What is your opinion about achievements?

How do you guys feel about the achievements? Do you care at all?


They are required if you wish to sell on Steam - the use of them to signpost important points in the plot and perhaps choices that would lead to paths less taken are also neat to utilize.

Coming up with achievements is tough for me because as a player I don’t really pay attention to them.

Also, they are limited in point total to equal 1,000 points, which could make it hard to balance “greater and lesser” achievements.

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Oh! I didn’t know they were required by Steam. Nice tip, thanks!

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I admit that before even reading the first page of a newly purchased game, I first take a look at the stat page, and then at the achievements. I want to know what I can do before I even began to play, and most of the time, I’m even more hyped to play it! :grinning:

So I’d say they are important to me, even if I don’t plan on getting them all (yet).


Achievements which are hard to accomplish and are rare give me pleasure; makes me feel accomplished. On the other hand, “free” achievements which are given to you for doing absolutely nothing tips me off.


Almost like pokemon then, right? lol


I’m more of a RO collector myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I find achievements kind of fun not for the act of getting them but more in how some people creatively describe the different things you can do in the games. Some of the names and/or descriptions of them make me laugh.

I also think that they provide a unique possibility of actually changing the story after someone has completed it- since they could potentially act as a true/false variable that spans over completion. Though I haven’t seen it used like that such and I’m not fully sure about how well it would work I think I’ve seen the option thrown around before and I personally love it as a potential mechanic.

So, yeah, I think they can be pretty neat.


I find it weird that Steam mandates achievements, but whatever.

Anyway, I don’t care too much for them, as

A. They don’t usually add anything to my experience of the game as nothing about the game really changes whether I unlock them or not.


B. Unless the author decides to hide every single achievement until they’re achieved (which can be a little silly, depending on what they’re doing), they can spoil the story for me.


I think they’re fun, and like them best when they are tied to something really hard to get or very obscure. Cumulative ones are fun too, like the zombie kill totals for Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead, or the overall awesome achievement system in Dream Quest. Not sure any CoG games have wowed me with them yet though. But they are a fun inclusion regardless.


I think they’re fun, I don’t take them too seriously though. I normally will play a game through without caring much about stats or achievements. If the game is re-playable then the second time I’ll spend closer attention to achievements and see how many I can get and what choices lead down what paths and what not.

I just smile to myself when I get a bunch of achievements on the first time through, I be like ‘yea, and I’m not even trying’ lol.


I’ll only care about achievements on games I absolutely love and wouldn’t mind more playthroughs. If i find a game that i adore, I’ll 100% its achievements, no exception.

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I kind of like achievements for different endings and following a secret path, but otherwise they’ve just seem like filler.


Achievements can be done well as long as they don’t spoil the story in the description, and you actually have to make certain choices to get them, which leads to a lot of unexplored paths. A lot of Psy High’s achievements were like this, and I actually enjoyed trying to track them down (got 100%).

Otherwise, there’s no point in them. To me, they’re a lot of work to code, especially because of the (totally unnecessary) 1,000 point limit.


I know it would likely be impossible, but it is a crying shame that achievements can’t build up for you from one CoG/HG title to the next, like a company-specific Gamerscore. That would really get people more engaged with them if they felt like it built to something bigger, and likely increase sales a tad. But it just isn’t feasible.


I love them, I enjoy trying to get them all, because I am a perfectionist when it comes to CoGs. I always feel highly superior when I get a rare one like

“You see that sis? Did you do that? No, I did that, bite me.”

It adds another layer to the game a think that a lot of people enjoy.

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