Kailas' Patented Achievement Guides


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To get the ‘Foxed’ achievement, avoid being outsmarted by Feng. Approach her cautiously when you first see her in her crying-woman disguise, and then approach still more cautiously when she says her foot has been caught in a trap. She will reveal herself.

The key to this game is to focus on one to two skills and then make choices that work in line with those skills. Your initial choices in the opening fight are really important. For example, choosing part of the Leopard style will improve your Tenacity, choosing part of the Snake style will improve your Magic, and so on. Let’s assume that you’ve either chosen a Strength/Tenacity build(leopard and tiger, and then choose to use a longspear later) or a Magic/Cleverness build (snake and crane, then choose to draw on the life energies of the bandits). I recommend the Strength/Tenacity build, since it’s easiest for one or two of the achievements.

To get the ‘Dashanmen’ achievement, successfully pass the Dashanmen test. If your character specializes in Magic/Cunning, choose the option to ‘weave through the room, confusing my opponents.’ If they specialize in Strength/Tenacity, choose ‘face your opponents with confidence.’

To get the ‘Urn of Coals’ achievement, successfully carry the urn of coals to the riverbank. If you have high Tenacity, carry the urn through sheer will. If you have high Magic, use the heat to further forge your chi.

To get the ‘Scroll of Destiny’ achievement, you need to–you guessed it–successfully find and interpret the Scroll of Destiny. If you’re going for Strength/Tenacity, choose ‘climb the mountain until you see it’ and then ‘meditate on the scroll,’ since you probably won’t have the Cleverness needed to analyze it. If you’re using Magic/Cleverness, use your chi to propel yourself up the mountain, and then analyze the scroll.

Getting all three of these achievements should get you the ‘Test Mastery’ achievement.

The next few achievements should all happen when you study with Master Zhuge. To get the ‘Zhuge Heir’ achievement, you need to pass all three of her classes with flying colors. I don’t think it matters which three classes you pick.

–To get the ‘Poet’ achievement, choose to study poetry with her. Focus on either calligraphy (which improves your fighting) or meditation (which improves your magic, I think). For your test, she will invite the ghost of an immortal poet over for tea. Be as respectful to him as possible, and create extemporaneous poetry when you get the opportunity.

–To get the ‘Mountain Climber’ achievement, choose to work on your Tenacity under Master Zhuge. After your training, she’ll set you a fairly straightforward test: climb an extremely mountain. A little girl, who is actually Feng in disguise, will harass you along the way. Ignore her.

At a certain point, you’ll be facing an impossibly high pinnacle. If you have high Magic, use your chi to glide to the top. If you have high Tenacity, just climb by sheer strength and force of will.

-To get ‘Go Master,’ choose to study strategy under Master Zhuge. As with the Poetry course, she will invite the ghost of a famous general over as your test; you’ll need to play Go with him. Be very respectful to him, then draw him into conversation, which should distract him enough to let you win.

-To get ‘Mind Master,’ successfully study magic with Master Zhuge. Your test will be a form of mental combat, where the two of you will sit across from each other and engage in mental combat. If you have high Tenacity, choose to ‘shape the battle with the force of your will,’; if you have high Magic already, choose the other option.

-To get ‘Demon Slayer,’ successfully study fighting with Master Zhuge. Your final test will be to kill a demon. If you have high Magic, use your chi to glide into battle; if you have high Fighting, charge ahead at the demon. DO NOT try to sneak up on the demon, since its senses are keen enough to detect you.

-After graduating from Zhuge’s school, you’ll automatically start a school. This will get you the ‘School Master’ achievement.

During this time, you will have an opportunity to romance Lu Jin, if they are the gender you are interested him. (Feng will ask you if you want to see Lu Jin, and you will get an option to say that you have been pining after them.) It helps to be supportive of Lu Jin’s views and of the Blue Scarves Rebellion. Also, pay attention to the type of tea they order when you first meet for breakfast; you’ll have to order it for them later. (My copy of the game always has Lu Jin drink jasmine green tea, but that could just be for the Kindle.) This should get you the ‘Friends or Enemies’ achievement.

-A while after, Sun An will challenge you. Defeat him by playing to your strengths throughout the battle. The easiest way to defeat him is to have a Strength/Tenacity build; otherwise, he’ll be a better fighter, and you’ll need to make him lose his balance somehow.

-To become Imperial Champion, fight George Gower’s chosen champions when the Emperor invites you for the tournament. I recommend not using Feng’s poison, since you run the risk of being caught, which can put the kibosh to your participation in the tournament. Be sure to check your horses before the battle, since Gower will try to sabotage them.

To get the ‘Chosen’ achievement, maximize your Enlightenment and Honor alignments; don’t use poison in the Imperial Challenge, don’t use traps against Sun An or try to trick him with the wrist darts, and always be ready to give everything up for the Dragon Sage.


Hi! Do you have any tips on how to romance Yiska and Caraway at the same time? Whenever I try, they always get mad at me and it doesn’t work.


[spoiler]Romance Caraway first, then Yiska. Take Caraway with you for both the fiasco with the miners AND the business with the Hartigan gang. Just before you confront the gang, you have the option to tell her ‘I’d like to know your heart.’ Take it.

Later, when collecting evidence against Marshal Steele, go down to Elko and talk to Yiska for legal advice. If your relationship is high enough (which means pillaging the miners but not killing them), you can romance him.

Don’t tell them about each other. For example, if you tell Caraway that you want to break up, she’ll get really angry. Instead, just go along with each romance. Eventually, after you disperse the raiders from the Painted Caves, there’ll be a scene where you find Carrie and Yiska arguing in the street; Carrie wants a three-way relationship and Yiska’s embarrassed. Say “I don’t see what’s so improper about it.” Congratulations; you now have a miniature harem.[/spoiler]


Could you please post a ‘Champion of the Gods’ achievement guide? I’m having trouble becoming a goddess…


Unfortunately, at least in the version on the Google Play Store, you can’t actually become a goddess. You can overthrow destiny, either allying with or killing Daggoras in the process, but you can’t become divine.


Darn I’m on kindle. Ty for answering!


Could you tell me how to get Deceiver of the Gods achievement in Champion of the Gods?


The gods must trust you, you must despise the gods and you should have not revealed your true intentions, of either of those are false, then you will not convince them.


Well, I think I convinced them. Because when I said I was too late they believed me.


Thanks for picking up the slack, @Urban.

And yeah, I can confirm that your explanation is entirely correct. The achievement doesn’t show up until you end the game, though.


Maybe it is some kind of bug. Thanks anyway.


Hey, my dood, I’ve been playing The Great Tournament lately but I can’t seem to get the second hidden achievement. I’ve saved Robert, so it’s the other one. After winning the tournament, there’s a choice to ask for nothing but it’s always greyed out for me and I assume choosing nothing is that hidden achievement. So what must I do to be able to choose nothing? D;


How the hell do you get Fallen Angel and Archbishop?


Be good enough and religious enough to get a blessing from a good deity, I don’t think this (becoming fallen)has any affect on the game. Archbishop become an orphan work at the church, go along your chosen gods’ morality and study priesthood at every opportunity (like druids)


Choice of Robots?

I never seem to have many choices for endings.


I’m trying to get all the achievements in choice of vampire part 1 so thank you please.


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oh great @anon49824592 I need your help how I get the peaceful ending (In which you make the passes with all the families) in life of a mobster?


Have at least 80 relationship with all family
If one family relationship <80 you can persuade them with charm or intimidation


But how can I do that? The maximum that arrived is with two


Have you played mecha ace? I literally cannot get the Asadi romance. I’ve tried 3 times.