I’ve been playing around with the idea of having unlockable achievements for doing certain things in certain orders or finding small Easter eggs (probably hidden in less-popular choices). I’ve always thought this sort of thing added a bit of replay value, but I’m not sure if it would just come across as distracting in an IF. I don’t want to interrupt the flow of the story, so the player would have to wait until after they finish each playthrough to bring up some sort of small achievement gallery. Any thoughts?


They had that in the marine raider game, and I believe Apex Patrol


Yea, I think Marine Raider pulled it off well. It was at the end, so it didn’t pull you out of the story half way through.


Yeah, that was a good game all in all


Whoa, sweet! I’ll have somewhere to look for pointers then.
Just in general, I guess, how do you guys feel about adding achievements to IF games? Do they add to replay value, distract from the story, or are just kind of there?


@Seryou They certainly add to the replay value. I actually asked this guy how to get a couple of achevements. Yeash. They were right in front of me.


I think they’re pretty neat, especially if you like to tailor your playthroughs, for e.g. Being as evil then as good as possible in a game with morality. An achievement is a nice way to acknowledge such playthroughs :slight_smile:


i enjoy the achievements: they make playin it over and over again waitin 4 a new release sooooooooooooooo much better!


It works best if the game was well written, makes you want to play again and do even better