Kailas' Patented Achievement Guides

Recently, some forum friends and I were discussing whether or not achievement walkthroughs were a good thing. Although I’m not in favor of them, I don’t mind trying to scrounge likes from them; call me a hypocrite and sue me. :stuck_out_tongue:

On request, I can provide achievement walkthroughs for the following games:

-Champion of the Gods
-Choice of Kung Fu
-Choice of the Petal Throne
-Choice of Robots
-Choice of the Pirate, with the exception of the ‘One Bullet’ achievement
-Choice of the Vampire (part 1), with the exception of the ‘Governor’s Favor’ achievement
-Doomsday on Demand
-Gambling with Eternity
-The Ascot
-The Great Tournament, with the exception of the ‘Midas’ achievement
-Tin Star
-Life of a Mobster
-Life of a Wizard

All achievement walkthroughs are complete, except where noted. More walkthroughs TBA if I ever get around to wrenching some money from my wallet.


Lol no likes from me unless I decide to buy those games.

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Oh well. :slight_smile:


Teach me the secrets of Tin Star master @anon49824592


Okay, so here’s a quick rundown:

‘My Word Is My Bond’ and ‘Brought the Law’ basically rely on raising your Honor and Law values, respectively. For ‘With An Iron Hand,’ have a really high Order stat.

‘Frontier Freedom’ involves decreasing Order, I believe, and ‘No Rules to Play By’ involves decreasing your Law stat.

Now let’s get into the less straightforward achievements… SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

[spoiler]The ‘K-Bar’ award is pretty simple. Either bring Dan Schmidt with you when you go out to investigate the river in Chapter 1, or bring Caraway and have a decent Gunfighting stat. Bam, dead bear. I recommend butchering it for the hide and meat; they can be sold or used to raise stats.

‘I Am The Marshal’ is also quite simple: after the climactic battle, stick around to deal with the Uptons instead of leaving the county.

‘True Indian Friend’: Help Yiska help the Shoshone. Fight the miners on his behalf (but don’t kill them, just pillage the everloving hell out of them), be courteous to Taboonsheya and offer him potlach, and negotiate with Many Falling Rocks instead of fighting them.

The Nameless Marshal: Keep your notoriety at zero. This means obeying the letter of the law (i.e. don’t murder anyone and negotiate with the Admunsens instead of plundering their camp), don’t look at the dime novels on sale in Matthew’s general store, and don’t talk to the telegraph operator.

Ride That Bear!: Instead of killing the bear, have a really high Brawling or Intimidate stat. If Brawling, wrestle the bear, then let it go. If Intimidate, wait for the bear to look at you, then yell at it.

Later on, you need to get into the Upton camp. (You can do this by choosing to parley with them when you track down the raiders; as long as you have a low-enough value in Honor, Law or Order, they’ll accept you.) The bear will be chained up in front of Reginald’s tent, beaten and unhappy. After you talk to Reginald, there’ll be an option to step outside and release the bear. Follow the bear as it tracks down Reginald, and you’ll get your chance to ride it.

Love to Love: Seduce all five love interests: Maria, Caraway, Dan, Preston, and Yiska.

I generally start with Caraway and then seduce Dan, Yiska, and Maria around the time of the Steele trial. (Obviously, this involves doing things that raise their relationship with you; be civil to Maria and don’t lynch Steele, judge the first encounter with Dan in his favor, don’t hurt Caraway, and help Yiska help the Shoshone WITHOUT KILLING THE MINERS.) Preston comes later; after you’ve saved Preston Springs from the flood, you have the option to get mad at him, then slap him. Cue a faceful of Town Sheriff.

Don’t tell any of them about the others, or try to break up with them. Late in the game, there’ll be a scene where they get together and demand that you pick one. Pick one or none.

Master Betrayer: For this, you have to join up with the Uptons, as described earlier, and have already achieved Love to Love. Choose a love interest who is not either Schmidt or Caraway. Then go to the Upton camp (bringing only Carson), then kill Reginald and talk his band into joining you (using high Intimidate, high Persuasion, or by riding the bear). Take the band to loot Preston Springs. Carson will turn on you because he’s a man of principle, and Schmidt and Caraway will show up to go yandere on your ass. Kill them all.

Hang the Law: First, build up an ironclad case against Marshal Steele during the impromptu ‘trial.’ Keep Andy Smith alive (this requires being a doctor or being struck by lightning), get helpful telegrams, get testimony from Dan and Mother Maddy. Eventually, if you’ve convinced the townsfolk enough and have said everything you can, there’ll be an option to let them lynch Steele or rescue him. Let them lynch Steele.

Later, loot Preston Springs using the Uptons’ bandits (described above). Marshall James will confront you. Shoot Julie during the conversation with Marshall James, then whack James over the head. You should get an option to hang Marshall James.

