seems like some work was put into the achievement names.


Humble opinion of this editor: if you can get all the achievements on one playthrough, the author didn’t understand what to make an achievement.


I think either approach is valid, maybe depending on the game.

I played through all of the new Spider-Man game, did all the grinding necessary to earn 100% of the achievements, and enjoyed that. I don’t have a problem with similar non-branching games giving you everything in one playthrough as long as you put in a modicum of effort.

Then they added a New Game Plus mode, and achievements to go along with it, and I have no intention of earning those. I would have been happy if they hadn’t added them.

In games with branching storylines (i.e. the stuff CoG puts out), I think achievements can be a great way to drop hints about different story possibilities, as someone else mentioned. I would replay a game to get all of those, if the game were good.

And personally, I have no interest in hyper-difficult achievements anymore. Not to say I wouldn’t put them in a game I write, but when I’m playing, I tend to skip the achievements that seem like work.

If an achievement needs you to follow some crazy edge-case story path that I don’t care about, or needs you to spend hours and hours practicing (in a skill-based game, not so much CoG), then I’m not going to bother.


I’m leaning 90% no achievements for my project. They’re nice but when you think about it it’s a really weird extra meta layer of abstraction for the game.

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Right. In particular I love a “no blood shed” achievement in a CoG game to indicate there’s a pacifist playthrough possible.


The big use of achievements should be in this media encourage Casuals to replay and to they can see there are other paths than the one they got. Sadly this media don’t let player have a physical portrait of the achievement like visual novels. I am personally doesn’t care for them but I understand they usefulness for an author.

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I voted that achievements were dumb, but in my opinion, they’re “dumb” the same way cheesy action movies are. For me, achievements offer a reward to players who decide to make a sub-optimal decision for roleplaying purposes, or pull out all the stops when it comes to min-maxing. It’s a medal to pin on the chest of every person who does more than the bare minimum. While there’s always going to be achievements for just going through the main story, I like reserving the lions’ share of them to both congratulate those who explore, and to offer signposts which hint that there is something worth exploring for.

Achievements are “dumb”, but that means they don’t have to take themselves seriously. They’re a private joke shared between the author and the player.

They’re also an excuse for me to shitpost to an audience of tens of thousands.

Actually, I think it might be possible. It’s just not supported by the built-in achievement page.


Images are very important for casuals I have seen people buying games totally in base of icon without read the highlight and that leads to stupid reviews. So enchanting the visuals could bring more revenue and pretty achievements are eye candy in steam