Kailas' Patented Achievement Guides


You must always agree with him/her


Wait i will write it for you

First get a drug business in texas and your RO must be Christine(this will have you interact with martinez)
When the martinez guy came to you choose jane garcia? And give them a portion
When you are in jail help the guy that was beaten by the guard and choose any family except sato after that told the guard when jeff is going to be assassinated
Go to jeff is club and sat down
Split the profit with smirnov
Went to texas call angelo
Went to see jeff and help him
When rossi met you choose boldly go in and say easy
Politely decline
When your son is kidnapped trace him if you have 3 bribed police or have percy trace him if you find him a job
Accept Dimitri is apology
Work with pedro sanchez in the mma event
Congrats pedro
Made them give the money to the rossi
When the hit happen choose call the family that attack you if you have 90 rep and don’t do anything
And now chooce brought peaxe and you just need to convice the sato


How do you loot Preston Springs?


The other hidden achievement is to make some thing up at the first feast and saying you forgot your instrument (a kazoo) you can convince the guard you play kazoo for the king. Please tell me how I can save Sir Robert.


Choose not to leave him and win the tournament


What do I ask for as my boon


Choose one of these:

  • To replace him as King

  • To be heir to the throne

  • For a powerful position in the King’s court

  • For Princess Hannah’s hand in marriage

Not sure is it possible to found Sir Robert alive in other boon.


I think gold is eligible too


I tried gold before, it doesn’t work, but the heir to the throne works. Thanks.


Heir to the throne works, got all achievements, thanks.


Join the Uptons when you meet them in the cave; you need to have really low Honor, Law or Order (or all three), ideally. Wait for the rendezvous. Kill or subdue Reginald when you meet him, then intimidate or persuade his gang into submission. Direct them to go loot Preston Springs. Watch out for Carlos and Eduardo on the way.


Id like to see Life of a Wizard Achievements, do you want a like on the first post or the guide post?


Either works. Did you want a guide to all the achievements, or just a few?

Protip: It helps to play as a half-elf, since high Personality is key in both the Graduated and Royal Blood achievements.


It would be great for all of the Achievements.

Edit: Also, did you mean Halfling? They get +10 Personality


Can I have the full guide to life of wizard too?


Here are some suggestions that should help with the achievements:

Halfling is good, and Elf is good too. With high enough Personality, you can get one of the achievements by romancing the opposite-sex royal (flirt wherever possible, then have sex). Personality can also help you graduate, since you can talk your way out of some tests. (If you’re going for an achievements-focused run, best not to play as goblin or troll, since they take hits to personality.)

You can get Archbishop and Undead in one playthrough. Start with a background that gets your parents killed, then move in with the priests. Become a priest and devote yourself to an evil God. Max out your evil score by practicing necromancy (useful for becoming a lich), cheating on your RO, and double-crossing your clients. Whenever you have free time, choose to ‘continue studies as a priest.’ Eventually, a beggar will ask you for money. Kill him. You should then be appointed Archbishop.

Necromancy can also be useful in pursuing a Golden Age or a Conquer the World ending, since it lets you make undead armies.

For Fallen Angel, pursue a good path until you become royal wizard: don’t cheat, be honest with your employers, and don’t murder innocents. However, when you are royal wizard, you should have opportunities to sell yourself to a mad god, commit human sacrifice, murder an elderly queen, and besmirch Fraledan’s memory. Take every opportunity to be evil that you can. You should get the achievement.

To graduate, make sure to pass your exams in all subjects.

To get the Perfect Party, make a golem (high money, history, smithing, and/or thievery) and make it your fighter; befriend your bully and make them your thief (good aligned only), and your university friend your cleric.

To become Archmage, have high Arcana and do not become a lich.

To become a druid, be as close to nature as you can (full elves have bonuses here) and keep your good/evil as close to 50/50 as possible.


What I really want is conquer the world and royal blood. Though I liked the guide, I can like another post of yours if they are specific towards that.


It is not in your list, but I was wondering whether the “Impossible difficulty” achievements in Tokyo Wizard are actually possible at all? (this is my own game, and I think it should be impossible to get many of them, and a friend of mine who tried said the same, but wondering whether anybody else has tried. Essentially, it is a mechanics based game, so you never really know what a player is able to do… I couldn’t quite figure out how to get them, but I coded them anyway for the fun of it…)


You get Royal Blood by sleeping with Emily or Gareth, then choosing not to kill whichever prince is your biological son. You must be an elf, orc or human, and the opposite gender of Gared or Emily.

To Conquer the World, hang on to the dragonwish, get the skull familiar (available if a necromancer), and max out as many forms of magic as you can.

@adrao , I’m afraid I haven’t tried the full version of Tokyo Wizard.


choice of the vampire
I play a game a few times to play out a few archetypes, for this run I will play bloodthirsty/powerful with no regards for the 3 rules and there are quite a lot of achievements for feasting.

I am going for Patricidaire & Initiate, aka, kill my maker/ my maker is fernando and talk about blood with the female vampire, hopefully this wont lock me out of too many other achievements.

What I am looking for is,all killing/drinking blood from achievements, mortal and vampire alike.

I would like to earn the favor of the governor and as for the freemasons, I’unno if it would be beneficial or not

If things overlap making me ineligible of one to three of these achievements then so be it and if it is a lot of work I would be willing to like a bunch of your posts