Blackest Heart: Kill everyone the first chance you get (Denny Baso, Carson, Schmidt, the miners) and then eventually loot Preston Springs. Basically, play like an ax-crazy maniac and you should do fine.[/spoiler]


I’d love to know how to get good enough stats to pass the god-level 90+ checks to get a good peaceful ending in Life of a Mobster. I tried so many times I finally gave up.


Sorry, mate, no like from me either. I usually just cheat my way through a game if I want to get some achievements. Ez achievements ez life lul

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A question: how do I romance the priests of Dlamédish in Petal Throne? That’s the only achievement I don’t know where to even begin.

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Brilliant, i have played tinstar a million times but never knew you could ride a bear, i am so going to try that playthrough.


Me neither :stuck_out_tongue: …but on the subject of not knowing about tinstar achievements, saw a thread a while back about an achievement for being struck by lightening. Know there is a hidden achievement, is that the ride a bear achievement? as got struck by lightening but got no achievement for it :confused: so guessing that isn’t the achievement or even an an achievement at all?

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Depends which peaceful ending you’re going for.

[spoiler]The easiest for me was the G-Man Ending (director of the FBI). For this, the only major stat check is persuasion, so do things like beg the shopkeep not to turn you in to the cops, ask Christine out directly, and other such things.

You also need to have never taken drugs, have a university education, and have a decent relationship with Alex/is (basically, agree with them when they steal from the shopkeep, ask them out to the prom if they’re your preferred orientation, don’t prevent them from beating up Taylor/Tyler, and don’t be rude to them when they turn up as FBI agents).

When they turn up outside your house, invite them inside. Ask them how they spent their last few years, then say you want to work with them. You’ll become an informant.

Later, when you’re arrested, ask to speak to Alex/is. They’ll ask you to take the fall, since that would help solidify their cover. Do it.

When you’re in prison, they will ask you if you’d like to become an FBI agent. Do it. The only major stat check after this requires 60+ persuasion, to prevent the crew members from getting wise to you. Just go along with the storyline, be sure to regularly pay your tribute, and bam, you’re the director of the FBI.


If I recall correctly, it goes like this. Start out as a worshipper of Dlamelish. When you go to rescue Sayi from her debt, go see Mottan instead of confronting the Golden Lintel clanswoman. There should be some priests of Dlamelish playing a game in one part of the room. Take a moment to relax with them, then join their game, regardless of the stakes. After a brief conversation in which they agree to testify against Mottan, you should get an option to spend the night with them. Take it.

Sadly, no, being struck by lightning doesn’t get you an achievement, hidden or otherwise. The only achievements are the ones I mentioned in my walkthrough for Ylva.

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Champion of the gods please. I’m trying to get all the achievements for that.

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There are a lot of achievements for that one. Which have you got so far?

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I’m only really looking for one achievement. It’s the merciful victory one. And I’m trying to get a specific sign, sign of the lion.

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[spoiler]Sign of the Lion, I believe, requires high scores in Passion and Confidence.

For merciful victory, I usually started out with my main skill as resilience. When the time came to fight Daggoras, I lured him into the ichor of death. I then got an option to let him escape, and took it.[/spoiler]

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I should clarify, the persuasive ending to end up, I presume, as Capo De Tutti Capo, by uniting the families.

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[spoiler]For this one, pump stats into Persuasion and Firearms. You can do that by becoming a police recruit, going to the shooting range whenever you have a chance, and trying to talk to people (like the druggie outside Flowers for You, etc.) instead of fighting them.

Also, when you get out of prison, you need to have a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon. Either buy it from the gun shop, or use the key from the dead Sato Family member to get an MAC.

Once that’s settled, it’s time to go on a killing spree. First, some people from the Rossi Family will take you to a meeting with Don Enzo Rossi. You will have an option to attack him; first choose to shoot him and his guards while dodging the bullets (needs 60 firearms), then shoot him in the head to make sure he’s dead, then continue fighting.

Next, you’ll get a chance to speak to the Don of the Martinez family about a business deal. If you have at least 3 bribed police, you can make a deal with him. After the deal has been made, you can shoot him.

Finally, after you’ve rescued your child from the attempted killing by the Smirnov Family, meet Demetri Smirnov ‘with the intent to kill’ and use your Firearms skill to kill him.

Wait until the final meeting, paying your tribute as normal. When the meeting comes around, have Nelson killed; the most reliable way to do this is to let your kid join the Mob as an associate.

You’ll then need to persuade all the other families that you should be the new boss. The three decapitated families will support you without question. You should also have 90 firearms by now, which will allow you to kill the boss of the Sato family. Congratulations; you are now the Boss of Bosses for all New Daria. [/spoiler]

Addendum:…oh, wait, did you want the ‘Good Life’ achievement instead? Oops. :frowning:


…Do you need to kill Caraway to get “Blackest Heart”? Also, very well done!


Thanks! It probably isn’t necessary to kill Caraway, since you can bring her along to loot Preston Springs, but it can’t hurt.


Sensei @anon49824592 plz teach me the way of Kung-Fu

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