Sorcery is for Saps: achievements

Good evening everyone.

Today I would like to discuss Sorcery is for Saps (not that I have that many messages in either of forum’s topics, though). This game is really interesting, but the achievements are quite confusing at times. First of all, because there are no obvious descriptions. For this reason, I would like to ask for help with some of them and to offer pieces of advice on the achievements I have already completed.

So, my own “lucky strikes” are the following (I will do my best to remember how I got them):

  • Master Burglar
  • Bottled Up
  • Artful Dodger
  • Volcanic Darwin Award
  • Summoning Spell
  • Coin Flip
  • Mechanical Genius
  • Master Clean
  • Center of Attention
  • Power of Persuasion

And I need help with the following:

  • Double Down
  • Sole Survivor
  • Best Ending Line of the Game
  • Heroic Choice Award
  • Unleashed the Monster
  • You Get Your Mouse Ears
  • Best Cautionary Ballad
  • King Forever

I have some thoughts only about how to complete the You Get Your Mouse Ears, but the other ones are a mystery. I would be most grateful to receive any kind of hints about the abovementioned achievements.

Disrespect Fergie every chance you have. Then confront Baldwin with her and lie(?)

When escaping the bedroom in the castle, you have go in the bushes and change quickly.

Cooperate with Camille in the rebellion and then betray her to get the throne or become her co-governant(?) I don’t know, but it’s something like that.

I don’t know the others, i kind of give up after several tries. Got all of those you got, though.

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In the end you should choose to go with Eastern Lands trade delegation.

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@Zassuen, @ChaosRip, thank you very much for your pieces of advice! I was not able to check them before due to loads of work. All these tips will be of great help :grinning:

I have completed “Power of Persuasion”. In one of the last chapters, first, while on the ship, pretend that you did not recognize Cameron. After escaping the ship, you will see Cameron in the tavern (or whatever it was). Act friendly and then ask him to take your side. I think you need to have high Fast Talk stat and high relationships with the guy (at least, this is how I got this one).

And I have just unclocked Center of Attention. I had high Fast Talk stat, but I am not sure it has any impact. I was friendly towards Fergie and had quite low Magic Expertise stat. I chose to deal with Baldwin alone, and got frozen because of it. And that is how you get this achievement :slight_smile: